Unique Fabric Designs to Rope in for Your Brand's Next Collection

Unique Fabric Designs to Rope in for Your Brand's Next Collection

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The library of all the unique fabrics prints you were looking for is here! Different fabric print designs bring out the best moods for shopping for fabrics. These are some unique fabric prints that uplift the apparel's whole vibe.

Abstract and Geometric Fabric Print Designs

Some unique fabric prints are special enough to stand out from the rest, and one such fabric print design is geometric and abstract, ready to blend with any background or interior. Interior designers use these patterns to add an extra pop to the outfit and an additional pizza look. These fabric patterns enhance the looks of outfits and home decor covers.

Animal Fabric Print Designs

Animal fabric print designs have indefinite uses. These fabric collections are must to have a wardrobe collection. These unique fabric prints offer a perfect exotic look for clothing, quilting, furniture, bedding, and other general sewing applications. There are over 200 fabrics for perfect and premium animal fabric prints.

Baby and Children's Fabric Print Designs

These fabric print designs are best for kids' nursery rooms or for changing the style of a teenager's room. Many fabrics can best suit baby and children's fabric prints. These custom-made patterns are perfect for decorating and styling children's rooms of any age. The beautiful fabric prints for babies are among the best patterns for nursery decor.

Chevron Fabric Print Designs

Chevron Fabric Print Designs

These unique fabric prints are zig-zagging patterns that are seen everywhere today. These fabric print designs can commonly be seen on coffee mugs, phone cases, home decor, appeals, and clothing. These patterns have been used since the time of ancient Greece. These patterns are best for home crafts and other projects. The availability of patterns and colours in chevron is unbelievable.

Christmas Fabric Print Designs

Christmas fabric patterns and designs are trendy. These fabrics don't need to be worn and used near Christmas Eve. These prints have a pattern of Christmas trees, reindeers, and other colourful red, blue and green patterns. These patterns can be seen on hoodies, caps, sweaters, and other apparel. Also, they are unique and used to increase the look and royalty of home decors and other decorations.

Contemporary Fabric Print Designs

The unique contemporary fabric prints can be seen anywhere from home decors to clothing fashion apparel. These are sleek patterns that can be seen on everything furniture are they are made widely featuring minimalism. These patterns and designs are best for home crafts and other DIY projects.

Diamond Fabric Print Designs

A royal statement is made with diamond fabric designs. These patterns offer aesthetic looks and upholstery designs that are hard to resist. Everyone prefers the diamond design. A strong statement is passed with diamond patterns, and they can be used nearly on every piece of apparel. These specific patterns and designs are used for chair covers, table covers, bedding, other home decors, and clothing fashion.

Floral Fabric Print Designs

The beautiful outfits, consisting of floral designs and patterns, are one of a kind. These floral prints offer cool summer vibes. Add some spring prints in the form of these floral fabrics to your outfits and clothing and your home decor and furniture coverings. These patterns have different styles, such as unique, bold prints, neutral colours, elegant prints, and fun patterns. Floral fabric designs are a must to have in the clothing collection.

Ikat Fabric Print Designs

Ikat can also be known as ikkat. It is a unique dyeing technique popularly used to print patterns on textiles. The process is almost the same as tie-dying. They are done on weft and warp fibres. The fabrics made with ikat designs are known for their symbolic or ethnic ritual meanings. These patterns have developed much in the past few decades and are specially made to export. Traditionally, ikat fabric designs symbolise power, wealth and prestige. These patterns are highly used in clothing fashion apparel to home decors.

Leaf and Vine Fabric Print Designs

Leaf and Vine Fabric Print Designs

The outing is a great way to relieve stress and other hustle-bustle of everyday life. The vine and leaf fabric prints offer great peace of mind as the looks of these patterns and designs are very soothing and peaceful. It is a great way to bring the outdoors inside homes. These elegant patterns are printed on home curtains, bedsheets, pillows, and other home decors. They perfectly match every furniture and home interior.

Novelty Fabric Print Designs

Novelty fabric designs are one of the best patterns which offer cosy vibes. Their Patterns are growing and can be seen on Kurtis and other suits, including all clothing appeals. These patterns include the designs of charm squares, layer cakes, jelly rolls, and fat quarters. These prints are popularly used on quilts and bedsheets.

Paisley Fabric Print Designs

The artwork of paisley designs has been used since the 17th and 18th centuries. They are perfect patterns for home decors. This pattern is known for its iconic and signature pine cone-like shape and ornamental structures. A top choice for many crafters, the elegant look of this fabric design can be seen in many home decors, including drapery, upholstery, etc. The colours and styles of this fabric design can't be unseen.

Plaid Fabric Print Designs

Plaid fabrics can virtually be seen in every home decor application. The curtains made up of bright colours of plaid fabric give a summer vibe, and fall can be felt with the darker coloured patterns of this fabric design with a cosy vibe. This fabric has a unique feature of mixing and matching with any sean and house interiors. The addition of plaid fabric patterns can be seen in kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms.

Retro Fabric Print Designs

These retro fabric patterns are truly remarkable. These patterns and designs can blend themselves into any taste and style with the availability of thousands of options. There are soft designs as well as colourful, bold designs. This fabric design is hard to resist because of its whimsical prints.

Shabby Chic Print Designs

Shabby chic designs are known for their interior designs and prints. These patterns are famous worldwide for furniture and decors and can be used on mirror frames, cabinetry, benches, dining tables, side tables, etc. They offer a charmingly rustic and old-fashioned design. Shabby chic designs include vintage-looking floral fabric, tick and strip fabric, linen fabric, etc.

Solid and Tone-on-Tone Fabric Print Designs

Different fabric designs are used every day and everywhere, whether in apparel or home decor. Solid tone-on-tone fabric is used almost everywhere in the house. These unique patterns can be seen on the breakfast table, upholstered chairs, bedsheets, and other bedding items, etc. these patterns are beautiful and drapery.

Tropical and Nautical Fabric Print Designs

A tropical vibe is flaunted by the tropical and nautical fabric designs that are the person for a beach house or land home. These patterns have the best vibrant and colourful patterns. They are used in bedsheets, curtains, mats, table cloths, etc. these prints give holiday vibes.

Athletic and Leisurely Sports Fabric Print Designs

Watching sports or playing sports is one of the favourite activities of today's people. Others like to hang out in the woods, fishing, bird watching, and hiking. All of these activities are incomplete without having a sports fabric-designed outfit. These patterns and designs are famous for athletic and leisure apparel. These prints are very cool and vibrant. They can widely be seen on many kinds of designer outfits that are must-haves in a closet.

At Fashinza, you can find the best quality fabric design prints at affordable prices. The stock of fabrics designs includes every fabric print design you can dream of, from trendy to traditional. Not only for clothes and apparel - unique print designs for home decor and other textiles are also available at Fashinza. We give you every you need to know about the fabrics; cheap to costly, eco-friendly to non-biodegradable, how to wash and clean any printed material, its applications and variety, and other details. Add new and trendy unique fabric prints and desirable fabric print designs popular in the industry to your brand collection.

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