Which Cross Stitch Pattern Maker Software is Best? Top 10 Choices!

Which Cross Stitch Pattern Maker Software is Best? Top 10 Choices!

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Traditionally, designed patterns use a variety of different physical techniques. The process was considered to be stressful and was time-consuming. Making a cross-stitch pattern can be done in several ways, including other methods. In time, pattern-making software was introduced that could make cross-stitch patterns and other patterns.

The purpose of these programs is to allow the user to design virtually in the software using practical tools used practically in the computer. With the help of color patterns, needle mode, printing and image enhancement, and many others, designs, photos, and patterns can easily be made.

Top 10 Cross Stitch Pattern Maker Software

1. PC Stitch

Stitch, design, and edit different kinds of clothing with PC Stitch, a smart Windows software consisting of cross design stitching. These programs are primarily designed to avail of two thousand pre-programmed stitch patterns. This cross stitch pattern maker will permit you to direct through the stitch patterns by picking a color, allowing a complete program with all trimmings, for example.

2. Blend Threads

You can construct cross stitch designs on multiple operating systems using Blend Threads. It is a free sourced cross stitch pattern maker. Several pattern creators are included in the program, and the painting section provides various advanced features. There is a new software update every month that contains updated latest DMC threads.

Cross Stitch Pattern Maker Software

3. KG-Chart

It is an excellent software package for cross stitch design. It is available only for Windows operating systems, and it requires a monitor with a resolution of at least 1024*768 pixels and a display card. The program's key features include drawing backstitching, color palette, and drawing pixels.

4. Sew and So Cross Stitch Designer

Unlike other cross-stitch pattern makers, Sew and So Cross Stitch Designer works on platforms platform. It has a web interface and runs on Windows. Compared to the other office software, this software is easier to use because it contains 500 pre-designed files to assist you in multiple projects you may have.

5. Istitch 2

Istitch 2 allows you to create a cross stitch and helps in drawing a pattern. It works with Windows operating systems. Beginners will find the program easy to use, with video guides. There are two main threads in the software, DMC and anchor.

6. DP Software Cross Stitch Pro Platinum

Many features and tools are available for editing, designing, and importing cross stitch models with DP Software Cross Stitch Pro Platinum, a cross stitch design software for Windows. This program gives the user complete control over the design with threads that span up to 20 bands.

7. HobbyWare Pattern Maker 

The free and open-source HobbyWare Pattern Maker for cross-stitch is a potent cross stitch pattern maker. This software works on Windows operating systems. Several types of patterns are included in the software, and they can be added instantly and saved as images. There is a customer support team for the application since software updates occur every two years and are charged extra.

8. Stitch Painter Gold

Cross stitch design software Stitch Painter Gold is only available for Windows operating systems. Despite the simple system requirements, it can be efficiently run on a basic computer. The program has the primary function of viewing any image-related file format, but it does not have many tools for editing files.

9. StitchCraft

The program StitchCraft works exclusively with Windows operating systems. There are over thirty-three different brands of threads in it, and there are countless predefined patterns. The program has recently been updated to include new and exciting features. Tools are advanced and provide plenty of options for making a unique cross pattern.

Cross Stitch Pattern Maker Software

10. STOIK Stitch Creator

This innovative Windows program is packed with multiple features to make the design of your cross stitch unique. The software is used to import and edit cross stitch patterns. The software includes various features, such as cross-stitch, designing, long stitch, canvas work,  Hardanger, needlework, tapestry, and many others.

Different types of cross stitch embroidery designs are available using these software, including wizards, schemes, prints, and other references. Images created or edited can be saved in multiple formats, including PDF, JPEG, and many others. Some embroidery pattern designs out there are cost-effective, but they are not free, and they are designed from photos or pictures in a few easy and quick steps. 

Now that you know about these different softwares, you can also check out Fashinza and start your own apparel brand!


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