5 Reasons why Polyester Stands out from Other Fabrics

5 Reasons why Polyester Stands out from Other Fabrics

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Do you remember wearing polyester frocks or shirts as a child? Our mothers loved 100% polyester materials because it was easy to maintain and dry. I loved wearing those colorful polyester frocks with polka dots or big flowered patterns on them!

Since polyester material is stretchy, it used to be a perfect choice for childrens' clothes. Since children grow up fast, and their clothes don’t fit them after a few months, this stretchy material became very popular across the globe.

Polyester is also widely used for making clothes for adults across the globe.

Five reasons for choosing polyester fabric-

  • Durability- Polyester fibers are extremely strong and hence the clothes made from this fabric last very long. They don't tear easily like cotton or silk. You can easily wash a dress made of polyester fabric in a washing machine. It can handle the abrasion and you will not require paying any extra attention to it.
  • Resistant to shrinking and stretching- 100% polyester fabric is very popular in the fashion industry. It does not shrink like cotton or stretch like wool. Hence dresses made of 100% polyester or a blend of polyester and other fabrics look extremely alluring.

The design remains intact even after it has been worn several times. Polyester does not wrinkle and hence does not require ironing. If you wear a dress made of polyester fabric in the morning, it will look crisp and presentable till late evening. There will be no wrinkles in your dress while you are sitting. Working women should definitely opt for skirts made of polyester fabric- especially if they have to be in office for long hours. Polyester clothes suit the WFH model quite well too! 

  • Lightweight- Polyester fabric is lightweight and hence most designers love to experiment with it. It feels silky to touch, unlike cotton which feels a little coarse. 100% polyester material is perfect to manufacture sportswear. 
why Polyester Stands out from Other Fabrics

Polyester fibers are thermoplastic. That means the material is heat-sensitive and can be folded and pleated into any shape. Hence for apparel manufacturers, polyester material is very special. 100% polyester is extremely stain-resistant and hence designers love this fabric over many others.

  •  Easy to dye- Polyester fabric is curated from a polymer (Polyethylene terephthalate-PET) made out of petroleum. It can be treated with heat and chemicals and can be dyed easily. The colors will remain bright and will not bleed unlike cotton and silk.
  • Dries quickly- Polyester, unlike cotton and silk, dries in a jiffy. If you live in an area that has heavy rainfall, it is always advisable to wear clothes made of polyester. Designers prefer clothes made of 100% polyester because during a fashion show, if a model spills something accidentally, it dries up quickly. Sometimes just using a hairdryer is enough to dry a dress made of polyester.

The History of Polyester Fabric in the Fashion Industry

John Rex Whinfield and James Tennant Dickson had first invented polyester in 1941. This fiber was known to be a miracle fiber and over the years, it became a popular choice for designers and users alike. There was a popular saying amongst the clothing manufacturing industry workers and designers that 100% polyester can be worn for 68 days without ironing. 

The polyester yarn was used in furnishings, manufacturing bags, scarves, and many other accessories. With time, the industry grew and other materials were mixed with polyester to change its properties. For example, polycotton was made by adding cotton to polyester. The material became more breathable and the urban working class started wearing it a lot. The wrinkling was less compared to cotton, and the touch and feel of the material was great.

Some facts

Since polyester is a man-made fabric some people advise not to use polyester clothing. Unlike a natural fabric like cotton, silk, or wool, the yarn is produced in a factory. Some people experience itchiness or rashes when they wear synthetic clothes. They should avoid polyester clothing or should use the fabric for external designs only and not in the entire body of the dress.


The price of 100% polyester material is quite reasonable. It is cheaper compared to pure cotton and silk as the fabric can be mass produced in factories. I prefer dresses made of polyester fabric, especially the blended ones. They are very easy to maintain and are perfect for working professionals like me.

So if you have never worn shirts or dresses made of polyester material, its high time you started. (Provided you aren't allergic to the material!) If you live in a particularly hot and humid place, it will be a better idea to wear polyester clothing during the winter months. But if you live in a temperate or cold climate, it will be a great idea to include polyester clothing in your wardrobe right away. The yarn is very close-knit and it will give you good protection against the cold weather. 

Wish you a happy time with polyesters!


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