Top 10 Luxury Fabrics and Ways to Source Them Online from Fashinza

Top 10 Luxury Fabrics and Ways to Source Them Online from Fashinza

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There are fabrics galore when one thinks about wearing the best. The luxurious feel of fabric against the skin and its smooth finish makes the wearer utterly comfortable and draws attention every time. Perfect for festive occasions, most people try to have at least one or two of the luxury fabrics hidden deep within their wardrobes. Sourcing more would have been an ideal solution, but unfortunately, most luxurious products have exorbitant costs, with their tailoring even more so.

Undoubtedly, the top celebs are often seen stepping out in style, dressed in a garment created to attract the eye more than to keep the wearer comfortable. The dressmaker is terrified of wasting even a tiny piece of the beautiful material and would drape the mannequin while working on it. The natural flow of the material alongside its sheen creates a pretty picture that is hard to beat. Some of the most delightful luxury fabrics that have remained the numero uno choice of people around the world include the following:

  1. Brocade: This is a heavy fabric fit to be worn on festive occasions. With a gorgeous look and feel, the brilliantly colored yarns may be interspaced with metallic threads many a time. An offshoot of the Italian word broccato, this beautiful fabric is believed to have traveled all the way from China during the Byzantine era. 

Woven by hand, weaving this fabric is a time-consuming process and requires special skills. Historically, it became the main garment for the royalty and nobility, with ordinary folk unable to afford it. However, the advent of the spinning mills during the 19th century made brocade available for all, albeit at a price. People are often seen sourcing it as garments and furnishings at present.

  1. Cashmere: The soft and fuzzy cashmere coat is definitely in vogue and has been so from time immemorial. This garment is the chosen wool of the rich and famous brigade. Its softness stems from the fact that the wool is sourced from a rare breed of goats inhabiting the lofty mountains of Mongolia and its surroundings. The fabric is sourced from goats after they shed the woolen coat at the end of a bitterly cold winter. 

It has a cloud-like consistency and envelopes the wearer in a warm hug. Cashmere’s comfort and lightness make it a wondrous fabric to make winter garments. The wearer will never sweat in a cashmere coat despite it being warm. Moreover, it is wrinkle-resistant and retains its sheen, no matter how it has been manufactured. PETA had been against its use initially, but sustainable programs have made the fabric available as an ethical product of late. Some of the big names in the apparel industry also support the community of cashmere goat herders and arrange for the veterinary care of the animals.

  1. Silk: This soft fabric has been recognized as the “Queen of Textiles” for the last 4000 years or so. It is the ultimate garment to highlight opulence and grab eyeballs. Oscar de la Renta, the designer noted for dressing Jackie Kennedy, quotes, “Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.” 
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Interestingly, the breeding of silkworms and sourcing of silk threads began almost 5000 years ago in China. Silk is believed to be a second skin, as it is sourced from a living organism. It contains protein-based fibers and retains its shine for years. Perfect for creating flowing garments that follow the structure of the body, silk lets the skin breathe and is not in the least uncomfortable—even when worn in hot weather. It is also allergen free, which has made it one of the most treasured fabrics to date.

  1. Cotton: A natural fabric, cotton is sourced from the cotton plant that yields soft, fluffy pods filled with cotton. The fabric is woven from the yarns to manufacture soft and breathable fabric that causes no trouble when worn directly on the skin. Apart from manufacturing light and airy dresses for summer wear, it can also be reinforced to produce terry cloth for towels and corduroy that is fashioned into denim trousers. 

All cotton is created alike. However, its nature differs by the geographical region it is sourced from. Some of the best qualities of cotton fabrics are grown in Egypt, India, and the Caribbean islands today. The American Pina cotton has gained popularity of late, and it is preferred over the soft Egyptian cotton due to its affordability.

  1. Crepe: The pebbled surface of crepe is a characteristic feature that has enticed many generations. It is a beautiful fabric that is manufactured out of cotton, silk, and various other fibers. Its classic yet understated look makes garments of crepe appropriate to be worn both during the day and on formal occasions held in evenings. The flowing fabric is frequently used to create gowns, dresses, and tailored suits suitable for summer wear.
  2. Chiffon: Any event held in the evening finds most guests arrive wearing beautiful chiffon apparel. The sheer look and beautiful flow makes it the fabric of choice for celebratory occasions all around the globe. Indeed, the fashionistas and goddesses of high fashion seldom leave chiffon out of their wardrobes. The lightweight fabric is perfect for creating ruched up bodices and floor length gowns with puffed sleeves. One can choose the thickness of the base material, as chiffon can range from completely opaque to a see-through material.
  3. Damask: This is similar to brocade and woven on a jacquard loom. However, the aspect that thrills the user is damask’s reversibility. The manufacturer uses two different types of fabrics or two distinct finishes to weave the final fabric. The wearer can choose to wear the same garment on different occasions without revealing that it is one and the same. Damask is considered the most suitable for structured evening gowns and heavy home furnishings.
  4. Satin: A recognized luxury garment for formal wear, satin has never had its sheen wear off completely. It comes with a glossy surface, with the reverse side being completely dull. Created from at least four weft yarns over a basic layer of wrap yarn, satin is available in a range of weights. It is the first choice in bridal wear.
  5. Lace: Floaty and frilly, lace is the fabric for embellishments. Believed to be a trifle girly, it is, nevertheless, a must-have for the bride. Originally woven by hand in Chantilly, France, the intricate lace patterns have been improved upon as it crossed the borders of France to form the Venetian lace in Italy. The lace couture lingerie of England stands apart for its delicate and complex designs as well.
  6. Lamé: This is the fabric that goes perfectly with the scintillating lights and heavy rock music. A metallic fabric that captures instant attention, it is known for its brilliant shine. A fixture at music concerts and evenings of fun and frolic, this is the fabric of choice for the hip and happening.

Sourcing the right fabric is not an easy task. However, an apparel dealer or manufacturer can turn to the virtual medium to find the right luxury fabric as and when required. It certainly helps to connect with Fashinza and make inquiries while sharing details about specific requirements.

Luxury Fabrics\n

Fashinza remains dedicated to its customers and has become the first choice for business establishments that deal with textiles and garments. One of the most popular B2B sources for the choicest fabrics, the concerned designer is welcome to ask for samples in order to find out the best fit. Asking for specific fabrics can help to save time. No worries! Even when the end-user has no inkling about the type of fabric to use, Fashinza showcases a wide range that helps to make the task of deciding much easier.

Sourcing fabrics online has been the recent trend but it is not without its pitfalls. It is best to proceed with caution. Sourcing luxury fabrics on the basis of an image is a strict no-no. Instead, it helps to inquire about the origin of a particular fabric and then check out the pricing. Big names that sell internationally are attractive, but it would be foolhardy to fall into this trap. It is always better to go with a domestically manufactured fabric to keep the costs down. Designers and manufacturers have to consider the sale price of their products before going ahead and sourcing the fabrics online.

Sourcing luxury fabrics online can be a challenge for beginners. It is advisable to select the right online platform before proceeding with the purchase. Several factors need to be considered before placing an order. Doing it arbitrarily because a competitor sells luxury apparel is not the right way to ensure trust and saleability.

Fashinza is committed to making the process of sourcing luxury fabric simpler and completely hassle-free. Visit the manufacturing platform to place the first order NOW!


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