How to Choose the Right Jacquard Fabric for Bed Linens?

How to Choose the Right Jacquard Fabric for Bed Linens?

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Invented in 1804, jacquard is considered one of the finest fabrics in the world. It was first made by Joseph Marie Jacquard by using a new weaving technology to bring the best out and give an unmatched experience. 

The jacquard fabric was mostly famous among kings and queens because of its luxuriousness, intricately woven patterns, and cost. Undoubtedly, this piece of cloth is expensive as hell and does not fit everyone's budget. 

Unlike other fabrics, the patterns are neither stamped nor woven into the fabric, as one would imagine. Instead, jacquards have delicate and intricately woven patterns that could be anything, including pictures of animals, traditional arts, unique flower designs, or something else. Remember, the jacquard fabric does not have simple squares or check patterns in its designs. 

This fabric is available not only in an endless number of styles but comes in solid colors that require a special loom to be created and executed well. 

Apart from clothing, the jacquard fabric is a well-established name in the world of home textiles offering options such as linen bundles, donna covers, fitted bedsheets, and much more. They look beautiful on the beds and are soft to touch as these are composed using unique technology. 

What are the design options for jacquard fabric? 

design options for jacquard fabric
  • One of the most famous bedding options of the jacquard family is the white linen bundles, as it is an evergreen piece that does not go out of fashion for several centuries. The secret to this is its white color, which suits every interior, hence its the first preference of most customers. 
  • A homogenous jacquard fabric of spring color will be best suited for someone who is a bit extra romantic and likes an aesthetically pleasing setup. It comes in exciting lilac, pink colors with the material of cool violet that looks exceptionally beautiful once it's on the bed. 
  • In recent times, linen bundles have had enormous popularity offering two different textures. The first one offers different color patterns, and the second one can be satin or coarse, which looks royal, especially with a deep background. 
  • To level up the room's aesthetics, bedding with monochromatic lace adds extra charm and comfort to the room. Lace is ideally connected to romance, and this type of bedding adds more to it. 

How to choose the right jacquard fabric 

Before choosing the right jacquard fabric for bed linens, you need to consider a few significant points to make a suitable decision. 

  • Ensure that the fabric does not let through any sun rays or any other sort of light. 
  • Check the texture of the cloth and see there are no knots or torn threads in between. 
  • All the threads should be perfectly flat that can be recognized by touching and feeling the jacquard fabric. 
  • Every thread should line perfectly and fit snugly to each other. 
  • Check if the threads are similar; if not, it is the first sign that the jacquard fabric is fake. 
  • While buying this fabric, it's recommended to buy at an authorized store rather than the regular shops as there are higher chances of fakes being sold. 
  • While snipping into the laundry, follow the instructions mentioned on the label wisely. 

Once you've chosen the suitable fabric for bed linens, it's time for its care! 

Care rules for Jacquard fabric 

  • Every jacquard linen comes with a well-defined washing pattern and care, so make sure to follow the instructions every time you decide to wash it. 
  • If washing the jacquard bedding in a machine, wash it only in warm water, not more than 35 degrees. 
  • Do not leave it directly in the sun to dry up. 
  • Fresh stains should be removed instantly without wasting any time. 
  • Consider wiping off the dirt using a soapy water-soaked sponge rather than twisting or squeezing the material. 
  • Turn off the spin option while washing it. 
  • While ironing, the temperature should remain constant and moderate to prevent burns or marks. 
Care rules for Jacquard fabric

Note: Do not use chlorine compounds or alcohol-containing agents for washing fitted bedsheets, donna covers, or other jacquard fabrics bedding as it may damage the threading, color, and ultimately the overall aesthetic. 

Final words:

Since jacquard is a royal fabric, it secured the market decades ago. With the rise in demand for something luxurious, jacquard fabric has effectively supported the cause and fulfilled various expectations through its exceptional fabric quality and unmated woven designs

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