Top 10 Clothes To Make With Cambric Fabric

Top 10 Clothes To Make With Cambric Fabric

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Cambric is a plain, fine, and lightweight linen fabric. It is frequently used to make garments. Cambric fabric is quite different from other fabrics as they are made of twisted cotton fibers. Once they are made, the fabric also goes through a process where hot rollers are used to tighten the fibers and align them in a uniform direction. Cambric is the densest variety of woven fabric. It is a great material for making a wide range of clothes. 

If you own a fashion brand or work for one and you are looking for ideas to make different types of clothes using Cambric, this article is for you. 

Below are the top 10 types of clothes to make with Cambric fabric:

1. Casual Shirts

As a soft, smooth, and lightweight material, Cambric is used for making shirts. Shirts made with this fabric feel very pleasant on the skin. Cambric is especially used for making summer shirts as it is better to wear breezy clothes in the scorching heat. This linen absorbs moisture very quickly, releases it into the surrounding air, and gives the textile a cooling effect.

2. Handkerchiefs

handkerchief made of Cambric Fabric

Cambric linen is also used to make handkerchiefs. Their smooth and even-grained texture makes for the best material for handkerchiefs because they need to be soft on the skin. Because of their moisture absorption properties, handkerchiefs made with Cambric are gentle. However, handkerchiefs are usually made with a lower quality Cambric fabric.

3. Wedding dresses

Cambric has a number of variations to itself. While they are the same linen, their slight differences are taken good advantage of to produce a wide range of ready-made clothes. This fabric is often used in making dresses and costumes that are not intended to be worn for a long time, such as a wedding dress or a stage costume. In addition, embellishments can be done on this fabric and they make for the perfect material for gorgeous, low-use clothes.

4. Women’s tops

Cambric is also the material that is frequently used to make women’s tops. Soft and breezy materials are sought after fabrics by women as they ensure comfort. Cambric cotton is extremely comfortable to wear so it is used in the majority of women’s tops for everyday wear. Cambric cotton is primarily used to make casual clothing for women.

5. Patchwork items

Apart from being soft, light in weight, and moisture resistant, Cambric is also well adapted to the process of sewing. This is an advantage for fashion and apparel brands that specialize in needlework. The fabric presents a very neat finish to the hand patchwork. Such designs are often seen in festive dresses, gowns.

6. Children’s wears

Most children’s garments are loose-fitting. They are meant to be more casual, fit for wearing during play and rest. Cambric cotton makes it perfect for young kids and infants to wear comfortably. It is a plant-based fiber, very soft and breathable. The material is gentle on their delicate skin and is used widely by children’s apparel brands. As a complimentary property, cambric also launders easily and well.

7. Ethnic wears

Cambric is used widely in ethnic wear. Flowy long dresses, ethnic kurtas, palazzos, and salwar suits are made from cambric cotton fabric. As cambric is easy to dye and bleach, various patterns such as block prints, kalamkari prints can be easily done on it. The fabric also attains its desired look and texture after a few washes, thus making it fit for multiple wears. 

8. Women’s Gowns

women's gown made of Cambric Fabric

Cambric fabric makes a great canvas for prints, embroideries, and patchworks. Gowns made out of cambric are not only gorgeous but also are extremely comfortable to wear during occasions where heavy outfits are required such as weddings and anniversary parties. However, to make gowns, a lower quality cambric fabric is used because it usually has a smooth and bright finish. Even though the material is inferior compared to the original cambric, it still gives a lush appearance.

9. Lounge wears

Cambric cotton is also used to make loungewear such as nightgowns, sleep shirts, and pyjamas. Usually lightly finished to give a slight gloss on one side of the fabric, cambric is perfect for those cute lounge sets widely popular these days. These can be easily bought from any online store and they come in all quirky colors, shapes, and sizes.

10.  Undergarments

Undergarments such as camisoles, vests, and underwear are made of Cambric cotton. They are light and airy. It’s extremely important to wear comfortable clothes as inner wear. Otherwise, they may lead to skin irritation. Hence, Cambric cotton is the perfect fabric for underwear and camisoles. 

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