How to Get Custom Fabric Print Done for Your Following Collection?

How to Get Custom Fabric Print Done for Your Following Collection?

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If you want to profit, you must supply clients with a good quality of the desired product.  Offering a one-of-a-kind product has never been more complicated than it is now, thanks to the growing popularity of handmade custom prints and fashion styles.

Sketch, Sketch, Sketch

There are many guidelines that can help you develop a dynamic and detailed design, whether you're using pencils or software. To show the image movement with the help of your sketch, use different levels of thickness and blackness in your lines. When it comes to composition, the 70/30 rule states that 30% of the image should be the main emphasis and detail, while the remaining 70% should be filler. Finally, aim for symmetry with some minor variations of colors and shading areas.

Make use of a source

Use a picture as a reference while drawing if you find one that inspires you. Remember that the drawing will become a tile of your pattern that is repeated throughout to guarantee that the end output works for your cloth.

Examine the fabric collections

Examine the fabric collections

Custom Fabric Print trade shows are typically held around the same time as fashion weeks (except they show fabrics for the following fashion week.) This implies that designers are already researching materials for their following collections in the middle of the exhibitions! Most of the significant fabric suppliers set up a booth at the tradeshows, and designers can visit them and browse their collections, which will consist of vast swatches of fabric. The designers will select their favourite textiles and place a sample order.

Some brands will work with fabric producers season after season, so their agent or representative may visit them at their headquarters. This will be similar to the trade show in that they will bring samples of their new collections, and the design team will be there.

Reduce options

Designers receive the samples “hangers” and narrow down their Custom Fabric Print choices. For example, if a company needs 15 tailoring fabrics, they may select twenty and do a feasibility test to determine which ones will perform best. They'll order a few sample metres of the fabrics (in whatever colour the manufacturer has on hand) and construct a few garments to test the cloth. If they're considering a wool tweed, they might decide to remake a blazer from the previous season to check if they like the fabric's drape, feel, and look.

Variety at a low cost

The diversity of products accessible in the shop is one of the biggest challenges for smaller sewing brands. Most textile print studios require a minimum purchase of 50 or even 100 running metres of Custom Fabric Print. Creating sample sets of new collections is not cost-effective with those criteria, especially for smaller designers or labels. New collections or prototypes can be made for a fraction of the cost using digital fabric printing, and there is no minimum purchase needed.

Storage areas

The storage of items and supplies will be the second most crucial issue for a brand that operates mainly from a living room or other tiny workstations. In this instance, creating things to order, or whenever your consumer needs them, is the ideal option. Printing your custom fabrics will save time and money because you can order as much material you need for a particular design or product.

You won't have to worry about running out of a specific fabric or pattern because digital textile print businesses can duplicate your design in any quantity you require, from a single sample to several running metres or even entire rolls of textiles.

Products that are unique to everyone

Products that are unique to everyone

The ability to personalize fabrics created by on-demand printing opens up new possibilities. Your customer can develop a one-of-a-kind clothing or product from the ground up. You can let your customer choose the pattern or even have them email you a bespoke design to print. A unique product has a substantially higher value for the consumer.

Developing one is quick and straightforward with fabric printing since your personalized Custom Fabric Print can be produced in as little as five working days. Your customer will not have to wait weeks or months for their personalized purchase to be fulfilled because of quick fulfilment.

Environmentally conscious

Because of the present fashion industry, being eco in the textile sector can be one of the most difficult challenges. Most fast-fashion firms use polyester or other synthetic fibres to create their most fashionable garments.  According to research, microplastics are released when polyester clothing is washed and used. In only a few minutes, you can design and get your Custom Fabric Print. This is your chance to personalize your material with images, patterns, art, and more once you've selected the ideal fabric. With new trends coming up in the fashion industry, every manufacturer

Why choose Fashinza?

With a variety of services at "Fashinza", you can get a perfect digital print on fabric.

 Check out our vast selection of textiles, including cotton, lycra, jersey, natural silk, polys, and much more. You can discover the proper Custom Fabric Print for your project, whether you're sewing a new dress or reupholstering a chair.

Standard alternatives such as jerseys are available and expensive silks and leathers. Organic fabric, certified textiles, and vegan leather are just a few of the speciality options available. Every item is printed with environmentally friendly inks that are safe for you and the environment.

Our professionals have extensive experience with custom fabric printing, guaranteeing that each piece is the highest quality. We use industry-leading sublimation and reactive printing processes to adhere the inks to the custom Fabric Print fibres. This preserves the fabric's original handling and feel, and the final pattern is vibrant in full colour. Our fabric printers operate seven days a week, allowing you to print on fabric in as little as one to two days and with no minimum order quantity.


We only make exactly what you order, reducing waste and reducing the environmental effect so that every order may be produced sustainably. We aim to print the most creative and elegant fashion styles at Fashinza: fashion brands, fashion designers, fashion start-ups, students, and many more. We can walk you through the entire production process, from initial file creation to final fabric delivery, whether you require fabric sampling for your next collection of fashion styles or a large print run. Natural Custom Fabric Print is perfect for fashion outfits, tablecloths, bedding, baby clothes, and many craft projects. Our cotton textiles have a lovely hold and feel to them, and they look lovely all around your home and family.


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