All You Need To Know About Polysatin Fabric And Its Uses

All You Need To Know About Polysatin Fabric And Its Uses

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The polysatin fabric, also known as polyester satin fabric, is a luxurious, glossy silky fabric. It's dull on one side and shiny on the other. This kind of fabric is used in a wide array of items, starting from apparel to decor. Polyester satin or Polysatin is usually popular because of its color patterns, colorfastness, soft texture, and skin-friendliness.

Mostly made of silk, polyester satin is the first and foremost choice for anyone wanting to make a gorgeous outfit that falls dramatically on their body. It’s a beautiful fabric and comes in different weights. Its smoothness and lustrous appearance can make any garment made out of it extremely attractive. 

Some Characteristics of Polysatin 

  • The polysatin weave originated in Quanzhou, a Chinese port, and then gradually spread to the West from Asia. 
  • Because of its uncanny similarity to silk, polysatin is often confused with silk. Hence, it is important to know that polyester satin is actually made of silk and it is not a type of weave as silk.
  • Polysatin, unlike satin, is made through a process called “twill weaving”. 
  • The reason that polysatin looks the way it does and also shines is that the light that falls on it is not scattered by the fibers.
  • Polyester satin is hypoallergenic, extremely breathable, and absorbent.
  • Because of the double weave of threads in Polysatin, they have a lot of resistance to tearing.
  • Polysatin can be easily sewn and cut because it does not crumble. While sewing, the edges of this fiber do not curl or fold. It remains in place, making it easy for you to sew it.
  • Polysatin is easy to wash, even when it is heavily soiled. It dries quickly and does not require steaming or smoothing after washes as normal satin does.

Items made of the Polysatin fabric 

  • Luxury wear 

Polysatin is the first and foremost choice of fabric for luxury wear. This fabric itself is so beautiful that designers do not need to overdo it with embroideries. A simple cut to the dress will naturally make the outfit look elegant and classy. Its cheerful and vibrant colors also make great choices for garments especially meant to be flaunted during summer parties and evenings. Not only do they look aesthetic and seamless, they are also soft on the skin.

  • Upholstery
All You Need To Know About Polysatin Fabric

Satin is ideal for making upholstery items such as sofa covers, table covers, chair covers, table runners, and bed linens. The right kind of upholstery fabric ensures the longevity as well as aesthetic of the furniture. Polysatin is a great choice because of its wrinkle protection properties. Its texture gives the upholstery a seamless finish. Polysatin also retains dye, so colorful upholsteries can be made out of it.

  • Accessories

Polysatin is widely used in making accessories such as gloves, purses, bow ties, and fancy purses and handbags. The shiny fabric makes for a great fabric for accessories to carry around during festivities. They are not only artistic but also colorful. An advantage of bags and other accessories made of polysatin is that they can be washed easily.

  • Home décor items

A lot of home décor items such as curtains and shutters are made of polysatin. Because of polysatin’s luxurious and seamless finish, they add a soothing and aesthetic touch to the home décor. Palm shutters are especially popular amongst home décor items. The Plam Beach Polysatin Shutters define ultimate strength and durability. Plam shutters are also guaranteed to be fade and damage-proof. They are perfect for high humidity and high moisture environments and are very easy to clean as well.

  • Jackets

Trends keep changing every now and then, but recently, polysatin jackets have become quite a sensation amongst fashion and fitness enthusiasts. This fabric is used to create apparel with sporty and trendy looks, especially in bomber jackets by big brands such as Levi’s and Forever 21. These polysatin jackets are very comfortable to wear. The jackets can either be casual or meant to be worn during workouts. Polysatin’s absorption properties make the jacket breathable.

  • Scarves
All You Need To Know About Polysatin Fabric

The polysatin fabric is the most popular fabric used to make scarves. Are you confused about what to wrap your head with – a silk or a polysatin scarf? I would go with polysatin, if you wonder. They are best for enhancing any look as you can complement your special outfit. Many brands offer polysatin scarves with poly fleece linings with fleece piping, thus making the scarves comfortable for cooler environments. Overall, polysatin is the perfect fabric for scarves as well. 

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