5 Reasons Why You Should Experiment Printed Velvet Upholstery for Your Home Décor Collection

5 Reasons Why You Should Experiment Printed Velvet Upholstery for Your Home Décor Collection

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We all have that one corner in the house where we love to curl up on a rainy evening or a warm winter afternoon. Humans are all about senses and what arouses them is aesthetics. A house possesses the possibility of becoming a home when it is decorated with warmth and love. Home decor wasn’t given much emphasis previously, but nowadays, more and more people hire Interior Designers to put together their creative minds and completely transform the look of houses.

If you are looking to upgrade the Home Décor collection at your store, one of the pertinent questions that would arise is what upholstery fabric to experiment with that would accentuate the look of your collection and attract customers. Our response: printed velvet upholstery fabric. Different customers have different needs. Sometimes, people don’t want to give up on a piece of certain old furniture because of some emotional value attached to it, the solution to this is reupholstering. If you can provide them with an attractive yet durable option, I think it's a win-win situation for both. We are here to tell you the five most important reasons you should consider experimenting with printed velvet upholstery fabric for your home décor collection.

Why should you not use any other upholstery fabric?

I am sure that one of the first upholstery fabric options that come to your mind is leather. Sorry to say, leather isn’t a comfortable upholstery fabric as it’s a relatively hard material. Polyester, on the other hand, is not eco-friendly at all and usually flammable. Linen, though very sophisticated, wrinkles very fast. While cotton might also be the first choice for a lot of people, it stains pretty fast. And who wants to disappoint their customers?

Now that you know what upholstery fabric not to use, let us talk about why you should use printed velvet upholstery fabric.

Five reasons to use printed velvet upholstery fabric for your Home Décor Collection:

1. Printed Velvet Upholstery Fabric is High-Maintenance: It's a Myth!

We cannot deny that velvet looks classy as well as fancy. But we’ve been led to believe that fancy doesn't last. Well, that isn’t the case with printed velvet upholstery fabric. It is durable and can last for decades if taken proper care of. It ages like fine wine. The only thing to ensure while maintaining the look is to keep the nap raised.

2. Printed Velvet Upholstery Fabric Is Durable

Velvet, unlike other materials, has no raised weaves or loose threads, which prevents it from snagging. It has a flat surface that would not let any foreign object like hair stick to it. Though it ruffles up at times, it gains back its natural form eventually. It doesn't wrinkle like other fabrics. It is manufactured through an elaborate process that makes it non-wearable to a certain extent.

3. Printed Velvet Upholstery Fabric is Super-Easy to Clean!

If a client is looking for a piece of easy-to-clean upholstery fabric for their beds, sofas, tools, or ottomans, the printed velvet upholstery fabric is here to your rescue! Due to its flat dense pile, it is almost dirt-free as nothing heavy can stick to it and falls off in due time. One can use a brush if anything gets stuck or use a hand vacuum to wipe it clean. It is easy to clean stains and spills with the help of the vacuum, too.

4. The Visual Allure

One can not deny that velvet is the most royal-looking material used as an upholstery fabric. It completely changes the look of the room. For the ones who have an eye for anything aesthetic and beautiful, it is a complete game-changer. The light tones and the dark colors are used against dark and light backdrops to highlight the space. Printed velvet upholstery fabric reads luxury. It can completely alter the mood and tone of the living space.

5. Some Added Benefits of Experimenting With Printed Velvet Upholstery Fabric.

Velvet is relatively non-toxic when compared to other upholstery materials. It is bereft of harmful chemicals, hence does not pose the threat of any health hazard. It is also mold resistant.

These are enough reasons to experiment with printed velvet upholstery fabric for your Home Décor collection to start with, aren't they? What are you waiting for! Go for it


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