How to Pick a Neck or a Sleeve Style When It Comes to Muslin Fabric?

How to Pick a Neck or a Sleeve Style When It Comes to Muslin Fabric?

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Muslin originated in Dacca (presently Dhaka), Bangladesh. It was then exported, and it became immensely popular around the globe. Around the 1600s, it became popular in Europe, and it got the name muslin there. There is a lot of debate that surrounds the origin story of muslin. Some say it originated in Dhaka, whereas a few argue it came from Mosul, Iraq. Nevertheless, the world was introduced to this fine and exotic fabric that could be weaved into several different styles and patterns, particularly sleeve style and neck style

What is muslin? 

Muslin is a lightweight, breathable, and premium quality fabric used for a variety of purposes. It is also used in fashion prototypes to test sleeve type or neck style before finalizing the final product. Muslin is made using the plain weave technique. 

What are the different types of muslin available? 

The muslin fabric is available in numerous forms and types. Higher quality muslin is soft, better, and evenly spun, whereas lower quality muslin is coarse. 

There are four broad categories of muslin: 

  • Mull: Mull is soft, smooth, and lightweight. It is used in clothes as dress underlining. They are also used to add more weight to the neck or sleeve style. It is made from cotton and silk. 
  • Gauze: This type is the most lightweight of them all. It is used in the dressing of wounds and filters in various kitchen appliances. 
  • Sheeting: This is the thickest and strongest type of muslin that is used in clothing. Different neck or sleeve types can be made by this.
  • Swiss Muslin: This is the most stylish form of muslin that is used for making warm clothes. It has patterns or dots to add to its elegance. 

Each type has particular importance in terms of clothing, decor, or even everyday applications. Let's have a detailed look at the sewing applications of the muslin cloth: 

Application of muslin fabric: Sewing and dressmaking 

Application of muslin fabric

The most popular and essential application of muslin fabric is in the fashion industry. It is particularly used for dressmaking or sewing purposes. Muslin is used as a prototype by most designers to test the viability of a particular design before implementing it into expensive and richer fabrics. 

It is used particularly to test the neck style of casual dresses before they're made into other fabrics. It is necessary to identify the pattern and fit for dresses. Another important aspect that concerns dresses, tops, or gowns is sleeve type and sleeve style. All these are tested on a muslin fabric first. This process is known as "making a muslin." 

The process of making a handmade outside with muslin fabric involves: 

  • Choose the type of design you want. 
  • Select the type of muslin cloth.
  • Cut the desired pattern.
  • Sew it at your convenience.
  • Make special adjustments according to your size and height. 
  • You can apply this to any shirt, top, gown, or suit that you want. 
  • This can serve as an ideal prototype for your fashion experiments. 

Different Sleeve Designs

With so much to explore and discover, muslin fabric is a blessing. If you're raving about a new sleeve style that you spotted your favorite actress wear to an award function, now is the time to implement it into your dress. 

Common sleeve styles that can be made with muslin fabric are: 

  • Bell sleeves 
  • Set-in sleeves
  • Bishop sleeves
  • Raglan sleeves 
  • Kimono sleeves 
  • Puffed sleeves 
  • Flutter sleeves 
  • Dolman sleeves
  • Balloon sleeves 
  • Dolman sleeves 
  • T-shirt sleeves 

The length of sleeves can vary according to your comfort and style. However, you get a lot of room to play around with sleeve types with a muslin cloth. 

Different Neck Designs

Different Neck Designs of muslin fabric

The neckline of a dress or top or gown is extremely important because it forms the backbone of the whole style that you want to carry. They show your beautiful and graceful necks, and they must be made in the best possible way to add to your elegance. 

They're innumerable ways in which a neckline can be designed. Some of the common types of necklines are: 

  • Boatneck
  • Turtleneck
  • High neck
  • Collared neck 
  • Asymmetric neck 
  • Halterneck
  • Sweetheart's neck
  • Off-shoulder neck
  • Round neck 
  • Squareneck 
  • Illusion neck
  • Spaghetti Strap neck
  • V-neck 
  • Surplice neck
  • Queen Anne neck
  • Scoop neck

There's a lot of areas to explore and discover for necklines, and it can help bring out your style well. 

Bottom Line 

Muslin fabric is soft, smooth, fine, and breathable. It can be made into several different dresses and suits according to your choice. This makes experimenting with sleeve type and neck styles easy. We've tried our best to list down all the possible designs that you can implement into your gowns or tops by sewing. The synonym of fashion is experimentation, and muslin fabric is the catalyst. 

If you are looking to find the best manufacturers for muslin fabric, let us help you out at Fashianza. We take care of the whole process, from finding manufacturers to finalizing designs and production, etc., while you can scale up your business and focus on your business growth more.


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