Top Trending African Fabric Designs for 2022-2023

Top Trending African Fabric Designs for 2022-2023

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Fabric Designs have been seeing a drastic change year after year, with designers coming up with creative ideas with every launch. Fabric designing is a process of formulating designs for production, leading to great clothing lines. These fabrics can be of different ranges, varieties, demography, etc.

Fabric designing is usually done by software, art supplies, or other traditional methods. The designers bring in their local culture and models to create fascinating art on the fabric for further use.

African Fabric Designs have been the talk of the town for ages because of the creativity and authenticity the designs hold, attracting consumers of all ages and ethnicities. African fabric designs are trendsetters, making them appealing to the masses in an instant.

These African designs are promoted all over the world by many style icons who are from the same ethnicity or who support the community. The culture of the country is represented and celebrated through these clothing lines promoted all over the fashion industry.

Big fashion designers are coming up with their latest collections to show their gratitude toward the African fashion industry and fabric designs. These designs speak volumes of the history, experience, and history of the culture. Everything in these collections is going to prominently showcase the beauty of Africa, its designs, fabrics, and more. These designers are reviving the dying communities and their fashion statements like Zulu and Ndebele.

The upcoming year is going to be full of such amazing launches, making it the right time for other fashion brands to release something of a similar sort. There are a lot of African designs that can be worked around to launch a different and fresh line of clothes.

In this article, we are going to show you different designs from Africa that can be clubbed with designs that are trending right now. With the right fusion, this idea can sell promptly if the material is sourced from the right manufacturer.

Authentic and Popular African Designs

African Fabric Designs\n

African designs are required by designers all over the world because of the value they hold in the market. African fabric is unique and has a high selling point because of its abstract beauty and aesthetics. Many artists use their traditional values and teachings while creating such designs, which makes these designs eagerly followed.

African designs are famous amongst fashion enthusiasts because of their variety, patterns, colours, and aesthetic appeal. Here are the evergreen yet important African designs to never miss out on:

  • Hand-Dyed Batik

The hand-dyed batik prints are produced in Ghana and are created by African women by the limited sources available in their households. This simplicity of creation makes these prints amazingly unique and popular amongst the millennials and Genz who are looking forward to promoting the womenpreneurs.

Wax is applied to the material where there is no need for colour. The rest of the spaces take up the colour and patterns that are applied to the fabric. Many times, multiple layers of wax are applied to create patterns that make the design layered in a commendable way.

  • African Wax Prints

African wax print is an extremely traditional wing of African fabric design because they have been commercially available for a long time. This fabric is used to make clothes for women, men, and children to form all kinds of dresses to be worn on different occasions.

This fabric is colourful and is authentically produced and it stands the wrath of time because of its extremely high quality.

  • African Sun Prints

African sun prints are created from dyes and other leaves that leave great colours on the fabric. These fabrics are then exposed to the sun from where they got their name. The African sun prints are mostly available for cotton fabric.

  • Kente

Kente is one of the most popular types of fabric that is used to make shawls or similar products. These designs are laid out on cotton or silk clothes by the people of Ghana. The design is a beautiful amalgamation of abstract patterns that are available throughout the fabric.

These designs are further prefabricated in the form of different designs and patterns by various brands, telling a different story altogether. African designs are blessed with colours, patterns, and geometry. Many African designs are often a blend of other origins making them a fusion of different sorts.

All these beautiful designs are mostly created by women in their backyards giving designers from all over the world another reason to support these designs. 

Top trending Clothing Ideas using African Fabric Designs

African Fabric Designs\n

African designs are getting used time and again in different clothing ranges. There is no limit as to where these patterns can be used to get the maximum leverage. From dresses to tops, from high-rise to oversized, a lot is going on in the fashion market, and African designs are getting incorporated into almost everything.

The fashion industry's top requirement is African design, and this is going to continue in the upcoming year. Here is the list of a few design ideas to look out for:

  • Oversized

One of the most popular designs is the oversized designs incorporated in different clothing items. The industry is seeing oversized dresses, tops, coats, and more. Oversizing is the new normal. African designs are always over the top; blend them with oversized clothing to get the maximum impact.

  • Traditional Prints

The fashion industry is going back to the basics, which is why the traditional prints are coming back to the front. African fabric designs that are highly traditional are here to stay. African wax prints and batiks are going to be part of the fashion industry, the more traditional the better. These prints are best seen on dresses, statement pieces, etc., for an impactful look.

  • The bolder the better

African designs are getting copied into garments that are statement pieces in themselves. There have been rounds of launches that are bold and better in every which way. One can see short dresses or over-the-top pants that use African fabric designs, making them look fashionable. Fusing traditional with modern is going to be the next big thing in the coming year and what better way to do it than with African designs that speak largely of traditional values.

  • High Necks

High neck clothing is coming back to the town and African fabric designs can be incorporated beautifully with this concept. Turtlenecks or halters are hitting the market and the upcoming season is going to see a rise in demand for high necks. As the summer season is hitting up, these African patterns that look best on cotton fabric can be used to create some fantastic high neck dresses or tops to beat the heat.

  • Florals

Commencing the spring season, florals are going to be in high demand, and what better way than to club it with some wonderful African Fabric Designs. The subtle clothing can get a new shape when added with the wonderment of African designs for a fresher look. These can be clubbed with maxi dresses or short knee-length frocks for the coming year. Florals are never out of fashion, but what can upskill this is the use of African designs, one-upping the fashion game.

  • Off-shoulder

Off-shoulder tops, dresses, or jumpsuits blended with African design are going to rock the market. These dresses are a nice way to celebrate the skin we own, and this concept is going to shine bright paired with some traditional and bold designs. Off-shoulder is always in trend and demand, and thus it is going to be a good addition to any new launch.

Brands are clubbing various African prints to different clothing lines as per the demand of the industry. This includes but is not limited to slit dresses, voluminous clothing, kimono style dresses, ruffles on the go, and many more.

Adding these to the next clothing line

Inspired by these designs and prints? Well, fashion enthusiasts are being called to inspect these wonderful fabrics straight from Africa. Get all these materials to make a beautiful summer collection in the upcoming season. With the market right on trend and a hot topic amongst the leaders, this is going to give the right leverage to any brand.

Source these materials from the right suppliers with no hassle and 100% transparency. Choose the right supplier, get a sample and get ready to receive the best quality of raw material. Fashinza provides updates in a timely manner and helps fashion brands get the best quality of products.

Contact our team to source the right material today.


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