32+ Top Jersey Knit Fabric Patterns and Ideas

32+ Top Jersey Knit Fabric Patterns and Ideas

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Jersey knit fabric has always been my favorite knit fabric ever since I started sewing. At first, it just started as a passion, but right now, it feels more like a comforting, go-to fabric that is easier to work with compared to other woven fabrics out there. I mean, if you really look at it, what is there not to love about it? The versatile fabric is effortless to sew and fits pretty easily due to its flexible nature. 

So, jersey knit fabric comes to mind whether I am making something for myself, sewing something as a gift, or completing a project. But I think there are a lot of sewists who fear this fabric for different reasons. That is why, to help you all, I have come up with various trendy jersey knit fabric patterns and ideas that you can explore for your upcoming project. 

  1. Headbands

If you are unsure about trying something big with jersey knit fabric, you can start small by sewing headbands. You can easily make this with scrap fabrics or a small piece of new fabric. You can use patterned or printed fabrics to make a headband and spice it up with a knot at the top. 

  1. Polka Dots Girls’ Play Dress

An essential summer knit dress is best for children when they go out in the hot sun to play. A loose A-line dress with polka dots is just the right dress to set the mood for play. You can make them with minimal seams and an elastic in the middle to shape the upper waist body. You can even play with colors to give it a more vibrant look. 

  1. Everyday Briefs

Add a fun twist to your everyday knickers with high-waisted jersey knit fabric briefs. You can mix and match different fabric patterns to take it a step above the standard underwear style. You can even pair it with lace to border the sides and give it a more fancy look. 

  1. Floral Bodycon Dress

A double knit floral patterned bodycon dress is another excellent apparel to make with jersey knit fabric. The fabric offers over 40% stretch; it is perfect for those who want to have that ideal hourglass dress to fit their body. You can even make it sleeveless if you plan to wear it during the summers. 

  1. Turner Dress

Make a turner dress with short sleeves and a twirly skirt that is perfect for any occasion. You can make it a single color, use animal prints, or give it a striped look. You can even make the dress more functional by providing it pockets. 

  1. Tie-Dye Dress 

A tie-dye dress made with jersey knit fabric complemented with a keyhole crossover neckline, thigh slit up, an elastic waist, and a full-coverage back is the ultimate fun and comfortable dress women would just love to wear. You can even choose a fabric that is slightly stripped to give it a more defined look. 

  1. Tank Dress
Top Jersey Knit Fabric Patterns and Ideas

A simple tank dress is perfect wear for both summer and spring. It is fun and easy to make without any waist seam or elastic band. All you have to do is seam the sides and sew the shoulders, and you have got a fabulous dress for yourself. 

  1. Asymmetric and Ruched Dress

This is by far one of my all-time favorites. The fabric facilitates an amazing asymmetric ruching dress that has an enticing gathered detail along a single side of the body. It starts high and finishes near the upper thigh. The gathers are spread evenly below and above the waistline to emphasize more on the torso. 

  1. Poncho

Another chic, simple city-style apparel with a detailed neckline and open roll neck is good to try with jersey knit fabric. When I made one for myself, I added two pockets and gave the entire poncho the high-low length to fit my medium-sized torso. 

  1. Flounce Hem Tank Top

The pretty flounce hemline and the flared silhouette are what I think sets this pattern apart. I think sewists have much freedom to play with its overall length, giving it a long, hip, or cropped length. I even like cut-away halter-style necklines that can be added with this flounce hem tank top. 

  1. Palazzo Pants

The ultimate loungewear with the practicality of trousers and femininity of a skirt, I would suggest jersey knit fabrics as the best option for making them. Since the fabric is already stretchy, it can be used for making plus-size palazzo pants. 

  1. Maternity Dress
Top Jersey Knit Fabric Patterns and Ideas

Celebrate your gorgeous baby bump in style and comfort with a long ruched dress. My friend once wore a similar dress with a shaped back-waist seam which gave her a proper fit. I really like the short gathers that form across the tummy. 

  1. Cowl Back

People trying to experiment with something new and elegant would say their best bet is a timeless cowl back dress. Depending on your body type, you can either opt for a subtle cowl or a draped cowl and pair it with ¾ sleeves to give it a formal look. 

  1.  One-shoulder Top

Another one of my favorite items for a casual day-out or brunch with my friends is a one-shoulder top. A neckline that can be easily made with stretchable jersey knit fabric, a semi-fitted one-shoulder top is a must-have for everyone. Some one-shoulder tops also come in super cool crochet patterns

  1. Wrap Skirt

Skirt lovers like me can never get enough wrap skirts suitable for anyone from teens to women. Typically suited for stretch knit fabrics, the a-line silhouette of wrap skirts makes them easy to wear and easy to make.  

