Common Misconceptions around Merino Wool

Common Misconceptions around Merino Wool

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What strikes you as soon as you hear the word wool? Sweat and summer, right? Hmmm, what if we asked you to imagine that you can wear wool irrespective of the season? Okay, let's cut the chase and spill our soft and cozy wool secret. Merino wool is super soft and will become your favorite wool fabric once you finish reading this article. You can thank us later for giving you some major fashion hacks!

But, why the word Merino wool? There is an interesting story ahead. Merino wool is obtained from Merino sheep that live and graze the highlands of Australia and New Zealand. Because these sheep are thrown into nature, their fleece is incredibly soft and of fine quality. However, since Merino wool is also wool, many people have misconceptions regarding the same! Don't worry; we are here to clear them out!

#1 Itchy!

We don't blame you for thinking that wool fabric is itchy because this is how wool has been for ages now. But with Merino fabric, you can expect absolute softness and thin wool thread to impress your clients! Just tell them that Merino wool is 1/3rd the diameter of human hair, and see them buy all of the Merino wool clothing stock!

Merino Wool- 14 common misconceptions busted

#2 Made-for-Winter only.

Want to attract more customers? Tell them that Merino wool is not just for winters. Better yet, tell them that Merino wool is precisely like a chameleon. 

How? Well, like how a chameleon changes its color according to its surroundings, similarly, Merino wool keeps you warm in winters, and during summers, the fibers suck the sweat from our skin, and the moisture present evaporates. All this leads to cool air between the fabric and your skin!

#3 Hard to clean

Gone are the days when wool fabric would just be tagged as hand wash only. Merino wool clothes can now be machine-washed or tumble-dried.

#4 Flammable

Another USP of Merino wool is that it doesn't catch fire easily due to its insulation properties that absorb moisture. Just in case, even if it does catch fire, it won't burn your skin! What else do you need to impress your clients?

#5 It retains odor

Merino wool is a pro at defeating bacteria. If there are no bacteria, how will the lousy odor retain? You can tell your customers that if someday, they forget to apply their perfume but have worn Merino wool clothes, they'd be far away from stink and bad odor!

#6 Not suitable as Active-wear

Who said wool couldn't be worn by anybody and everybody and under any situation or occasion? Well, your clients need comfort and style. Merino wool is a combination of all of it. You can flaunt Merino wool clothing in scorching heat or the Himalayas too!.

#7 Only available in dull colors

Why would that be? We have nothing against colors! White or black, Merino wool clothes stand for equality amongst colors ;)

#8 Wrinkled all the time

Oh no, you can't use Merino wool fabric and wrinkles in the same sentence. There are some elastic properties present in Merino wool that protect it from wrinkling. During traveling, Merino wool clothes don't even need to be ironed. What else would your customers even want?

#9 Shrinks after a wash

Oh, no, no, no! We understand how it feels to buy a piece of your size and once it's washed, never wear it again because the same piece shrank! Merino wool is just the same once it's washed as it was the day you bought it!

#10 Too hot for summers

You can imagine that, but that's not the truth. Merino wool reacts to the temperature outside and adjusts its comfort level as per that. Your clients can have a ball wearing such super comfortable clothes even in summer!

Merino Wool- 14 common misconceptions busted

#11 Not suitable for health

Who said that? According to Australia Wool Innovation, Merino wool fabric is asthma-friendly!

#12 Merino Wool isn't sustainable

Anything that births from nature are a long-term player. The same goes with Merino wool as well. It comes from nature, made up of air, water and grass. And you know the best part? When you dispose of wool fabric, knitting yarn, or even wool thread, it will decompose by itself in the soil! 

#13 Causes allergies

If your customers have sensitive skin, there can be nothing better than Merino wool clothes that give them more comfort. Quite impressively, research suggests that wearing Merino wool t-shirts and sweaters reduces adult and infant eczema symptoms. Wow, right?

#14 Not durable enough

What if we say that Cotton is six times weaker than Merino wool? Isn't that durable enough? Each Merino wool fiber can be twisted 20,000 times onto itself, whereas its friend cotton shatters after 3,200 times!

We are sure that this must have been a fun and enjoyable class for you. Now, since you know the benefits of Merino wool, please thank the Merino sheep that graze relentlessly on those beautiful mountains! Don't forget to thank us too. Check out our stock!


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