How to Make a Collar Stiffener Using Corduroy Fabric

How to Make a Collar Stiffener Using Corduroy Fabric

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Whenever we wear any outfit, especially shirts or any attire with a collar, we expect the collar to be stiff and in place. Various fabrics have been used in the fashion industry to manufacture stiff collars and Corduroy material is one of them. It delivers the outcome perfectly and thus is the choice of the customers as it gives style along with comfort. 

About Corduroy

Corduroy is also known as corded velveteen, Manchester cloth, elephant cord, and pin cord. It was first produced in England, but at present, China is the biggest exporting/producing country of the Corduroy cloth. Its nature makes it a perfect fit for manufacturing collar stiffeners. The presence of ridges is the trademark of this fabric and besides collar stiffeners; it is used in manufacturing, pants, jackets, shirts, dresses, pillows, etc.

Need of a Collar Stiffener

To begin with the process of manufacturing a collar stiffener, it is important to know what its purpose is.

A collar stiffener is also known as collar stays or collar tabs and it aims to stabilize the collar's points. It is the reason behind the stiffness of the collar. It is invisible from the outside but it is necessary to use so that it makes the collar appear and be sharp throughout the day. It falls under the things that add to the style and enhance the look of a person. It also makes sure that the collar lies straight and in alignment with the collarbone.

Characteristics of Corduroy Material

The Corduroy material has ridges, is durable, and is manufactured by using different materials having variety. Majorly the material used for manufacturing Corduroy contains cotton, cotton-poly blend, polyester, wool, or is fully synthetic at times.

Making of Corduroy Fabric 

Collar Stiffener Corduroy Fabric

Let us look at the 4 steps included in the process of making this fabric.

●   Weaving- The majority of this fabric features plain weaves. As soon as the primary weave is over the textile manufacturers attach a pile thread to it. 

●   Gluing- To ensure that the pile yarn doesn't get pulled through the cutting process, glue is added. The glue is added to the backside of the woven fabric.

●   Cutting Of Pile Yarn- The pile yarn is separated with the help of an industrial cutter. The separated yarn produces soft and uniform ridges after brushing. 

●   Dyeing- The completed Corduroy cloth is then dyed and the pattern turns out to be more betone after washing.

What Makes Corduroy Fabric Fit for Making Collar Stiffener? 

Now that we know how the Corduroy material is, let us understand what makes it the best fit for making a collar stiffener out of the Corduroy cloth.

The Corduroy cloth is manufactured out of pile-cut yarns, which are then further woven and divided into cords. These cut-out cords, also known as Wales, are tufted and give the textile a comfortable and fuzzy feeling when touched.

Other Benefits of a Corduroy Collar Stiffener

● Corduroy cloth is easy to wash.

● It has ridges present in it.

● It is convenient to maintain.

● Backed with low stretchability.

● Upgrades the style statement.

● Its strength and durability are of high quality.

The Process of Making Collar Stiffener

Let us look at how collar stiffener  is made:

● Choose a pattern as per your choice.

● Select the Corduroy fabric.

● Make sure to wash it and dry it before beginning the process.

● Cut the pieces of paper in pattern and fold the fabric in half.

● Cut the fabric as well as the edges of the paper.

● Iron it well. Pin the pieces of the collar to ensure the right sides face each other.

● Stitch it and cut out the extra fabric.

● Flip the collar pieces and insert the fabric at the edges.

● Press the collar for a crisp look.

Other Uses of Corduroy Fabric

Jersey Corduroy is available in the market to help people upgrade their style statement. The other apparel apart from Jersey Corduroy are skirts, shirts, pants, shirt dresses and one must try these outfits for a comfortable yet classy wearing experience. 


We have made sure to cover everything about this distinctive and stylish Corduroy material. Also, mentioned in detail the importance of collar stiffeners and how they are created using this fabric. The details mentioned are sufficient for anyone to understand why this fabric is a perfect fit to make collar stiffeners. Jersey Corduroy is one of those things people can add to their look for upgrading their style statement. To make the collar stiffeners out of Corduroy, one can follow the making steps mentioned above.


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