Where Can I buy Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets at Wholesale Prices?

Where Can I buy Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets at Wholesale Prices?

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Bed sheets add grace to any bedroom. The right tone, colours and material transform any house into a home. Bombay Dyeing bed sheets are a great way to add beauty and grace to any bed space. These bed sheets are made from 100% cotton, which makes them non-shrinkable and a good option for everyday as well as occasional use. These are available in normal and premium ranges. 

As an interior designer if you opt for Bombay Dyeing bedsheets, you can be assured about the quality and colours of this brand.  Bombay Dyeing is a diverse linen brand, giving designers a choice to mix and match their creative palette. 

There is a wide range of yarn qualities for bedsheets available from Bombay Dyeing in cotton, silk, and rayon at wholesale prices. Have a hard time finding Bombay Dyeing bed sheets at wholesale prices? Here is a list of places where you can buy the best quality bed sheets from Bombay Dyeing.

About Bombay Dyeing bedsheets

About Bombay Dyeing bedsheets

Bombay Dyeing bed sheets are one of the most well-known and best quality brands and was established in the year 1879 by Nowrosjee Wadia. It started as a small business in India, of cotton spun yarn, which was made with hand dipping and dyeing. Bombay Dyeing is now a well-reputed and the most trustworthy brand in India. Bombay Dyeing bedsheets are known for their unique textures and designs, which perfectly fit every mood and choice. Their colours, patterns and designs are exquisite, giving designers a free hand to mix and match their creations with the linen work. 

You will find a perfect match for every wall and decor colour to blend with the design of your choice. Walking hand in hand with the upcoming trends and providing a quality product at a good price is what Bombay Dyeing believes in and works for.

Various online websites provide Bombay Dyeing bedsheets at reasonable rates or wholesale prices. Some of the offline markets and stores also offer bed sheets at good quality and wholesale rates. Bombay Dyeing has become of the most trusted brands of India in textiles and upholstery. It is a household name, delivering nothing but quality. 

As an established designer, frequent home decor projects keep you busy. To avoid time lags and finish your project details on time, you need reliable suppliers even for bed linens. Build a network of your own and establish a strong support network for essentials like linens. 

Here are a few options to get your Bombay Dyeing bed sheets available at wholesale rates. 

As a home designer, here are some great websites from where you can buy Bombay Dyeing bedsheets in bulk:

About Bombay Dyeing bedsheets
  1. Textile Infomedia: Textile Infomedia has been unceasingly regenerating itself to meet the ever-demanding customer needs. They are also known as one of the finest online business solution providers. The company focuses on manufacturing, supplying, and exporting all types of textiles. It is a blooming Business to Business Portal of the Textile Industry.  
  2. Deldure: Deldure is an online website offering business-to-business and business-to-customer hub which connects buyers with suppliers. It was founded in the year 2011. The website offers an enterprise cloud platform that provides new software solutions to grow online businesses. A designer can get a wide range of suppliers, products, and services from this destination. It also provides a secure payment program.
  3. Alibaba: Alibaba is a secure destination to shop with confidence for quality Bombay Dyeing bedsheets. You get access to verified suppliers, wholesalers, and a list of many manufacturers. You can connect directly with manufacturers as well. 
  4. Tradeindia: Tradeindia has become a client servicing segment. It has become a 360-degree digital marketing provider. It is an E-marketplace that assists buyers and sellers to connect. It shows many wholesale dealers for buying wholesale rate textiles and upholstery.
  5. Pursuite: Pursuite is a destination for buying well reputed national and international brands. Within less time you can find more options to explore for uncountable patterns of bedsheets. Find Bombay Dyeing bedsheets wholesale prices. You can find expert tips from leading professionals and also reviews for buyers and sellers.
  6. IndiaMART: you can buy Bombay Dyeing bedsheets from suppliers on IndiaMART. There are manufacturers, wholesalers/ retailers/ traders dealing in bulk orders for Bombay Dyeing bedsheets. However, you can also connect with individual suitable suppliers for your requirements.

Things to keep in mind when you are buying wholesale :

  • Assure for quality from the seller
  • Check the dealer for reliability
  • Confirm the source of the dealer
  • Don't forget to compare multiple places for prices


Fashinza is the online business platform connecting the manufacturers to the suppliers. If you are a designer and looking for wholesale bed sheet options, you can choose from a varied list of suppliers for the best deals. The website offers a list of reliable Bombay Dyeing bed sheet wholesale dealers. Get essential guidance from Fashinza about dealers and how to interact with your sellers and buyers at a larger scale.For any home decorator or an interior designer, Fashinza can be trusted from all sides. Get in touch with the website to solve all decor related queries. 


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