Ten Most Sought Chair Upholstery Fabrics

Ten Most Sought Chair Upholstery Fabrics

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Upholstery brings life to furniture, doesn’t it? It is chosen based on luxury, style, and comfort. Upholstered chairs made of wooden or metal frames covered by padding and an excellent fabric are of various types. Each fabric has its pros and cons. To help you choose the best in 2022, we have put together a list of the ten most sought-after chair upholstery fabrics

1. Cotton: 

Cotton is an all-time favourite chair upholstery fabric. It has been used extensively in almost all things that have to do with fabric. What makes cotton popular is that it is a breathable fabric. Cotton is known to take well to colours and patterns, making it every designer’s choice as well.  Cotton upholstery is versatile - from crisp, fresh white and soft hues to deep ultramarine and cheetah prints. 

Cotton resists fading! And this is a key factor to consider, especially if the furniture is meant to be kept outdoors. On the flip side, cotton is susceptible to staining, and professional cleaning is recommended. Still, you can have intricate patterns to conceal stains if the furniture is prone to dirt or staining. 

2. Linen: 

Linen is another of the popular choices of designers. Linen is a little less loosely woven when compared to cotton. It gives linen fabric a characteristic classic texture that ranges from nubby, chunky to lustrous and smooth. Linen can stain and wrinkle easily. This is where performance linen comes into the picture. Performance linen is durable and more structured compared to regular linen. It is not only soft and comfortable but also holds shape well. Did you know that linen is one of the most popular choices for designing slipcovers? 

It is easy to wash and dry and also offers extreme convenience in maintenance. That is why linen is one of the most preferred chair upholstery fabrics. Linen is also one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics available in the market. It allows the skin to breathe easily. It is highly resistant to moulds and mildew, keeping it fresh and clean for long periods. Linen has very little elasticity, making it prone to creases and wrinkles relatively quickly. 

3. Leather:

Leather is highly durable, sophisticated, and greatly stain resistant. It is versatile and ultra-modern, and outright traditional. It is also safe to say that leather wears beautifully. It grows softer with each use, and as it ages, it takes on a beautiful patina. Leather is highly resistant to allergens. If we compare, then leather is more expensive compared to other chair upholstery fabrics. Another pointer to consider is that leather is available in a very limited range of colours. 

4. Velvet

Velvet Chair Upholstery Fabric

Velvet is rich, soft, and silky to the touch. It is great for holding colours, and this makes the fabric look bright and vivid. Velvet is a classic choice of chair upholstery fabric for designers to create rich hues and add depth. Tight weave performance velvet is a common sight in most home furnishings. It is slow to wear and tear that is caused by daily use. You can clean it frequently, and it is highly resistant to fading, wrinkling, and stains. Velvet has all the necessary tactile benefits to be considered one of the best choices for chair upholstery fabric.

5. Chenille:

Chenille is in many ways similar to velvet. It has closed loops instead of open loops that one can find in velvet. Chenille is very cushy and soft to the touch but is chunkier and voluminous compared to velvet. This gives it additional durability. It also has a nice lustrous texture, giving the chair upholstery fabric a rich and royal look. It needs to be dry cleaned to get rid of dirt, dust, and stains. But you must handle this fabric carefully since it has long loops which mustn’t break or tear. 

6. Microfibre: 

Microfibre is an excellent alternative to suede. It is cost-effective but also high;y stain resistant. It is very easy to wash, clean, and dry. It can be easily maintained with a lint roller a couple of times a week. 

7. Suede: 

Suede is an expensive chair upholstery fabric. It is rich, soft, and plush to the touch. It is similar to micro-fibre but of greater quality. It needs professional cleaning and is easy to stain. It holds colours beautifully, making it bright and vivid. 

8. Polyester: 

Polyester is considered one of the best options for chair upholstery fabric. It has a soft texture and is highly durable. It is available in numerous colours and patterns, making it a versatile fabric. Polyester is commonly found in many households as a chair upholstery fabric. It is soft and comfortable and serves its purpose well. It is easy to clean, wash and dry. It does not absorb smells and odors. This keeps that fabric fresh for long periods. The shortcomings of polyester as a chair upholstery fabric is that it is inflammable, which means that the furniture is not suitable to be placed in high heat areas, especially close to the fireplace. It also absorbs oil-based stains quickly. 

9. Olefin:

Olefin Chair Upholstery Fabric

Olefin is a synthetic fibre that is petroleum-based. It is a widely growing popular choice for chair upholstery fabric. It is a great option as a low-maintenance fabric and that of high quality. It is durable and long-lasting.  Olefin is greatly resistant to general wear and tear as it is made of melted plastic pellets. It is resistant to abrasions. It does not pull or discolour easily. It is water-resistant, too, thus making it less susceptible to stain and easy to clean and maintain for long periods. On the flip side, olefin is sensitive to heat and light. There is not much variety when it comes to colours and patterns. If exposed to harsh sunlight for long periods, it can become dry and brittle. 

10. Silk:

Silk is one of the most elegant and strongest natural fibres that are highly lustrous. It gives it a classic and luxurious look. It has a high aesthetic appeal that adds depth to everything around it. It is expensive compared to the other chair upholstery fabrics, but it holds colour and shapes well. Silk is timeless and highly durable. It does not rip or tear easily. It is smooth and soft to the touch. It is available in various colours, patterns, and designs. It has low elasticity and does not change shape over time. Silk is prone to fading if exposed to sunlight for long periods. It quickly absorbs liquid stains.

These are the top 10 fabrics that are considered best for chair upholstery.  Visit www.fashinza.com to know all about materials and information about sourcing fabric.


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