Curtain Fabric Wholesalers and Manufacturers with Global Shipping

Curtain Fabric Wholesalers and Manufacturers with Global Shipping

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In today’s world of being Insta-perfect, there is so much more to fashion than simply clothes or accessories. Yes, these are important for consumers, as they want to look good in all those photos. But beyond these individual choices lie the other elements of aesthetics that are an integral part of the ambiance. Be it the carefully placed table covers, the choicest upholstery, or the thoughtful curtains completing the look – all are equally significant.

While most people equate the fashion industry with designer clothes, or at most, trendy accessories, there are so many other avenues for a designer to showcase their creativity. Imagine the silken curtains flowing in the breeze or the ethnic cushion covers forming the perfect backdrop in a living room! These require as much creativity and effort to change them from the mundane to the extraordinary.

If you are a designer who has found your creative calling in home décor, there is a world of vivid possibilities out there. All you need are the right partners to turn your dream into reality. As with any other form of designing, the role of manufacturers and suppliers cannot be emphasized enough. This is why here is a list of some curtain fabric wholesalers who have a great deal of experience in this field. You can reach out to any of them via Fashinza and get started on your dream décor collection!

Here Is A List of Curtain Fabric Wholesalers and Manufacturers with Global Shipping

A List of Curtain Fabric Wholesalers and Manufacturers with Global Shipping

KC Fabrics

A well-known name in the industry, KC Fabrics are respected over the world for their quality products and impeccable customer service. Established in 1931 and operating out of the commercial capital of the country – Mumbai, they have vast experience in supplying furnishing and upholstery fabrics. Whether it is aesthetic designs or the variety of options one is looking for, KC Fabrics are one of the best to partner within the country. Their pricing is well-suited for all budgets, and one need not worry about the quality of the end products.

With a large footprint across the globe, short lead time and timely delivery of the material are never going to be a problem. Their customer service is one of the most active and handles all the queries quickly and efficiently. The sheer range of products – embroideries, appliques, chenilles, sheers, Jacquards, glossy materials like satin, bright colors, or muted tones – is going to meet all the different needs a designer can have while designing a collection.

The team at KC Fabrics believes in long-term trade partnerships and hence gives utmost priority to the quality of the fabrics as well as the delivery efficiency. 

Paisley Weaves Inc

A name that cannot be missed whenever the discussion is about curtain fabric wholesalers. Gurgaon-based Paisley Weaves Inc. is a partner of choice for many designers. Established in 2006, the company has made a name for itself in the past 15 years. This success is based on their expertise as well as the complete range of drapery products.

Be it curtain fabric or hardware like curtain rods, one can expect the most modern and state-of-the-art products from them. Their wide range of curtain fabrics, including Jacquard, Satin, Printed Silk, Voile, Fire Retardant, and Printed curtains, makes them a name to reckon with among curtain fabric wholesalers. Their international shipping service adds to the overall product and service catalog.

It is easy to connect with Paisley Weaves Inc via the Fashinza platform, an end-to-end platform for all fashion-related needs. As a designer or small business owner, it is simple to get in touch with manufacturers and curtain fabric wholesalers like Paisley Weaves Inc through the platform.

Vandana Handicrafts

Bringing a touch of ethnic fashion into the ambiance is the specialty of Jaipur-based Vandana Handicrafts. Sourcing hand block-printed pure cotton curtains or Jaipuri block-printed curtains from an authentic seller was never easier. Established in the year 2005 and dealing in a number of home décor fabrics like curtains, bed covers, table covers, pillow covers, etc., gives Vandana Handicrafts the much-needed exposure to the requirements of designers working in this space.

With their range of hand block-printed curtains and an authentic connection with the artisans, they have made their name among the curtain fabric wholesalers in the country. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of Indian textile-based curtains and has global shipping facilities. This makes it convenient for designers and small businesses to incorporate this craft into their designs and collections. They even provide the flexibility of custom designs and small MOQs.

Getting in touch with Vandana Handicrafts is much easier with a platform like Fashinza that aims to bring suppliers, curtain fabric wholesalers, designers, and manufacturers together in a simple manner. Its end-to-end solution for all members of the fashion industry is a great opportunity for businesses to decrease their lead times.

Pluche Studio LLP

A new entrant in the world of curtain fabric wholesalers in the country, the Bangalore-based Pluche Studio LLP has made a name for itself in a relatively short period of time. Within two years of its inception, in the year 2019, it has become known for its range of fabrics and their quality. The company offers varieties of colors and materials in its fabrics, making the whole range quite versatile.

The main products offered include sheers, blackout curtain fabrics, crush fabrics, polyester taffeta, and fancy curtain fabrics. Nearly all fabrics have an option to choose from 17 or more colors, providing the much-needed flexibility to the designers. Average lead times and budget-friendly pricing, even for international shipping, make them one of the preferred curtain fabric wholesalers in the country.

Choosing the best Curtain Fabric Wholesaler

Choosing the best Curtain Fabric Wholesaler

Listed above are some of the most valued curtain fabric wholesalers who provide the option of international shipping. There certainly are many more, who are providing the same service and can be approached based on the requirement. But how does one decide which manufacturer to go with, finally? Here are some pointers that can be kept in mind when making such a decision.

  • Does the manufacturer have an export license?
  • Do they have a global shipping service available?
  • Do they provide samples?
  • Is their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) in line with your expectation from your collection?
  • Are they ready to supply smaller quantities or batches?
  • What are the other customers and designers saying about their experience with this curtain fabric wholesaler?
  • Are their shipments on time?
  • How about the quality of the fabric? Are other buyers satisfied with the same?
  • Does their cost meet your budgetary allocation?

These and a whole lot of other questions need to be carefully considered before you decide to finalize a curtain fabric wholesaler. This is one of the most critical requirements, as it can have a direct impact on your sales as well as reputation. Thus, initial research is always a good idea. Now, carrying out such research and reaching out to peers is extremely easy with Fashinza – a common platform for all members of the fashion industry. One can not just search a curtain fabric wholesaler, but also a lot of the above information about them, from the platform.


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