How to Recognize Chanderi Silk?

How to Recognize Chanderi Silk?

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Be it a retailer or a fashion wizard, Chanderi Silk sarees have our hearts. The traditional fabric is not only lightweight with a sheer texture, but it also offers a luxurious feel. 

Weavers produce Chanderi silk by weaving in silk and cotton Zari in the traditional cotton yarn. This lends the fabric its popular and highly coveted shimmering texture. The fine zari work by the skilled traditional weavers in the Chanderi village lends its name to the fabric. Thus, the pure Chanderi silk sarees prices can range anywhere between INR 5,000 to 20,000. The price can widely vary depending on the zari work, quality, and texture. Due to its high demand and extravagant making prices, many retailers sell dupes. Often, customers agree to the high prices, but the retailers take advantage of their ignorance and cheat them. To help you avoid getting duped, we decided to compile this article to provide you some tips to recognize an authentic Chanderi silk saree. So, let us dive right in and have a look at the must-have fabric in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Characteristics of a Pure Chanderi Silk Saree

The unique sheer texture and the bootees or motifs are typical of Chanderi sarees. The design is what distinguishes the fabric from others and attracts the masses. Before we jump to the identification process of Chanderi silk sarees, let us have a look at their characteristics.

Unique Motifs/Bootees

Unique Motifs/Bootees of Chanderi Silk

Unlike other fabrics, the motifs or bootees on the Chanderi fabric are handwoven onto the handloom. These are woven using needles, and individual needles are used for different patterns. For added elegance, artisans cover these motifs with gold, copper, or silver dust. Most of these patterns are inspired by nature and represent the flora or fauna.

The weaving industry has come a long way. Previously the designs featured traditional floral or fauna motifs. However, the Chanderi silk sarees sport varied design templates nowadays. The color palette of the industry has also witnessed extensive change. Previously, most Chanderi sarees were in soft pastel hues, but bright combinations like red and black have debuted recently.


The transparency of Chanderi sarees is one of the key points that contribute to its popularity. This noticeable difference is due to the use of single flature quality yarn. What is flature thread, you ask? Well, when the glue of a raw yarn is left with it, the finished fabric exhibits a distinctive shine and transparency. This process is key to the manufacture of Chanderi silk sarees and explains the high pure Chanderi silk sarees price.

Association with Fashion

The unique and distinct characteristics of the fabric are why Chanderi fabric has been a timeless part of the Indian fashion industry. Originally, the textile was used for weaving nine-yard drapes. With the advancement of technology and innovation, Chanderi fabric is extensively used with different combinations of traditional and modern weaving techniques. Previously, Chanderi silk sarees were the only garment that made use of the textile. Recently, Indo-western dresses and tops of the fabric have made an appearance and are widely popular. Before you move on to add some Chanderi sarees to your shopping cart, let us now have a look at the ways to recognize pure Chanderi silk.

Identifying a Pure Chanderi Saree

Identifying a Pure Chanderi Saree

Numerous retailers sell dupes because of the high pure Chanderi silk sarees price. Some do so to fulfill the high demand, whereas others merely take advantage of mass ignorance. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this. Let us look at certain things you can observe in the saree to ensure they are originals.

  • The bootees or motifs are only handwoven. These would generally be coated with gold, silver, or copper dust.
  • The pure Chanderi silk sarees sport a unique sheen and texture that sets them apart.
  • Traditionally handwoven Chanderi silk sarees have an uneven surface.

If you don’t want to compromise with the quality, go for handwoven Chanderi motifs. These handwoven Chanderi sarees have a longer life compared to the machine-spun ones. If you don’t want to put in too much effort, you can get your Chanderi silk sarees from Fashinza.


Chanderi Silk Sarees are timeless pieces suited for every celebratory event. The soft pastel hues maintain the classy look, whereas the two-hued ones are appropriate for a bright look. You can check out several options and choose a Chanderi Saree for yourself from Fashinza.


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