Top 10 Countries to Import Decor Fabrics From: Low-Cost & High-Quality

Top 10 Countries to Import Decor Fabrics From: Low-Cost & High-Quality

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The global textile industry is expected to touch the mark of $1.2 trillion by 2025. And this figure is further expected to reach $ 1,412.5 billion by 2028. Moreover, the CAGR is forecasted to increase to 4.4% from 2021 to 2028. These stats prove that the textile industry is currently in its golden phase, and set to skyrocket in the coming times.

Décor fabric companies that are planning to expand their horizons should take advantage of this situation. They can import low-cost and high-quality fabric from other countries and scale up their business operations. But how should companies go about it? Here is a list of the top 10 countries known to export the best quality and affordable décor fabric in the world.


Turkey because it has one of the most well-diversified markets that export large quantities of fabric

The textile industry of Turkey is around USD 12 billion and contributes over 10% to its total GDP. It is also the 7th largest décor textile exporter in the world that is growing at an impressive rate of 7% per annum. Turkey has a rich history of cotton production dating back to the Ottoman Empire. This extensive cotton growth offers a major boost to its export industry. And this is the reason why it still proudly remains a crucial nation for the global textile industry.

Companies also import décor textile from Turkey because it has one of the most well-diversified markets that export large quantities of knitted fabric and cotton materials. Apart from this, Turkish textiles are also known for Mohair that is made from Angora goats and silk. Many fabric brands also source brocade fabrics (Kehma and Catma) from Turkey.  

United Kingdom

The textile industry of the UK contributes over £ 3 billion annually to its economy. It has over 4,200 textile manufacturing units that are increasing at a whopping rate of 12% per five years. Over years, the United Kingdom has emerged as a promising destination for sourcing décor fabric.

Moreover, UK made yarns and fabrics are the most sought after by leading textile brands. Apart from this, it is also known for its fine quality wool. The wool manufactured here is crease-resistant, durable, and recyclable. Brilliant design capacity, flexible and dynamic production capacity and hi-tech solutions are the driving force that is making Turkey a hot destination for importers. 


The world knows Ghana for its rich culture, gold, timber, and oil. But to everyone’s surprise, this country is also rapidly emerging as a promising source of affordable and high-quality fabric. Ghana contributes over USD 39.92 million to the global textile output.   

Batakari and Kente are the two major handmade fabrics that are exclusively produced in Ghana. The best part about these sustainable fabrics is that they can last for 300 years. Many leading companies are steadily making Ghana its major import destination in 2022.


Nigeria is one of the largest exporters of Boubou fabric

Nigeria is another leading name when it comes to importing cost-effective and fine quality fabric. Nigeria is one of the largest exporters of Boubou fabric. It is a traditional fabric that is known for its sustainability and durability.

Many countries including China have made several attempts to make this fabric domestically. But, never in history, any country has managed to produce boubou on their land. For these unique qualities, companies should source décor fabric from Nigeria and carve a niche for themselves in the competition.  


Morocco is another popular name that comes forward for importing affordable and high-quality décor fabric. The fabric produced here is comfortable and ideal for hot weather conditions.

Apart from this, it does not let dust and heat pass through it. Intricate designs, beautiful prints, and technical embroidery are the major highlights of Moroccan textiles. Many companies situated in hot, humid, and tropical areas worldwide prefer to source fabric from Morocco.


China was once notorious for producing low-quality fabric. But things are different now. With advanced technologies and improved manufacturing processes, it has today become the top textile exporter in the world.

It accounts for more than half (52.2%) of the global textile production every year. China is renowned to produce the best silk fabric in the world. It is a strong, lightweight, and beautiful fabric that is durable and affordable. Apart from this, many companies also source cotton from China.


Italy accounts for 6.7% of the global textile output every year. It is one of the most sought after destinations for sourcing fine quality cotton and linen in 2021. Apart from this, there is a huge demand for Italian woollen and silk fabrics around the globe. That’s not all.

The Italian textile industry is also known for its advanced finishing and dyeing processes that are performed with the help of high-end technology. The intricate finishing methods give rise to high-quality products that are rich in texture and colours. Every fabric is made with extra care and years of expertise.

United States of America

The USA accounts for over 5.3% share in the global textile output.

Companies that look forward to sourcing non-woven along with industrial and speciality fabrics should consider the USA for it. Let us have a look at its stand in the global textile market. The USA accounts for over 5.3% share in the global textile output. It is a globally competitive exporter and manufacturer of fabrics, yarns, and other textile products.

Moreover, it is the 8th largest textile exporter in the world. The American export industry values around USD 27.14 billion. Its technically advanced textile manufacturing processes are acting as a magnet for the leading décor fabric companies.


Low labour cost, modernisation, industry specialisation, and enhanced value addition are the factors that define the Vietnam textile industry. With a massive export turnover of USD 37.93 billion, Vietnam is the 4th largest global fabric exporter in the world.

The textile industry here focuses on producing high quality and cost-effective fabrics and yarns that will help companies improve their supply chain. Vietnamese fabrics are highly inspired by their culture and traditions. Shantung Taggeta, Ebony Satin, and Bengaline Weave are the three major fabric types that enjoy high demand in the international markets.


Bangladesh has come out as a powerhouse for textile manufacturing lately. Low labour cost, abundant workforce, high-quality products, and advanced technology are the four pillars of the Bangladesh textile industry. These qualities also play a significant role in attracting many major fabric brands to this nation.

Bangladesh is a leading fabric exporter with a massive turnover of USD 38.73 billion. Moreover, the government of Bangladesh is also not leaving any stone unturned to ensure 100% coordination and transparency in their supply chain. This textile industry is growing steadily, marking its place in the top value-added fabric exporters in the world.


We discussed the top 10 countries that are shaping the global textile industry. Many major players are considering importing décor fabric from these places to scale up their textile business. The list of such countries that export high quality and affordable fabrics is endless.

However, companies need to consider two things while selecting the right import destination. First, they should ascertain their target audience. Second, they need to identify what kind of fabric will cater to the consumer needs. Sourcing the right kind of fabric from the right country is the key to success.

Last but not least, fabric brands that are facing sourcing-related issues should get in touch with Fashinza. It is a leading apparel manufacturing platform that aims to make the clothing manufacturing process faster, transparent, and hassle-free for the companies


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