Similar and Cheaper Fabrics Than Velvet: Ready to Switch?

Similar and Cheaper Fabrics Than Velvet: Ready to Switch?

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There are so many fabrics to choose from, but which to buy and why? Are there any cheap fabrics we can buy from, how should we choose fabrics? Let me tell you there is a wide variety from which we can choose fabrics according to our needs and liking. Many of us buy fabrics without proper knowledge and end up choosing a fabric that doesn't suit or fit well or gets easily damaged. Also which fabrics to buy is a tough choice but how much to spend on them without making a hole in our purses. Are there any cheap fabrics but of good quality? There are! And just to answer all of your questions, this article is the best fit for you. Know which are cheaper fabrics and how to choose fabrics from a wide variety.

If any fabric screams luxury, it is velvet. Velvet is a cloth that is woven as a double cloth and then it is cut in between them with a sharp blade which makes it look like a luxurious pile. The velvet fabric is made in many grades, also made in vibrant colors, and has been used for almost all the accessories in the house, right from clothes to window curtains. But with being expensive velvet fabrics are difficult to maintain. We have to wash them separately, dry them separately, it is too much work.

But do you want to know a fabric the same as velvet but which won't make a hole in your pocket?

Read below and choose your fabric and decide if you are ready to switch!

Here is a list of fabrics that are the same as velvet but are cheap thus more affordable fabric:

  • Velour 
  • Crushed velvet
  • Lyons velvet
  • Panne velvet
  • Devore velvet

These fabrics are the same as velvet, incredibly soft, luxurious looking but much cheaper fabric than velvet fabric. 

Let us help you choose fabric that suits you!

  • Velour: Velour is made from cotton and as well as from synthetics such as polyester. The top texture on the velour fabric is called a “pile” which is smooth and is made by cutting the thread in loops across with a special and unique weaving process. 
  • Crushed velvet: This is another cheaper fabric made from twisting fabrics while it is wet or by pressing naps in different directions.
  • Lyons velvet: This fabric is a crisp velvet fabric made with a thick pile in France.
  • Panne velvet: This fabric of velvet is made from pressing the nap in one direction.
  • Devore velvet: This fabric is known as a burnout fabric. In this cheap fabric, a pattern is created by removing piles from certain areas.

These are some of the cheaper fabrics which are available and you can choose your fabrics from them.

But amongst all Velour is a cheaper fabric and let us know more about it.

Velour is made from cotton and as well as from synthetics such as polyester. The top texture on the velour fabric is called a “pile” which is smooth and is made by cutting the thread in loops across with a special and unique weaving process. 

Velour fabric, a cheaper alternative to velvet

Velour fabric was not a fashion fabric until popular music bands from the '70s started wearing it and then this cheap fabric made its way into mainstream fashion. Jennifer Lopez's first clothing line in the ’90s was an entire velour fabrics tracksuit with signature red flags, which everyone remembers. Velour fabric is known as a comfy fabric, used for all casual and super comfy and soft outfits like pajamas, slippers, gowns, leggings. This cheaper fabric still tends to be favored in households where it will go through more wear and tear. And being a cheap fabric, people choose this fabric over silk velvet. Velour is traditionally a different fabric than velvet as velour fabric is knitted, and that is why it is much more stretchable. It gives a luxurious look while being soft, comfortable, and casual fabric. Unlike velvet, velour fabric is machine washable and has a soft drape. 

The most common use of this cheaper fabric is stage curtain production. This fabric has been an inextricable part of the theatre culture. With this, the velour fabric also holds popularity in tracksuits, shirts, jackets, and sweaters. This cheap fabric has many different types, which are:

  • Cotton velour: an alternative to silk velvet and cost-effective
  • Velveteen: version of velvet fabric but made of cotton than silk
  • Velour leather: used to make shoes and watch bands as has a very soft top surface
  • Duvetyne: the velvet-like fabric used in theatres
  • Synthetic velour: used in stage curtains and cheaper than cotton velour

So how are these cheap fabrics made? 

  1. Singeing: this depends on the process requirements and dress fabrics weaving.
  2. Desizing: for the fibers that do not adhere to the paste, affecting the napping effect, velour fabric is not desized.
  3. Bleaching: this fabric is adaptable to the hypochlorite bleaching process. Bleaching is done to strengthen the quality of the finished product.
  4. Mercerizing: this process should be done to reduce the process of shrinkage, improve color vividness and improve printing.
  5. Napping: napping is done after the process of bleaching and drying
  6. Washing: washing needs to be done as pulled-down threads are attached to the surface and must be removed, or else it will cause color drag and flaws in printing.
Velour fabric, a cheaper alternative to velvet

So, these are the processes that undergo while making these cheap fabrics that will help you choose the fabric you like and want. So now you know the difference between velvet and velvet-like fabrics. You can now explore a wide range of cheap fabrics and choose your fabrics over hundreds of materials. With this you can understand the texture, finish, strength, and quality of your fabrics and help you choose the best yet cheap fabrics for your use.

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