Wholesale Cotton Fabrics: A Price Guide and Where to Get the Best Deals

Wholesale Cotton Fabrics: A Price Guide and Where to Get the Best Deals

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Cotton is one of the most used fabrics in the world aside from denim and georgette. Despite its immense hypoallergenic quality, cotton is relatively cheaper than several popular fabrics out there. This smooth and soft fabric has a light texture that makes it easier to carry in numerous designs and patterns. However, picking the right quality of cotton is not as simple as wearing cotton fabric clothes. Buying the right type and quality of cotton at wholesale is even more complicated.

Accomplishing a no-loss cotton fabric wholesale price deal can be remarkably tricky for start-ups and small business owners. This post entails every essential detail related to different types and their prices that you can consider before finalizing your next textile deal. Read on to get the price check on your most preferred cotton fabric types:

Why is The Cotton Fabric Wholesale Price Assessment Crucial?

Why is The Cotton Fabric Wholesale Price Assessment Crucial

Whole cotton fabric is a major commodity for a textile-oriented business that thrives on the desired quality and well-calculated quantity to stay on the no-loss bar. A finely-made fabric can even retain the investment in terms of a significant resale value. In addition to this, the wholesale price is relatively much more cost-efficient than the actual product pricing. Here’s why you must pick only a reliable wholesaler to buy cotton fabric in large quantities:

  • Your business-related purchases consume the maximum part of your investments, and that is why you must be very precise with what investment you are making.
  • Even though the requirement implicates a large amount of fabric, you will need to be extra cautious with the quantity you put on the table.
  • Your selection of the right manufacturer/supplier can save you a hefty sum of money on the types of cotton fabric at suitable market prices.
  • Getting in touch with a trustworthy fabric provider can streamline future deals for similar products. A genuine manufacturer will understand your preference, and provide dyed, treated, and natural fabrics as per the requirements.
  • A close assessment of the cotton fabric wholesale price will help you decide the exact volume of the fabric you will need for your upcoming project.

Types of Cotton Fabrics

Types of Cotton Fabrics

Before jumping to the conclusion by seeing the generous price tag, you must know the type of wholesale cotton fabric you are buying. In general, cotton fabrics come in 60-60, 60-40, and 40-40 types. This count represents the number of yarns used in the making of the fabric. Higher numbers mean a finer and better quality. Let’s understand the significance of these numbers in different kinds of cotton:

1. 60-60 Cotton

If you are looking for cotton fabric wholesale at the right price for making diligently-knitted ladies' apparel, 60-60 is the choice for you. This form of cotton fabric is created by using tested threads. The latest knitting technology, accompanied by the careful selection of the crude product, results in a fine and fabulous cotton stratum.

This is considered to be the best kind of cotton fabric as it can be used to make fascinating apparel in simple ways. You would not have to spend much on dyeing and intricate designing either because the fabric is the lightest of all other kinds. The 60-60 cotton fabric wholesale price will reduce to at least 25% - 30% if you place a bulk order.

2. 60-40 Cotton

Amongst numerous cotton fabric types, there are 60-40 that contain all the qualities you would want in a fabric. It is almost as convenient as 60-60 in terms of design and can be worn in all seasons. Whether it’s quilting or piecing, this multi-functional fabric comes in handy. If you are not willing to spend on 60-60 cotton fabric, this type can be an impressive bargain for you.

This fabric is considered suitable for making dresses, Kurtis, and other several ethnic clothes that sustain both style and comfort. This fine-textured fabric is light on the skin and lasts for a remarkable amount of time despite frequent washes.

3. 40-40 Cotton

Cotton 40-40 fabric is the type that you can pick to make durable clothing on a limited budget. Being the heaviest of all other types, the cotton fabric wholesale price of 40-40 is significantly low. This form of highly durable fabric is chosen for easy quilting and can be washed as often as one might prefer. It is mainly used to make shirts for men and women.

Where to Get the Best Deals?

1. Surat Textile Market – Surat

2. Chandni Chowk Market – Delhi

3. Crawford Market – Mumbai

4. Johri Bazaar – Jaipur

5. Habibganj Market - Bhopal


Once you know the type of fabric you need, the calculation of cotton fabric wholesale price will become far simpler and faster. Explore various resources related to apparel manufacturing on Fashinza and find sustainable options for your business. Need help with sourcing clothes? Try Fashinza!


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