Designer Fabric By The Yard: How To Source, Price, Delivery Time

Designer Fabric By The Yard: How To Source, Price, Delivery Time

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When designing collections, you will need to buy designer fabric by the yard directly from wholesalers or manufacturers instead of shops. Choosing a fabric is usually the first task, even before the design for the outfit is complete or the research has begun. 

Fabric companies also create collections, but they work in advance of the intended season of their collection of fabrics as designers need one whole season to work. 

The choice of the correct fabric is essential because it can make or break the entire look of the outfit. No matter how beautiful the design or the stitching is, the final product will be a disaster if you choose the wrong type of fabric.

But choosing and buying a designer fabric by the yard can be extremely overwhelming and confusing because of the large variety of fabric rolls available for sale. To make this process simpler for you, we have given below a few things to keep in mind while shopping for designer fabric by the yard:

Prepare Mentally

The first step in choosing a suitable fabric is to prepare yourself mentally and to have a clear picture in your mind of how the outfit will look. Carry a picture of the design and make a mental note of the specific color and style of the desired product. Have a clear picture of the final outfit in your mind. It is common to be overwhelmed by the different types and colors of fabrics, but if you have a mood board or a vision board ready, it will help in your decision. 

When shopping for designer fabric by the yard, keep these factors in mind for a seamless shopping experience.

Fabric Weight

A fabric’s weight helps in determining how light or heavy the cloth is. Grams per square meter or GSM is the unit used to measure the weight of fabrics. Measuring a fabric helps determine the thickness of the material, which can be vital to the outfit’s final look. Measuring fabrics will also help you differentiate between the different weights of the material - light-weight, medium-weight, or heavy-weight fabric. 

Fabric Drape

Fabric Drape

The drape of the fabric is how it flows. Stiff fabrics flow less and have more petite drapes, and fluid materials flow more and are heavier. Drapes can often be confusing with the weight of the fabric. So you have to be careful and not be confused between the two when you are shopping for designer fabric by the yard, as they are two entirely different things that affect the outfit’s look in different ways. 

More drapes in a fabric will make it flow away from the body, and a lesser drape will make the outfit stick to the body. A flowy skirt is made from a thin fabric with more drape, while a structured skirt is of a thick, stiff material with less drape.

The Stretch Of A Fabric

As the name suggests, the stretch of the fabric is how much that material can stretch or its elasticity. While you are shopping for designer fabric by the yard, make sure to check the elasticity and stretch of the cloth, as this factor can alter the way you want your outfit to look. The elasticity of the cloth has to go with the pattern of the outfit you have in your mind otherwise, the final product will look shoddy and unpresentable. The weight, drape, and stretch are all essential factors to be considered while deciding the look of an outfit. 


Shopping for designer fabric by the yard can get confusing. But understanding the basics will help in mitigating that confusion. 

The first is the color of the fabric. The fabric’s texture and color should line up with the final design of the outfit in your head. You can sample various colors to see what suits the product best, but always pick the most suitable one for your product.

The second most important is the style of the fabric. Style is irreplaceable while choosing the cloth for your outfit. You should choose fabrics with styles that complement each other and work well with the rest of the outfit. 

The next in the list of basics is the sustainability or the durability of the fabric. Many times, a piece of fabric may look good for the outfit. But it’s not a good choice because it is less durable. You have to make sure to choose the correct type of fabric suited to the outfit you are designing. 


Longevity of fabric

Strong fabrics with good longevity are superior quality fabrics. The quality of the fabric also affects how the final product will look. Quality fabrics don’t just last long but also enhance the final look of your outfit. The longevity and quality of the fabric will make the product more presentable and comfortable for whoever wears it. You can always contact Fashinza if you want to learn more about the importance of longevity and the quality of the fabric.


Price is also an essential factor in deciding fabrics for your outfit. When you are shopping for designer fabric by the yard, the price of the fabric will determine the final cost of your outfit. Make sure to have a budget beforehand to avoid overspending. The cost of the fabric adds to the final price of the product. So, if there is an upper limit to your budget, it will narrow down your search to find the correct fabric. That will not just suit your outfit perfectly but will also reduce the final cost of the product. Contact Fashinza to get in contact with manufacturers for good-quality fabric at low prices.

If you check all these boxes, it will help in narrowing your selection of fabrics. You will need to take some samples and test them to see which one works best. That method is more of a hit-and-miss approach, but you will have to take chances to see which fabric works best for your outfit at the right price. You can make a few outfits from the chosen pieces of fabric and pick whichever one works the best for you. 

As the fashion industry and designers move towards sustainable clothing, the importance of fabric selection has increased even more. Apart from the factors mentioned above, the ethical manufacturing of fabrics also becomes essential while considering which kind of fabric to buy. As mentioned above, shopping for designer fabric at the right price can often be a tedious and confusing task that is overlooked sometimes. But, choosing the correct piece of cloth is essential and needs to be done to get the desired look of the outfit. 

With Fashinza, you can be sure to be helped in choosing the correct fabric by a manufacturer at the right price with minimum hassle. Fashinza will help you with all your cloth and fashion-related queries and problems. 


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