What Will Be the Most Popular Fabrics This Winter Season?

What Will Be the Most Popular Fabrics This Winter Season?

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Winter is around the corner, so the best time to start curating your winter catalog is now. There are a variety of fabrics available in the market, and with this abundance of choice, it may be quite challenging to pick the best of the lot. Here are some of the best fabrics for a successful winter collection.

Best Characteristics to Look for in a Winter Fabric

  • Comfort: Being cooped up in the house due to harsh outdoor weather conditions is not ideal. So, consumers often look for comfort when picking clothes for their winter closet. Therefore, an ideal winter fabric must be comfortable and cozy. 
  • Durability: Winters are shorter than summers. So, when shopping for winter clothes, consumers prefer durable products that can be used and stored for the next season without sustaining damage. Therefore, durability must be an important aspect of winter fabrics. 
  • Style: As much as it's true that every fashion trend keeps recurring, it is also true that if a certain fabric is not in style, then what's even the point? Go for winter fabrics that are evergreen so your customers can stay in style throughout the year. 
  • Functionality: An ideal winter fabric must have insulating material so it can keep the body warm. People would always prefer buying one functional layer instead of putting on five layers of dysfunctional clothing.
  • Maintenance: People tend to layer up during the winter season, which leads to piling up of clothes for laundry. And if a wearer happens to spill something on the outermost layer, there are chances of the inner layers getting stained too. Therefore, an ideal winter fabric must be low-maintenance and have resistive properties, so it is easy to manage.
Popular Fabrics Winter Season

Go-to fabrics this winter

Vogue news shows that there is a demand for stylish winter fabrics. It is time to make the most of the season with the following staples and trendsetters:

  1. Wool: If evergreen winter wear were a thing, woolen products would top the list, as woolen clothes are easily the most popular among consumers. The reason is obvious - their durability and excellent insulation properties. Apart from keeping the body warm, wool possesses hypoallergenic properties. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly and a renewable resource. 
  2. Faux fur: Faux fur exudes comfort and luxury, and Vogue news says it is a delightful alternative to animal fur. A winter-friendly fabric with good insulating properties, faux fur’s elegant yet bold look makes it very desirable. Another great thing about this fabric is that it won't get you into trouble with any animal rights activists. 
  3. Leather: It is quite difficult to find a person who is unimpressed by leather. Leather jackets are in high demand during the winter season. Be it leather pants or skirts, good-quality leather sells like magic. This fabric is strong and durable and can be used to produce bags, footwear and other fashion accessories. A brand can simply never go wrong with leather - it is functional and fashionable. 
  4. Corduroy: Some fabrics are like wine. They age well with time and never go out of style. Considered à la mode, corduroy, without doubt, is the preferred fabric to develop a list of incredibly chic clothing. From pants to jackets and dungarees to skirts, corduroy is a fabric that can increase your fashion quotient this winter. It has made a comeback, and Vogue news says it is one authentic fabric.
  5. Flannel: Looking to provide your customers with style plus comfort this winter season? Then you cannot leave flannel out of your list. This soft, checkered fabric is made of woven wool or cotton. Vogue news defined it as the ultimate winter fashion, and for the right reasons, flannel can provide comfort with warmth and flair. This fabric is airy, so it prevents moisture from getting trapped.
  6. Nylon: Silk is expensive, so it is time to look for a more affordable and durable alternative to it. Adding nylon to your winter collection is a great idea because customers are looking for a flexible, water and snow-resistant piece of clothing this winter season. Ever since its launch in the 1930s, nylon became sensational in the fabrics market. This low-maintenance fabric is preferred by consumers across the world in the form of sportswear and nightwear.
  7. Velvet: Velvet is the ultimate winter holiday wear. For anyone looking to re-create a plush look, velvet is the preferred fabric. Apart from inducing warmth with comfort, this sophisticated and soft fabric can be used to create a variety of incredible products such as gowns, blazers, skirts and gloves. According to Vogue news, velvet took center stage in Tom Ford’s 2020 fall show In Los Angeles, and its popularity certainly isn’t waning!

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