All things to know about Kala cotton 

All things to know about Kala cotton 

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India is such a nation that it has everything needed to survive. During British rule, these things were imported to other countries and Britain. It has various flora and fauna, and different types of crops will be cultivated here. Cotton is one such crop that has the best use in India. Cotton being one of the essential things in preparing clothes has got much importance in India. It is the cotton that is used to make beautiful clothing and strands. These are necessary to be cultivated in India. There Are various other kinds of cotton that are available in India. 

Among all such cotton, Kala Cotton is one such kind that is mainly used to make various clothing. It has considerable importance because it is cultivated in large numbers in India. It is produced in most parts of India, and it is an indigenous product that has its origin in India. 

Historical background of ‘Kala cotton’s

It is one of the kinds of cotton that has a long history. During colonial times, it was exported in large numbers. This cotton has its base at the Mohenjodaro site of Dholavira, first discovered. After that, it was cultivated in other places because of its indigenous nature and its usage. It was mainly used during the British period. It has its biological base at one of India's dominant strains, Gossypium arboreum, and the biological name of Kala cotton is Gossypium herbaceum. 

Cultivation process 

Its cultivation process is just like any other cotton crop. It is straightforward to grow. It can be produced even if there is not much water and very high temperature. Hence it can be grown anywhere. Because of this feature, it can be grown everywhere. Also, this form of cotton makes strong strands. 

Most people think that this cotton is black because of its name, Kala, which means black in most Indian languages. But its name refers to the boll that remains after extracting the cotton fibre. It will always be pure in form and not like other kinds of cotton, such as bt cotton. It can resist harsh temperature conditions also. 

Importance of Kala cotton

This kind of cotton is used in most clothes etc., because it has broad importance. Kala cotton is best in its way. 

  • Kala cotton can be grown in any place. It is such a good cotton that it can be produced at any temperature or soil. So this cotton can be cultivated quickly at any place. 
  • This cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers. This is the best advantage that this kind of cotton is grown using normal fertiliser and not chemical fertiliser. So it is in its pure form and without any chemicals. 
  • Good for nature. As it doesn't need any chemicals to grow, it is good for nature also. The environment can be saved if someone uses this form of cotton. 
  • It is pure seeds and not hybrid seeds. Kala cotton doesn’t have any hybrid seeds. It is just one form and without any hybrid. So it saves the soil and increases soil fertility. 

Initiatives by Khamir- Non-Government organisation

Initiatives by Khamir- Non-Government organisation

Being one of the best non-governmental organisations, Khamir has given much preference to growing Kala cotton over all the other cotton forms. Khamir is a registered organisation, and because of the high rate of industrialisation, nature is getting affected much. When it comes to the variety of cotton, this form of cotton is a kind of economy saver. Hence Khamir started an initiative called the Kala cotton initiative, through which it gave about the importance of this cotton to the farmers and encouraged them to grow this cotton. 

This initiative had major things. Weavers faced certain problems, and because of this, the initiative was started by khamir with the help of organic farmers of Kutch, who supported them to successfully implement the things. To lessen the staple length of cotton problems, this khamir took the help of experts to address such issues. Later in the year, 2010 the first product range came out, made of this Kala cotton. 

Vankars of Bhujodi: Great Weavers 

After the 2001 earthquake, people of Bhujodi wanted to revive fast, and they (especially the Vankar community) started to cultivate kala cotton and create products out of it. This became a food yielding thing for them after the disaster. 

Kala cotton used by fashion experts

Kala cotton used by fashion experts

Most of the fashion experts who wanted to know about this Kala cotton visited the great weaver Vankar Shamji Vishram Valj. With the help of Khamir, they visited the village and collected information about this form of cotton. 

This attempt was mainly made to make a market for these cotton because of its durability, strength, texture, etc. It has an Indo Western aesthetic that makes a person look wonderful when they wear it. Many people have contributed to the export of all these cotton fibres, and they have got a place in the international market to some extent. 

After 2010, Archana Shah, founder of Bandhej, helped and got and cultivated more cotton, especially Kala cotton and everything was monitored easily. Next, the product was sold at the exhibition of Khamir and everything needed for that was given. 

The company grew its business, and this form of cotton got its identity in the international market. 


Kala cotton is one of the important forms of cotton that comes with various advantages. It gained importance after the revolution started by Khamir- the organisation which created awareness about the importance and usage of this cotton. This form of cotton is now recognized as one of the best forms of cotton and clothing available in India. For any fashion related issues, and for sourcing the best material for your clothing brand, you can visit Fashinza!


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