Digital Fabric Print at Low Cost with Global Shipping: How to Order?

Digital Fabric Print at Low Cost with Global Shipping: How to Order?

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Are you looking to order your unique and creative sewing fabric with personalized print? Digital Fabric print is the right place for you! Digital fabric printing is the latest innovative technology in textile printing.

It is an ink-based technology that enables manufacturers to print any custom design virtually on any fabric. Fashniza is such a platform that connects you to manufacturers that offer vivid and durable digital fabric printing on a variety of fabrics. We offer the highest quality of digital printing on stunning fabrics.

Digital Fabric print is on-trend nowadays. In the digital printing method, the fabric is first pretreated, and then passed through an inkjet printer at a high speed. It is subsequently washed, steamed, dried, and finished. It is a fast method of printing and provides short-term delivery.

Digital textile prints are the latest innovation in textile printing methods. About 5 percent of the textile industry are using digital textile prints. Designers and manufacturers choose this type of textile print because of the design flexibility, short delivery time, unlimited color and the high image quality.

Through digital fabric printing, prints can be adjusted digitally on the spot. It allows manufacturers, designers, and fashion owners to meet the demands of providing high-quality, rapid turnarounds and trending fabrics and designs. Digital fabric prints are fast-growing throughout the world, and their demand is increasing day by day.

Benefits of Digital Fabric Printing:

●  It offers unlimited color combinations, fine patterns, and high resolution.

●  It involves low costs as no screens are required to be inscribed for individual patterns.

●  It is a sustainable solution as it involves no ink wastage and high savings on water and energy.

●  The designs can be adjusted on the spot that ensures short-term delivery and fast sampling.

Through Fashinza, you can order digital fabric prints at a low cost with global shipping. You can rely on us by just connecting with us on our official website Fashinza.

Digital Printing Materials

Digital Printing Materials

In digital fabric printing, many print heads ensure high-quality resolution and designs that enable a fast production rate. Though, due to printheads being held close to the fabrics, there are many materials and fabric that cannot be used for a digital fabric print. For instance, fabrics having loose threads when they come in contact with print heads can cause damage.

The digital fabric print can be done on both knitted and woven fabrics. Mention below is which digital printing materials that are suitable for digital printing or not:

●  Cotton

Cotton is made of natural fiber and is mainly used for clothing in the fashion industry due to its comfort, durability, and high moisture control. Digital fabric print can be easily done on cotton fabrics.

●  Viscose

Viscose is one of the digital printing fabrics that is widely used in the fashion industry.

●  Wool

The digital fabric print is possible on wool spending on which type of wool you are using. For instance, if you are printing on hairy wool that comprises a lot of loose threads, the printheads are required to be positioned as far away from the fabric as possible. Wool fabrics are thick and when being held close to the fabric can cause severe damage to the fabric as well as the print head.

●  Silk

Silk is also a natural fiber like cotton and can be used easily for digital printing. Silk is printed with acid inks or reactive inks. Reactive inks when high fastness is the priority and acid inks when color gamut is the priority.

●  Polyamide Lycra

Polyamide Lycra is a fabric used for swimwear clothes. It is possible to print digital fabric prints with acid inks. Through acid inks, you can obtain the highest color brilliance, resistance for chlorine and water, and wash fastness.

●  Polyester

Polyester has become a popular fabric over the last couple of years in the fashion industry. Though, the most common ink -disperse ink used for printing on polyester does not work well while printing with high-speed digital printers. The most common problem is printer combination with ink mist. For this reason, digital fabric printers switched to direct fabric printing on polyester fabric through sublimation inks.

●  Mixed Fabrics

Mixed fabrics are those fabrics that consist of two different types of fabrics that give a challenge to digital fabric printing machines. It is because only one type of ink can be used at a time in digital printers. As all digital printing fabrics require their own type of ink, you are required to use the ink that would be suitable for the mixed fabric.

Generally, digital fabric printers can handle mixed fabric printing with a minimum diversion of 70-30 percent. For instance, a mixed fabric comprising 70% polyester and 30% cotton can be printed using digital fabric printing with reactive inks.

If you are still confused about what material and what digital fabric print would be good for you and where to order them, contact Fashinza. Fashniza offers and provides digital fabric prints with the features:

Digital Printing Materials

●  Low cost- Fashinza offers digital fabric prints at a reasonable rate and low cost. The prints are of high resolution and have an unlimited number of color combinations.

●  Worldwide shipping- They offer shipping throughout the world at reasonable rates and with no extra cost.

●  Ready to ship in 3-5 days- Fashinza ensures that your orders will be delivered to you in just 3-5 working days.

●  60% reduction- Fashinza provides a fast sampling process which saves a lot of time and energy.

Order High-quality digital fabric prints from Fashinza

Digital fabric prints are a trend in the fashion industry. Digital textile printing allows you to improve your digital print quality. Do you want digital fabric print for your collections at low cost but don't know where to order them? Fashinza is the right place for you. They connect you to suppliers to help you build your collection innovatively with the right technology.

Fashinza is a B2B apparel manufacturing platform. They help clothing brands to manufacture their collections by connecting them with suppliers. We oversee the entire production process from design to delivery. Their chief offering is the web platform using which brands can place an order, track it, receive daily production updates, communicate with manufacturers and make payments.Contact Fashinza today to know more about the right digital prints.


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