How To Choose The Best and Right Category of Satin Fabric: Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best and Right Category of Satin Fabric: Buyer's Guide

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Did you know, satin is not the name of the fabric but a type of weave? Satin fabric is mostly made of silk. Fewer interlaces of the weave give the satin cloth its shine. The lustrous and seductive fabric is quite popular in the fashion industry. The craze for satin silk is not recent; it goes back to the Middle Ages. It was mainly found in China and was used by the rich.

Varieties of Satin Material and Their Uses

The types of satin material depend on the type of fiber and satin weave used to make the fabric. Here are the different types of satin material that you can choose for your project:

  1. Antique Satin

The fabric is also known as Satin Black Shantung. Antique satin is a heavy and textured fabric, which is woven with slubbed yarn. It’s a dull fabric and lacks shine. 

You can opt for antique satin if you’re making curtains, upholstery, and other bedding accessories.

  1. Baronet Satin

The Baronet satin material looks similar to georgette. It has a silk-like shine with a cotton back. The fabric uses rayon and cotton threads. It’s an extremely lustrous fabric that offers the perfect drape. 

You can use Baronet Satin material for your projects like bedsheets, footwear, upholstery, and fashion accessories. Baronet satin cloth can also fit perfectly to make customized dresses.

  1. Stretch Satin

Stretch satin is quite popular in the clothing industry. It’s satin with a little bit of elasticity, which comes from adding elastane, spandex, or Lycra. 

Opt for stretch silk satin if you are making lingerie, bridal wear, or body-fitting dresses.

  1. Crepe Black Satin

The crepe black satin cloth is a perfect double-sided fabric. It offers a nice flow and an excellent drape. The best crepe black satin fabric has the shine of satin and the wonderful texture of crepe. 

You can buy crepe black satin cloth to design dresses for special occasions.

  1. Duchess
Choose The Best and Right Category of Satin Fabric

Duchess satin comes to our minds when designing customized bridal couture, lingerie, or evening gowns. This elegant fabric has a beautiful glossy finish. It’s perfect for any bridal dressmaking project. 

Duchess satin material is on the expensive side. So, buy it only for customized dressmaking projects, such as bridal wear.

  1. Charmeuse

Charmeuse satin cloth has a lustrous sheen. The name of the fabric comes from the French word, ‘charmer’. This beautiful fabric stands true to its name and can be used to make dresses. The characteristic of the best Charmeuse satin fabric is that it is lightweight, body fitting, and has a shiny front. 

You can also choose this material to make bridesmaid dresses.  

  1. Double Faced Satin

Double-faced satin cloth, as the name suggests, has the shine of satin cloth on both sides. It is reversible and mid-weight fabric. The extra silky texture does not make it ideal for clothing. 

You can use the double-faced satin cloth to make ribbons, decorations. It is also perfect for making wedding favor decorations and gift-wrapping material.

  1. Slipper Satin

It is a lesser-known variety of satin cloth. Slipper satin is not silk but 100 percent polyester. It is firm and lustrous. You can use slipper satin material to make table cloths and décor items.

The choice of Satin cloth depends on the end-use. It is essential to choose the right kind of fabric for your project to avoid any disappointment. Cotton, polyester, and acetate materials are also used to make satin cloth. The texture and shine vary as the fiber changes, and so does the usage. At Fashinza, we help our clients to process entire production. You can consider us as the Amazon platform for B2B manufacturing apparel brands. Contact us to help you complete the entire production process from designing to production.

Satin silk material offers the flexibility of usage. You can use it to make lingerie, upholstery, dresses, ties, and so much more. Also, satin cloth made of pure silk is hypoallergenic. It is hard to replicate the luxurious touch and feel of satin silk.

Some popular ways to use satin cloth in the fashion industry are:

  1. Dressmaking: Satin remains the most popular choice for making gowns and dresses, owing to its sheen and flow.
  1. Upholstery: It is one of the earliest uses of satin cloth. You can use it to make cushion and pillow covers, sofa coverings, and more.
  1. Footwear: Designers making ballerina footwear choose satin cloth mostly.
  1. Fashion accessories: You can use satin silk material to make bags, wallets, and clutches.

Care Tips for Satin Cloth

Choose The Best and Right Category of Satin Fabric

Satin cloth is a delicate material, and it needs proper care. Do not wash silk satin at home in a machine. It is better to get it dry cleaned so that it lasts longer. Other general guidelines are:

  1. Recommend hand wash for satin cloth.
  2. Satin tends to lose shape. Recommend your customers to air dry the Satin dresses.
  3. Do not wring dry or hang dry the satin cloth. Lay it flat on a clean surface to dry naturally.

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