Different Types Of Fabric Sheer, Price, And Where To Buy Them In Bulk

Different Types Of Fabric Sheer, Price, And Where To Buy Them In Bulk

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Fabric sheer is on-trend. This fabric can be seen everywhere. Fashion experts highlight this fabric because it's lightweight and has numerous other benefits. Most brands and consumers prefer sheer fabric because it is easy to maintain, readily available, and is a flattering addition to any design. Let us look at this versatile fabric in detail. 

Why is the fabric called sheer fabric?

Sheer fabric gets its name from its translucent appearance. Transparent materials are those materials that allow light to pass through them. These fabrics are thin and allow light to pass through them quickly, and it makes a cloudy appearance of light ok the other side.

When light falls on a silk cloth surface, there is no cloudy appearance on the other side because the light doesn't pass through it. Whereas, in sheer fabrics, when a beam of light falls on the surface, the light passes through it slightly and creates a cloudy appearance on the other side. You can almost see through it, but not wholly, and this subtle illusion creates an attractive look.

Types of fabric sheer available

There are around 15 types of sheer fabrics available in the market. All these fabrics serve different purposes. These are easy to use, and anything can be prepared using them. For example, using these fabrics, one can make a window curtain, sleeves for a lacy dress, or a veil for the bride. 

Some types of sheer fabric available in the market are:

  • Chiffon
  • Lace
  • Sheer Polyester
  • Tulle
  • Gauze
  • Muslin 
  • Silk Organza
  • Georgette
  • Cotton Lawn
  • Voile

Uses of sheer fabrics and their price 

Different fabrics serve a distinct purpose. These can be available in bulk in certain specific stores. All types of materials have their importance. 

1. Chiffon

It is a kind of weaving that creates a light fine fabric weaving that appears like silk in touch. Every thread gets a crepe twist treatment, wherein the thread is twisted in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction, giving a unique puckered feel to the cloth and making it strong. It has a slightly sheer appearance.

Its price ultimately depends on the material or threads used to twist it. It might be a bit expensive if silk threads are used compared to all the other chiffon nylon or polyester. You can buy this fabric from China. 

2. Lace


The weaving in this kind of fabric is made using machines. It is usually made of cotton or synthetic fibers. They are often also made up of silk or silver threads. This material is typically used in window curtains because the gap between two threads makes it semi-transparent, and light can pass through, creating a relaxing effect. Lace is not easily wearable unless paired with another fabric or lining. Needs and bobbin lace remains famous today, even though they were invented in the 1500s. 

Today, the lace material is quite affordable. So, anyone can buy the material also it is readily available in China.

3. Sheer polyester

Polyester is one of the products that come after petroleum products used in almost all fabrics. Polyester threads can be used to make fabric sheer. But this material is thicker than the other sheer materials. It is therefore used in dresses and gowns. As polyester doesn't cost much, using and buying this material is rather convenient.

4. Tulle 

This fabric is also called the bobbinet because of its weaving style. Threads are woven in hexagons, converting them into a unique and robust material. This type of weaving was invented in France; the fabric used previously was silk threads, but now, nylon fibers or yarns are used to prepare it.

The earlier method was expensive, as the silk threads increased the cost of preparation. However, now this fabric costs less, and it can be purchased from retail shops. Tulle is an entirely transparent net used in dresses, layered skirts, and veils. 

5. Gauze 


The cloth is woven using the open weaving style, which creates a bigger gap between the threads than other forms of weaving. It makes the fabric completely transparent. In most dresses, gauze makes an outer layer and lends durability to the clothes, mainly cotton gauze. It is also made up of linen and silk. 

The price of cotton gauze is less than other types, such as silk gauze. It is also available at a manageable rate, with plenty of options.

6. Muslin 

Muslin fabric sheer is a form of fabric where cotton threads are used, and they are woven plainly and loosely, making it transparent. This fabric comes in different thickness where the manner of the weaving depends on whether it is thick weaving or thin weaving. One can purchase it based on the type of weaving they want.

Muslin originates in India, and it is one of the most commonly used forms of sheer fabric in India. Muslin is ordinarily woven from cotton threads. It is slightly costlier than fabrics made using nylon. 

7. Silk organza

The small holes woven into the silk make this fabric sheer and give it a translucent appearance. Due to the fine weaving, it is used in fancy dresses, especially in wedding dresses. It has a translucent appearance and gives elegance and a sheen to an outfit. The cost of silk organza is significantly less, despite the use of such a classy material, and its availability is widespread.

8. Georgette

This material is similar to chiffon, but it is less transparent. It is named after the French designer Georgette de la Plante, who created this crepe-like fabric. It is used in dresses, as it gives a beautiful finish. This sheer fabric consists of silk threads twisted in certain forms, creating fewer holes, making it unique and beautiful. It drapes very well and is commonly used to make sarees or blouses.

9. Cotton lawn

Cotton threads twisted in-plane weave make the fabric look best for all dresses. This lightweight and semi-transparent material is an easy and affordable way to achieve elegance. Lawn cotton is a smooth fabric made out of cotton and linen. It is often used to stitch sarees and blouses.

10. Voile 

This fabric sheer hails from France, and also the literal meaning of the word is a veil. Voile comprises 100% cotton threads twisted into a plain weave material. This cloth is used primarily in summer wear because of its breathability. It is also a high-quality material, as the weave is fine and without gaps. Its crisp texture makes it suitable for dresses and loungewear. 

Voile is not as transparent as other sheer fabrics and is also cheaper.


All these materials have their importance in clothing. Some are used to create a royal and elegant look, while others add a simple grace. These sheer fabrics are readily available everywhere and can be bought in bulk at affordable rates.

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