How to Source Wholesale Indian Decor at Low Cost?

How to Source Wholesale Indian Decor at Low Cost?

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For a designer, buying perfect things for space and decor is the most enjoyable part. However, for most fashion industry professionals, not just time but money is also a great constraint. For every decor project, the thought of buying the right things at the right price and not overdoing the customers' budget is always a haunting factor. What if you could get just the perfect decor for a space at an affordable price? 

Sourcing Indian decor from a wholesale decor business for your upcoming project can do just the same for you. As a designer, you need to think smartly and efficiently. 

Decor items are usually priced quite high depending upon the antiquity of the objects. Usually, antiques, contemporary objects, and furniture are in high demand, and, therefore, have exorbitant prices. If you are looking to buy Indian decor items at retail prices for your projects, then they might burn a hole in your pocket. Nevertheless, you can make it simple and easy by sourcing wholesale decor at a low cost.

The following tips are worth remembering when sourcing wholesale Indian decor so that your deal serves to be the best and at a reasonable price:

  • Check the product thoroughly: Always check the products thoroughly before buying, to eliminate chances of quality issues. Wholesale items are usually produced in bulk, which increases the possibility of defects.
  • Compare: It is always wise to compare the wholesale rates when you approach different suppliers. Do not rely on rates from one wholesale dealer. There is the possibility of a huge margin when it comes to buying decor items.
  • Buying significant/required items: It is important to focus on only buying essential items. As a professional from the fashion industry, if you wish to buy multiple pieces at one time for a concession on the total purchase amount, be careful to buy only those items which can later be used on multiple occasions. In this way, you would save money for your later purchases.
  • Negotiate your prices: Wholesale prices can be drastically negotiated. Therefore, do not be wary of negotiating the rates.
  • Dropping shipments: Most of the wholesale suppliers have a policy of dropping the shipment at the doorstep. As these suppliers are used to selling items online and offline, they have arrangements to drop things. So before you buy anything, make sure you do not have to pay an additional cost on the shipment. Home decor items have hidden costs such as fees, packaging costs, and additional taxes. Some websites offer free delivery for a particular amount of shipments. Look for offers and other guidelines to get the best out of the deal
  • Know how much to buy: Not every item can be bought using the wholesale method. You might order wholesale for items such as lamps, glass decors, wooden mirrors, etc., but in the case of big furniture, only three or four pieces can be bought. With a larger number of pieces, you can bargain to a greater extent. So plan accordingly. 
  • Material specifications to suit space: Choose material specifications to build your decor budget. Certain items of decor are cheaper than others. This happens because of the material they are made up of. If you buy plastic and wrought iron, they may go cheaper than antique wooden items. Glassware and crystalware are expensive. Fine quality silverware and gold plated items are costlier than other materials. Choose appropriate materials to keep prices under check.

Buying Indian Decor Online or Offline?

Buying Indian Decor Online or Offline?

With technology at a high point, the Internet has arguably become the best source for interior decorators. It is one of the easiest methods for comparing and weighing the pros & cons of buying anything. 

Indian home decor items are available on multiple sites, which offer great listings on prices. However, the charm of physically buying your desirable pieces is unmatchable. Several outlets in the country offer great prices on wholesale products. Below is a listing of some awesome places to source wholesale Indian decor items from websites as well as great Indian markets.

  • Chandni Chowk at Delhi: It is one of the most popular destinations to shop wholesale items for home decor. It is the hub that offers great prices for antique and urban designer products. You can stroll through the market for multiple options and a variety of products, not only small decorative items but also furniture and linen.
  • Paharganj, Sadar Bazaar at Delhi: Situated next to New Delhi railway station, it is a hub for expensive decor items tagged at wholesale prices. You can find fine-quality decor items here priced at exceptional prices.
  • Dilli Haat at Delhi (South Delhi): If you are interested in a one-stop destination for picking small trinkets from different places at amazingly low prices, then Dilli Haat is the place you should visit. 
  • Design Mint at Bangalore: It is a supplier of interior decoration products. Design mint manufactures their crafts, and they specialize not only in wooden furniture but also metal crafts. Also, they deal with certain recycled and upcycled decor items to give your home an extra oomph.
  • Begum Bazaar at Hyderabad: Ranked amongst one of the best wholesale markets of the country, you will find everything you need in terms of decor at a low rate here. The goods range from gold and silver to household items at both cheap and high-end prices.
  • Crawford Market at Mumbai: In this glorious market you can find appliances, accessories for party events, and home decor items such as crockery and glassware at affordable rates.
  • Bara Bazaar at Kolkata: This is Kolkata's biggest wholesale market for textiles, home decor items, and several other amazing items for your home. They have an excellent assortment of goods based on their prices to make things easy.

In case you are unable to find the right wholesale market for Indian decor items, you can search on the Internet for some of the best choices. “Big and in bulk” - if these are your preferences, then you'll be able to easily compare and come across several options online for big and small decor items.

Here is a list of some of the best options to look up for Indian decor items on the Internet:

  • Designmint.com
  • Qalara.com
  • Alibaba.com
  • Riseonly.com
  • Kabeerindustries.com
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Rosewholesale
  • Amazon. in
  • cottageemporium.in


Our modern lifestyle demands convenience and time saving, and we, therefore, try to utilize every minute we have. Interior designers are always on a run and to confirm what the customer wants, one might largely rely on the Internet. Online shopping gives great deals and discounts, thus saving time and energy. 

However, as a designer, buying things physically would allow exploring various places and options, assurance in terms of the quality, and a great margin on negotiating one on one with the dealer. The designer can even mix and match with other items for their existing decor. 

Knowing the customer's liking and space requirements beforehand is a bonus while purchasing. Indian decor is now exploring options of working with metal artifacts and fine glassware. If you aren't sure about where to start hunting for options of buying wholesale decor items, try Fashinza, which is a one-stop destination to guide you through the process of buying decor and related items. It is a platform where buyers can meet sellers with hassle-free, fast, and transparent communication.


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