The Complete Guide to Label Wholesale Clothing

The Complete Guide to Label Wholesale Clothing

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Relabeling is a veteran yet modern approach for the fashion industry. From big to small businesses, everyone has tried or been meaning to try this concept time and again. There are a lot of aspects related to it, be it legal, creative, or associated with your brand image. In this article, we will unravel every step that is necessary for you to think before jumping into this model of repurposing wholesale clothing for your brand and labeling it under your brand name.

What is wholesale clothing?

Wholesale clothing has been in the boom because of the multiple benefits it provides to budding fashion designers and boutique owners. With the world moving so rapidly, people are always looking for something new with a fresh outlook. It can become cumbersome and creatively challenging for designers to develop new design launches every now and then.

Many manufacturers make clothes and sell them in bulk to whosoever is willing to buy the lot. This whole process is termed as a wholesale clothing channel. Many independent workers find this process a little more breathable than manufacturing from scratch. It even gives room to customize the clothing range for your brand.

Now comes the question of whether labeling wholesale clothes is even legal or not?

The answer is YES. It is legal to label wholesale clothes if you abide by certain parameters and clearly understand what the manufacturer thinks about reselling their products. Many clothing label makers in the market can help you get a custom tag for this wholesale clothing range.

How is it different from private label clothing?

How is it different from private label clothing?

Private label and wholesale clothing are two sides of the same coin. In the former, the designs are original and created as per the theme decided by the designer for that release. However, in the latter, clothes are manufactured without keeping any theme in mind for the general masses and small business owners.

Wholesale clothing has room for customization. You as a designer can improve the clothes by adding more creativity in one way or the other. Further, you can add a label of your brand and sell it to the customers of your brand.

Why is it done?

Wholesale clothing can help you maintain freshness in your physical or online stores for your customers and thus maintain a nice flow of supply and demand.

The limitations and advantages of labeling

The core advantage of labeling wholesale clothes is increasing brand awareness and having a stronghold in the market. With more options to choose from, customers will reach out to you time and again, thus increasing your visibility above the other players in the market.

However, there are limitations to this process that might affect your authenticity. But you can overcome these as well. All you need to do is customize the wholesale products so that they match the values of your brand.

Another limitation can be the unavailability of a simple design, leaving little to no room for extensive customization. It is detrimental because the products might look like a replica of another brand, spoiling your image in front of the customers. Thus, it is important to find the right manufacturer to buy wholesale products for relabeling.

Legal Aspects to consider

Legality is involved in every business that you step in. In cases like these, you need to be extra vigilant when using someone else’s product. Here are some of the basic yet most important legal aspects to consider before you reach any clothing label makers:

  • What is the warranty of the product?
  • Are there any trademarks?
  • Is the manufacturer ok with reselling?
  • Are rebranding and customization allowed?

First and foremost, product warranty must be mentioned righteously, and it shouldn’t mislead the customers in any way. Every product manufacturer knows the correct warranty and limitations of their product. Customers need to be informed about these limitations at the time of resale.

Trademarks are small signages or design parts that make the clothes stand out from the basic wholesale clothing line. You need to make sure that the range you are buying from the wholesaler is free from such trademarks. It is not wise to use another brand’s trademark under your label.

The last two aspects are the key takeaways for these kinds of relationships and reselling purposes. As a small business owner or a private designer, it is vital to be on the same page as the manufacturer. You need to be agile in understanding the kind of things that you can do with the commodities you are purchasing from the manufacturer before you label them with your credentials. For this, you should be upfront and understand the whims and fancies of the manufacturer to avoid any mishap that can bring a bad name to your brand.

Certain rules need to be followed whenever you rebrand or relabel any clothing. You might also require a reseller permit before selling any wholesale product to your customers. These nuances must be cleared before proceeding.

Apart from this, you need to take care of the legal aspects of the state from where you are sourcing the product. You should have the authority to remove the label of the manufacturer and place your private label to sell it legally.

Repurposing wholesale clothes as a private range

Choosing the right wholesale product is another key point to consider while doing it for your private label. There are a lot of parameters to keep in mind before your product is ready for online or store display.

  • Buying the right product

It is imperative to source the right product, be it of any nature. There are many options available in the market for you to choose from. But before deciding on anything, you need to consider aspects like transportation cost, the minimum number of products to be ordered, clothes that contain no specific design, quality, fabric, etc. After finding a manufacturer that fulfills all your needs, you can start scouting for the right product. The key takeaway is to choose the most basic and simple clothes that raise no questions on your credibility or business.

  • Buying for your audience

It is essential not to falter away from your authenticity, being a brand in yourself. You should try to be as close to your brand as possible while trying to use wholesale clothes. On the flip side, you can also introduce a completely new section to your audience. It is up to you to decide what works well for your audience as you know them the best.

  • Customizing it the right way

After sourcing the clothes and choosing the right product comes the point of customizing them in the right way. There are many ways to present simple clothing in a new avatar. You can do the customization yourself or find a manufacturer that can do it for you. To get the correct result, you need to believe in the manufacturer. Fashinza can help you find the most authentic creators as we partner with many creative businesses and individuals.

  • Labeling it for your brand

After your product is ready for delivery, you would need to get a label attached to each piece of clothing. You can do it at your own facility or leave this responsibility in the hands of the manufacturer. If you are using an existing design for your label, you can share the same with the manufacturer, and they can label the clothes for you.

These steps are vital to follow when you are repurposing wholesale clothes and getting them labeled legally. When you are getting everything done by the manufacturer, it becomes highly authentic as the matters are crystal clear between both parties.

How to customize wholesale clothes?

If you have been thinking of using a wholesale clothing line for your private label, you are in the right place. Fashinza helps you understand the method of sourcing from local manufacturers in the most legal way. We can also connect you with clothing label makers to meet your needs with utmost precision.

You can contact us to help you choose the right product that tells the same story as your other private label clothing. We help with faster deliveries and customizations, along with our unmatched customer support for a seamless sourcing and labeling experience!


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