10 Easy Ways to Buy Fabric Online for Your Clothing Line

10 Easy Ways to Buy Fabric Online for Your Clothing Line

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Starting a clothing line involves many aspects. Perhaps the most important of these is the quality of your fabric. As such, procuring the right fabric is really crucial because if it goes wrong, nothing else matters. In case you do not have a high-quality supplier already, the best thing to do would be to buy fabric online

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10 easy ways to buy fabric online that will benefit your clothing line

1. Research

The first step is, of course, the identification process. In order to buy fabric online, you must, first of all, search for a reliable supplier. For this purpose, you can access apparel manufacturing platforms like Fashinza that have a worldwide network of 400+ suppliers. This makes it easier to find a seasoned and reliable supplier for your specific needs overnight.

Even if you have to launch in a rush, dedicate enough time to research. The supplier you tie up with will have enormous control over your operations and timeline - you wouldn't want to settle for someone you can't count on.

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2. Online Trade Shows

Buy Fabric Online Clothing Line

Trade shows are a great place to meet clothing manufacturers. Do you know that there is also an online variant of such events? That’s right; there are trade show websites available on the internet. 

Try to search trade show websites for fabric suppliers that are in accordance with your requirements. Many fabric suppliers also have a fabric catalog on their trade show websites. As such, you can easily find them and make deals with them.

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3. Expert Recommendation

Traditional industry research is still a very effective option to consider. In this method, you try to establish contact with industry experts online. An expert would be someone who is aware of all the aspects of the clothing industry, inside and out. 

Talking with them can provide you access to some of the best clothing suppliers in a country. This way, you can derive valuable information from such individuals regarding a trusted and reliable clothing manufacturer.

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4. Online Directories

Directories are also highly useful to buy fabric online. This is an easy and simple way to learn about potential clothing manufacturers. All you have to do is access an online directory and seek information from it without much effort.

The four most reliable online directories are Maker’s Row, SaleHoo Wholesale, Sqetch, and Kompass. Besides these four, you would be able to find many other directories to learn about good clothing manufactures. 

5. Local Library

If you want to buy fabric online, it is impossible to ignore local libraries. You can easily find a local library online. These resources contain a wealth of information regarding manufacturers.

These local online libraries provide paid access to top-notch directories. These directories are much better than your average online directories. This is because they contain a vast amount of information regarding clothing manufacturers, much more than average directories. 

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6. Online Marketplaces

Buy Fabric Online Clothing Line

Some of the best clothing manufacturers can be found on online marketplaces. You can easily come into contact with popular manufacturers on online marketplaces. Two very famous online marketplaces are Alibaba and AliExpress. 

7. Social Media Platforms

Besides the online marketplaces, social media platforms just can’t be ignored when it comes to finding clothing manufacturers. You can quickly connect with high-quality clothing manufacturers on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

8. Online Industry Meetups

Industry meetups are one of the most reliable ways to buy fabric online. An industry meetup is a type of local event where clothing manufacturers can easily be found. In such a meetup, you can establish contact with clothing manufacturers and talk elaborately with them. 

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9. Google Algorithms 

You can also rely on Google algorithms to search for good clothing manufacturers. The websites of clothing manufacturers often show up in Google searches. Now, the websites that rank high in Google’s algorithms are likely to be more reliable. However, you must exercise caution with this method as high rank is not necessarily a guarantee of high quality. 

10. Online Database

Online databases contain plenty of information regarding good clothing suppliers. You can get their website address and correspond with them. They must definitely be considered if you are looking to buy fabric online. However, such online database lists don’t let anyone in so easily. As such, you will have to seek the exclusive privilege to access them. 


Sourcing fabric for a clothing line is a very exciting as well as challenging process. If it goes wrong, the entire collection can be derailed. Thankfully, you can easily buy fabric online from reliable sources if you don’t already know any good fabric provider.

Fashinza is a top-notch marketplace for finding suitable manufacturers for your clothing brand. To seek end-to-end production management services (from design to delivery), contact Fashinza today and see your clothing line rise to glory.


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