  1. Wrap Dress

I started my journey with jersey knit fabric, wrap dresses, experimenting with different hemlines, lengths, and style options. Wrap dresses can be made playful by eye-catching sewing patterns. They also offer a fixed waistline to give a more fitted bodice.  

  1. Fit and Flare Dress

A fit and flare dress is an all-rounder idea when it comes to jersey knit fabric. As the style gently shapes itself throughout the body, the design offers a comfortable yet firm fit. Beginner sewists would hardly face any challenges while making this.

  1. Foxy Legged Pants

I was looking for jogger-like pants when I came across this style. It is a super sporty, comfortable lounge pant that comes with pockets. Moreover, I like these pants made of jersey knit fabric as they can streamline the legs and snugly fit around the butt. 

  1. Straight High-Low Skirt
Top Jersey Knit Fabric Patterns and Ideas

A lowered back hemline and a raised front one with an A-line silhouette are timeless patterns that would work great with jersey knit fabric. The stretchiness of the fabric would make the skirt super comfortable to wear. 

  1. Bell Sleeves

Designed explicitly for stretchable knit fabrics, bell sleeve tops have always been a comfort cloth for me. One can choose from dramatic, modern, and classic bell sleeve styles to choose from. Moreover, the neckline can be altered to fit individual preferences. 

  1. Heartlight Skirt

This stretchy skirt will hug the waist with its soft yoga-style waistband. The hem of the skirt has an extra sweep that falls in a wide A-shape away from the body. I particularly love the twirl and swoosh factor of the skirt. 

  1. Shrugs

Shrugs are a perfect trans-seasonal garment that can be easily made with jersey knit fabric. It gives an effortlessly chic look that can be paired with any outfit. Moreover, it can have a cropped or longline length according to individual choice. 

  1. Flared Pants 

Flared pants provide a classic modern silhouette that is so versatile to sew. One can sew it as comfy lounge pants or elegant work pants. It typically has a high waistline with a yoga-style waistband that offers a smooth fit under the tops. 

  1. Bishop Sleeve Top

I love sewing a statement bishop sleeve with any top that I am making with jersey knit fabric. This highly feminine trend looks flattering on anybody. Moreover, one can also sew different necklines like squared, v-neck, and rounded necklines with this top. 

  1. Symphony Skirt

A symphony skirt is a good bet if you want to have some fun and play with the jersey knit fabric. The panel style of the skirt fits the hip and flares to the hem, perfectly harmonizing classical and modern styles.  

  1. Batwing Top
Top Jersey Knit Fabric Patterns and Ideas

A comfortable piece of sewing, a batwing top gives me ultimate comfort with its relaxed, fixed bodice and a flattering hip line. The soft silhouette can be paired with both day or night-out parties. Besides, one can sew long sleeves to give it a lounge look. 

  1. Pencil Skirt

I think everyone should try their hand at sewing a pencil skirt. A jersey knit fabric pencil skirt would sew up quickly and help in fitting those gorgeous curves easily. It is a perfect skirt that can be layered with anything. 

  1. Flared Shorts

Flared shorts are a summer staple that promise both comfort and sass. Flared-pattern shorts are suitable as beachwear or daywear. The waistband sits comfortably on the natural waistline, and the perfect drape is achieved with a slightly dropped crotch. 

  1. Side Tie Top

A good drapey stretch outfit has a beautiful silhouette complemented with a flattering and easy fit throughout the body. The tie finishes at the hip line, making it an ideal date night look. You can sew flounce, bishop, or short sleeves with it. 

  1. Flounce Skirt

A gorgeously curved fitted skirt that works great with knit fabrics. Comes with a yoga-style waistband and is gently tapered to fit the body. It is easy and fast to sew. Moreover, beginners can easily try out their hand at this. 

  1. Puff Sleeve Tee
Top Jersey Knit Fabric Patterns and Ideas

A puff sleeve tee with a square neckline is easy to sew and eliminates any requirement of a mitered band. Beginners can sew it and even experiment with the hemline of this fluid knit. 

  1. Sweater Top

A weather top looks simple and comes in a unique shape. You can use different variations for contrasting cuff ideas. The boxy style of the sweater offers enough room to provide comfort to any body type. 

  1.  Hooded Sweater

A sweater with button detailing and a hoodie makes it a perfect outfit for early winter. You can step up the game further by creating a cropped version of it. You can use a floral print for this pattern. 

Wrapping Up

Here I have tried to provide you with a wide range of jersey knit fabric patterns and ideas that you can try out. Whether you are experienced with sewing knit fabrics or trying your hand at it for the first time, every pattern is easy to make, and I promise you will have a lot of fun while making these.


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