7 Most Important Things to Remember When You Buy Fabric for Your Clothing Brand

7 Most Important Things to Remember When You Buy Fabric for Your Clothing Brand

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Choosing a fabric is a very crucial step for your clothing brand. The type of fabric determines how your clothes will look after stitching. When you buy fabric, you must keep in mind that in addition to looking stylish, it has to be comfortable as well. If your fabric is comfortable, your products will attract more buyers. But buying fabric isn’t an easy job; the availability of multiple options can leave you confused. 

We have prepared this guide to make you aware of the 7 things you must keep in mind when buying fabric for your clothing brand:


First and foremost, make sure the fabric is skin-friendly. A discomfort-causing material will turn off the customers. You must test and try out the fabric before stitching it. To make your brand a success, you must not compromise the quality of the fabric, no matter the cost. Therefore, always buy fabric from an esteemed manufacturer. Further, also check the weight of the material, which will be determined in GSM (gram square per meter) to ensure it isn’t too heavy to wear. 


The second factor after quality is the cost; plan a budget and ensure the cost of your fabric lies within it. Undeniably, an affordable material will allow you to make a good profit from your final product. However, remember that cost and quality go hand-in-hand; higher quality might seem expensive at first but is a good investment in the long run. Do proper research on the market prices and then calculate your budget.

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Another important factor to consider when you buy fabric is the type, which obviously depends on the kind of clothing you’re selling. You must choose it according to the location, weather, and shopping trends of your target customers. 

The texture of the fabric is also an important factor. For instance, a dress for draping will require light silk fabrics. Don’t forget to check for the stretchability of the fabric. Finally, the chosen fabric type must be easy to sew. Medium-weight fabrics make a good choice for sewing.


The color of the fabric also plays an essential role considering the weather and the occasion. It is crucial to choose different types of colors so they suit different types of skin tones. One important thing to remember is to choose the color in broad light. The color wheel can help you get an idea of color combinations. 

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The pattern of the fabric determines a lot of things when you sell it. The variety of patterns and prints will attract customers. Thus, you must select them carefully per the dress you wish to design. They can either be whole or different designs spread all over the fabric. There are many pattern options you can choose from. They include stripes, plaid, checks, paisley, herringbone, and more.


When you buy fabric, you have to learn about its shrinkage. It refers to the change that your fabric’s length and width will go through after wash or regular use. Usually, the fabric gets smaller in size. Thus, it is important to get an idea if it is shrinkable. Search for preshrink fabrics or those that have a label of Sanforised. Cotton and linen fibers are known to shrink.


When we talk about colorfastness, we refer to the tendency of the fabric to hold on to its original color during its lifetime. When buying fabric, check for any irregular dyeing patterns. Further, wash it once and check for any loss or lightening of the original color. If you can clearly see a loss of color, do not buy the fabric. There is no point in selling a clothing piece that might lose its original color or turn dim after a few washes.


You see how when you buy fabric, you need to check a lot of factors, such as quality, cost, colorfastness, shrinkage, color, and type. Besides, the latest trends, the weather of the location where the products will be sold, and buyer behavior also need to be taken care of while choosing the fabric.


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