What is the Right Choice of Fabric for Ottomans?

What is the Right Choice of Fabric for Ottomans?

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Commonly associated with royalty, an ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture. Nowadays, ottomans come in different sizes, making them super attractive. Ottomans generally have no arms or backs and are used as tables or stools. They are also used as footstools, accompanying chairs or sofas.

In recent years, ottomans have become very popular as stylish pieces of furniture because of their varied uses. Many home furnishing stores sell a variety of ottomans in varied hues, attractive prints and rich fabrics. 

These upholstered stools can be used as statement pieces in the living room and are a great addition to a high chair. The right ottoman shouldn’t only be aesthetically pleasing but should also be comfortable. Therefore, fabric plays a key part in creating the perfect ottoman.

How to choose the right fabric?

How to choose the right fabric?

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a piece of fabric for any furniture is its practicality. Many fabrics look or feel good, but they usually don’t hold up to regular wear and tear.  Since an ottoman is likely to be used as a footstool or a table, it is likely to undergo quite a bit of wear and tear. Therefore, selecting the right fabric is key. Here are some all-season fabrics that could go well with your next collection of ottomans. 


The most trusted of all fabrics, cotton is durable and easy to clean. It is comfortable and classy. Cotton checks all the boxes when it comes to upholstering any piece of furniture. It also comes in different prints and textures. But there are a few drawbacks to cotton. It can sometimes shrink, even though the damage usually isn’t too extensive. Cotton also doesn’t fare too well under prolonged sunlight. Despite these minor drawbacks, it is still a hardy, durable and affordable fabric to use in an ottoman.


Linen is probably the strongest fabric as a cover for an ottoman. It is tougher than cotton and is easier to clean. Good quality linen can also resist dirt and stains, so this is a good alternative for families that have kids or pets. The only problem with linen is that it can wrinkle when washed. So, if you are considering linen for your range of ottomans, ensure that it is good-quality linen so that it is resistant to pilling, abrasion, and even moths. Other than these drawbacks, it’s an elegant option for an ottoman.


A delicate yet exquisite fabric, viscose is a great choice for a statement ottoman. Viscose is a silky, synthetic fabric. Since it is made from regenerated cellulose, it is often confused with silk. Upholstering an ottoman with viscose might be a great option for a festive collection. Many people prefer this fabric because it is both lustrous and luxurious at the same time. There are a few downsides; viscose is prone to wrinkling, shrinking, fading, and bleeding. So, it might not be the most practical fabric for everyday use. However, there are still ways to use viscose blends with cotton or linen. So, you can still get the look and feel of viscose, and enjoy the durability of linen.


Wool is the most resilient fabric in the market to upholster any kind of furniture. A woolen cover for an ottoman might just be the perfect thing because it is one fabric that is cozy and comfortable. It is one of those fabrics that can easily withstand regular wear and tear, with minimal damage. It is also a fabric that creases way too little than other fabrics, and since upholstered wool these days has a special covering, it is also easy to clean as it gathers little to no dust. Apart from the usual goodness of minimum upkeep, wool is also one of the most comfortable fabrics to use for your ottoman as it is soft, smooth, and breathable. Wool also requires next to no cleaning, therefore making it the most suitable fabric for almost any furniture.


One of the most luxurious of all upholstery fabrics, velvet is the best fabric one can use on any furniture because of its comfortability and rich texture. Velvet is naturally warm, so it suits any furniture, especially an ottoman. It suits any mood and can totally transform any furniture’s look and feel. There are a number of varieties to choose from when it comes to velvet which really makes it the best choice for your ottoman. The only downside to velvet is that it’s a little tough to clean. As it is naturally heavy, it isn’t the ideal fabric to wash. But velvet doesn’t get dirty easily and can also withstand daily wear and tear. Thus, if you want fabric that is comfortable but also practical to use, then go for velvet.


Leather has been used as an upholstery fabric for several decades as it is soft as well as tough. It is almost no hassle to clean leather as it is spill-proof and can handle any manhandling. It is the most durable fabric one can use as on their ottoman. Leather doesn’t need any special care, except for some polishing over years of usage. Otherwise, it is quite a flexible fabric to be used with almost any furniture. Leather can also withstand heavyweight and doesn’t easily tear, which makes it a great alternative fabric cover for an ottoman.


A fabric that is rarely used in upholstery but a great choice anyway since it has a rich texture and is a fabric that can withstand wear and tear. It is usually used in making luxury furniture because it can be a little tough to upkeep. Suede has a fuzzy feel but also the toughness of leather which makes it a strong upholstery fabric. But suede can be tough to clean at times as it is water-resistant. But if you want an ottoman to look and feel luxurious then suede is the fabric you should go for as it will give you the rich feels of a luxurious piece of furniture.

How to choose the right fabric?

So now that you have a basic guide of fabrics to choose from for your ottoman, you will be ready to make a decision that best suits your needs. Just keep in mind that the fabric you choose complements your ottoman and suits your practical needs.


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