What is Flame Retardant Fabric? Where Can You Buy it?

What is Flame Retardant Fabric? Where Can You Buy it?

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Flame retardant fabrics constitute a type of fabric that burns slowly and self-extinguishes. This kind of fabric is immune to getting burnt and helps reduce heat buildup to prevent rapid-fire development. It creates a safer environment for buildings where flame retardant fabrics are used. It is a unique fabric that avoids the spread of fire. Its flame-retardant traits and characteristics come from within its materials. The fire-resistant property can be chemically inserted into a polymer molecule. 

According to insights, many fire accidents are connected with the burning of fabrics at the concerned place. Cellulosic is generally used in clothing to make them comfortable. But, these are more prone to inflammability and are, thus, dangerous. The weight and the type of weave of fabric decide the inflammability of that fabric. Mostly, fabrics that are woven loosely burn faster, while fabrics that are heavy and tightly woven burn slowly. 

Treatments to make a fabric flame-retardant

As there is a need for fire-resistant properties in some places, there is great demand for such clothes. There are some treatments to convert a material to a flame-retardant one. Here are some of these:

1. Non-permanent treatment:

Non-permanent treatments are used for materials that are not exposed to water without being soaked. In this treatment, the fiber or fabric is mixed with the solution of salt in water and then the fabric is dried. It helps the system to slow down the spread of fire. After the fabric is dipped in a bath, the passage of two rollers applies very high pressure. It is a simple technique to implement and is cheap and can be applied to many fibers. 

2. Permanent treatment:

In this permanent treatment, there are two types of treatments for cellulose. The first treatment uses one of its own OH- groups, chemically binding a molecule to the cellulose. The second one is polymerization of the product with itself, which forms a network in and around the fiber, without creating any chemical bonding. In both treatments, the fabric used is a phosphorus derivative.

3. Textile treatments: 

Textile treatments

Flame retardant materials are made from both natural textile fiber and synthetic fibers. The textile fibers are treated with a chemical that can reduce the combustibility of that fabric effectively. If there is a fire, the flame-retardant material reacts with the gases and converts them into char of carbon. This reaction reduces the flammability rate of the fabric. There are various flame-retardant materials that are used in treatment in textile industries. Some of them are Indura fr cotton, M5 fiber, etc.

Different types of flame retardant fabrics

Flame retardant fabrics come mainly in two types. They are either inherently flame retardant or chemically treated fabrics. The primary difference between the two types is the method by which the fabric becomes flame retardant. Let's have a look at the differences in detail:

Inherently Flame Retardant Fabrics

The inherently flame retardant fabrics are excellent for use in your home, office, and school, especially for things like curtains and drapes. These types of fabrics can also be used in tents, health care fabrics, drapes, tarps, for military applications, awnings, banners, and signs. These fabrics are made from fibers that provide flame-retardant properties. Therefore, cleaning does not have any adverse effect on their qualities or diminish their strength. There are two types of inherently flame retardant fabrics, namely, natural and synthetic.

Wool and silk are fabrics with natural flame-retardant features. Wool is generally known as the most flame retardant natural fiber. This is because it is quite hard to ignite and may put out smaller flames on its own. Likewise, silk is also difficult to ignite and burns slowly. There are also many synthetic inherently flame retardant fibers that have been created with built-in flame resistance. For example, certain acrylic, polyester, and nylon fabrics are constructed to be flame retardant, which results in them catching fire at much higher temperatures than natural fibers. At higher temperatures, the fabrics typically melt rather than burn. Thus, inherently flame retardant fabrics can protect your family, friends, and colleagues from fire without introducing chemically treated materials into your home, school, or workplace.

Chemically treated flame retardant fabrics

These fabrics are coated with a fire-resistant chemical. Nowadays, there are more than 175 different types of flame retardants, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. These types of chemicals are usually divided into the following categories: phosphorus-containing, nitrogen-containing, brominated, chlorinated, and inorganic flame retardants. The question of whether you should buy a treated fabric or not depends on your usage. For example, as you wash it and use it, the chemical starts to wear down and the fabric gradually loses its vital traits. Inherently flame retardant fabrics on the other hand don’t suffer from this issue. You must also consider the fact that subjecting a fabric to flame retardant treatment may void the manufacturer's warranty.

Applications of flame retardant fabrics

Applications of flame retardant fabrics

Flame retardant fabrics are typically used in uniforms for commercial workers, firefighters, and also as tent and parachute fabric, etc. These fabrics can stand firm against high temperatures in an industry where fire can cause accidents. A flame-retardant fabric protects the person wearing it against getting burnt from fire, electrical shocks, etc. It is largely used in indoor materials like blinds, in offices, houses, and schools. The most vital aspect is that these fabrics save people’s lives and also protect infrastructure by preventing fires from starting and rolling out.

Where Can You Buy it?

Flame retardant fabrics are easily available in most apparel stores. You can browse through a lot of varieties, colors, and design options in these fabrics. This fabric can be purchased from online or offline stores. With so many options in the market, it is hard to find a single place where you can get unrivaled quality and affordability for your fabrics. One such place is Fashinza. Here, you can browse through and purchase flame retardant fabrics in a lot of options and at discounted rates.


Flame retardant fabrics are a safer option for places like schools, offices, and homes. A lot of professions also demand apparel made out of these types of fabrics. Finding the right manufacturer for your fire retardant project is very essential, especially when considering chemically treated fire retardant fabrics.

Fashinza offers customers a variety of products that are not only the best, but also very durable and affordable. Visit Fashinza to buy premium quality flame retardant fabrics at highly discounted prices. 


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