Why is 2022 The Best Time To Start Selling Curtain Sheer Fabric?

Why is 2022 The Best Time To Start Selling Curtain Sheer Fabric?

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A critical aspect of life that has gained a lot of prominence over the last two years is home decor. Having been locked up in the house for extended periods, people have realized the importance of a cozy nook, offering solace from all the madness in the world. While the world opens up, goes into lockdowns, and then opens again, the soothing effect of these pockets of comfort cannot be overlooked.

Thus, the decor trends in 2022 – within the home or outside – are geared towards our learnings from the last two years. Lighter fabrics, allowing lots of sunlight and fresh air within the closed confines, and soft, pleasant colors have been in demand through 2021 and are expected to continue in 2022 as well.

When seen in furnishings and decor, what can embody all these better than curtain sheer fabrics? Made from light materials like cotton lace or voile in pastel colors, sheer curtains can immediately add a lot of elegance to any space.

Selling Curtain Sheer Fabric in 2022

Should you be selling curtain sheer fabric in 2022? The simple answer to this is – yes. Yes, now is the best time for you to sell sheer fabric because it will be very trendy in 2022. If you are a curtain fabric supplier and have been observing trends for the past few years, you must have heard this statement many times – sheer curtain fabric is outdated.

Many experts recommend doing away with sheer curtains for window furnishings. In such a scenario, what sense does it make to be selling sheer curtain fabric? Let’s put things in context first. When an expert recommends doing away with curtain fabrics, they are talking about removing one layer from the several layers of thick materials used in decor, especially for hotels and showrooms.

The intent is not to do away with one material because it is not good. Instead, you are recommended to remove an additional layer, to reduce the stuffiness and heavy air in a room. Even the experts recommending the trend are doing so to add lightness to the decor. 

Airy, bright rooms are the way forward, and sheer curtains are the best way to do so while ensuring the aesthetics remain pleasant. Thus, sheer curtain fabrics are one of the most happening decor trends in 2022, and you must be ready to manage the supply based on the rising demand.

Why Sheer Fabric?

Why Sheer Fabric?

There are many reasons for choosing sheer curtain fabric over other materials. Here, we have compiled some of the most compelling reasons for this trend.

1. The lightness of material

Two years of being confined within closed spaces have emphasized the importance of bright sunlight and fresh air in our homes. This is not possible with heavy curtains and light-blocking material. If we cannot go out, the best that can be done is to bring the outdoors in, in the form of natural light and wind. This, undoubtedly, is an area where sheer fabrics win over other materials. These translucent, lightweight materials allow the light to pass through while still maintaining privacy. Thus, sheer curtain fabrics are going to be found everywhere – from lounges to homes.

2. Wide variety of choices

Curtain sheer fabric does not refer to only one material. In fact, there are so many options, thanks to the different raw materials that can be used to make this fabric. Be it natural cotton, organza, chiffon, voile, or muslin fabric, the base material of sheer fabrics itself lends so many choices. Add to that the different color combinations available, and you are looking at almost infinite possibilities. Be it soft pastels or solid colors like black, curtain sheer fabric can be available in any color. Further options of plain or printed sheers take the choices to the next level. Thus, the wide variety of options available to a designer makes it a preferred choice when it comes to furnishings.

3. Style and elegance

Style and elegance of Sheer Fabric

This is one aspect of curtain sheer fabrics that cannot be neglected. Whether you are using it in combination with other options like valance or drapes to create a regal look or by itself to lend a light, breezy feel – sheer fabric can be easily used to add a stylish touch to the ambiance. Want to add a bit of poise to your drawing room? Go for sheer in combination with others. Or want to add a fresh appeal to your study, choose a single curtain sheer fabric.

4. Minimalistic Look

One of the hottest decor trends for 2022 is the minimalistic look, supported by the need for simple living. Nothing can beat sheer curtains when it comes to nailing this look. A soft-hued pastel or even white sheer curtain can go a long way in getting the right balance of utility and beauty. Thus, sheer curtain fabrics are here to stay if minimalistic living is going to be the way.

With such brilliant options and choices available, there is no doubt that sheer curtain fabrics are going to be in extremely high demand through the year 2022. If you are a furnishings supplier or manufacturer, this certainly is the best time for you to start selling sheer curtain fabric. Be prepared for the upcoming surge in demand!

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