Top Wholesale Fabric Suppliers in the US

Top Wholesale Fabric Suppliers in the US

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Fashion designers and clothing houses prefer to buy in bulk to reduce costs and ensure they have a steady supply of raw material to meet customer needs. Fabric wholesalers stock and sell conveniently packaged continuous rolls of cloth in different lengths. In an age of increased connectivity and sophisticated logistical and shipping operations, it is no longer a hassle to order fabrics from the US, a country that is home to wholesale fabric suppliers who cater to clients all over the world. Given below is a list of the top fabric wholesalers in the US who ship worldwide.

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1.   Denver Fabrics

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Denver Fabrics houses one of the largest collections of wholesale fabrics in the US. They stock a wide range of fabrics, such as cotton, chiffon, denim, georgette, jacquard, rayon, satin, Dupioni silk, suede, velvet, and wool. They have in their collection double knit and sequin fabrics and printed and embroidered textiles.

Fashion designers and dressmakers also prefer to buy their raw materials from Denver Fabrics to avail of the hefty discounts that the store gives on bulk purchases and during festive seasons and holidays.

2.   Mood Fabrics

Located in New York City, Mood Fabrics is one of the largest online fabric stores in the US. It stocks a wide range of premium fabrics and sewing paraphernalia. Featured on Project Runway, their collection includes, but is not limited to, cotton, crêpe, denim, chiffon, brocade, silk, satin, lace, linen, wool, polyester, rayon, velvet, suede, and jersey and knit. They also stock printed fabrics.

Mood Fabrics sells fabrics by the yard and boasts among their clientele some of the biggest names in the global fashion industry and film costume designers.

3.   Fabric.com

Fabric.com is an Amazon-owned company that houses one of the largest collections of wholesale fabrics in the US. They stock an extensive collection of fabrics, such as cotton, flannel, batik linen, duck and canvas, fleece, muslin, velvet, rayon, silk, wool, knit, and several types of stretch materials. They also stock a wide range of printed fabrics.

Fabric.com regularly updates its collections to keep up with the fashion trends and the changing preferences of its target audience. They hold periodic clearance sales where clothing businesses and fashion designers can avail of hefty discounts.

4.   Fabric Wholesale Direct

Fabric Wholesale Direct in Farmingdale, New York, sells high-quality fabrics at discounted prices. What is more, there is no minimum order amount. Being able to buy textiles in small amounts is a boon for designers who want only a small quantity of a certain fabric for a limited-edition clothing line or dressmakers who want to get the hang of the drape and feel of a fabric they have not worked with before.

The collection of fabrics at Fabric Wholesale Direct includes, but is not limited to, suede, chiffon, flannel, fleece, muslin, Dupioni silk, organza, peach skin, denim, brocade, challis, faux fur, jacquard, lace, linen, twill, poplin, satin, terry cloth, vinyl, and voile.

They also stock a mind-boggling array of printed fabrics with Africa-inspired patterns, celestial and floral themes, and animal prints. There are also fabrics with prints inspired by the church and the world of babies and nursery rhymes as well as geometric patterns, paisley motifs, and gingham check, stripe, and tie-and-dye designs.

5.   Fabric Selection Inc.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Fabric Selection Inc. is a wholesale supplier of premium fabrics that are both trendy and off-beat. Their store is a favorite haunt of designers and dressmakers who want to create unique styles that stand out while conforming to fashion trends. They stock cotton, silk, georgette, satin, polyester, woven and knit fabrics, mesh textile, lace, and Bengaline fabric.

Fabric Selection Inc. goes the extra mile to keep up with changing times and the lifestyle choices of its target audience. So, they also stock special fabrics for yoga clothing, loungewear, and face covers.

6.   Nick of Time Textiles, Ltd.

Based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Nick of Time Textiles, Ltd. is one of the largest sellers of wholesale fabrics in the US. They have an extensive collection of both basic and novelty fabrics to meet the varied requirements of fashion designers. The fabrics they stock are of the highest quality, and the prices are almost dirt cheap compared to the prevalent market rates. They stock a wide range of fabrics, such as cotton spandex, double knit textiles, canvas, brushed denim, and fabrics with floral, geometric, and holiday-themed prints.

Nick of Time Textiles, Ltd. is a great place to shop for businesses that have just started out and want to keep materials cost to a minimum.

7.   Vogue Fabric Store

Located in Evanston, Illinois, Vogue Fabric Store stocks a dizzying array of textiles, such as cotton, polyester, rayon, velvet, suede, fur, poplin, fleece, wool, chiffon, georgette, organza, nylon, satin, jacquard, and knit and stretch woven fabrics. The store also stocks bamboo, cork, vinyl, voile, and acrylic fabrics. Additionally, the store has in stock batik, seersucker, hand-woven Dupioni silk, Shantung, taffeta, and challis fabrics.

Vogue Fabric Store is as well-known for its collection of fabrics in every weave, color, print, and pattern as it is for its exemplary customer service.

8.   Berenstein Textiles

Located in New York City, Berenstein Textiles supplies to every couture and designer house in the US. They also cater to several Fortune 500 companies and clients in the Theater District of New York City.

They have an impressive inventory of some of the most diverse selection of textiles in the country. Their collection consists of brocade, crêpe, jacquard, Dupioni silk, Shantung, taffeta, lace, suede, microfiber, velvet, corduroy, and an assortment of stretchable materials like spandex. Additionally, Berenstein Textiles stocks a range of embroidered, sheer, sequined, and textured fabrics.

9.   Liba Fabrics Corp.

Located in New York, Liba Fabrics Corp. is a leading textile wholesale company in the US and stocks a wide range of fabrics, such as Bengaline, organza, muslin, taffeta, peach skin, pin tuck, satin, velvet, Shantung, poplin, velour, and voile. Additionally, they also crush (crash) fabrics like Mystique Satin, Bengaline, Crystal Organza, and Shimmer on request, so designers and dressmakers can create the outfit of their dreams.  

10.   Foust Textiles Inc.

Based out of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Foust Textiles Inc. is one of the most well-known and well-stocked fabric wholesalers in the US. They stock fabrics,such as burlap, cork, cotton-polyester blends, flannel, fleece, polyester poplin, linen, muslin, denim, twill, seersucker, gingham, vinyl, and ponte. The prices are surprisingly reasonable, considering that Foust Textiles only stocks fabrics of the highest quality. Besides, they organize regular sales and offer discounts on certain weekends.

The Advantages of Buying from the Top Fabric Wholesalers in the US

The Advantages of Buying from the Top Fabric Wholesalers in the US

New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Los Angeles is home to celebs and A-listers who dictate fashion trends. Chicago has one of the highest concentrations of high-end fashion stores in the US. Boston is fast gaining prominence as a place where designers blend high fashion with practicality to come up with novel silhouettes and eye-catching designs.

The average person on the American street is aware of fashion trends around the world and tries to dress accordingly. So, wholesale fabric suppliers must keep on top of changing customer preferences. They must continuously update their collections. The biggest advantage of buying from the top wholesale suppliers in the US is that clothing businesses can get their hands on fabrics that mirror what’s hot in the world of fashion.

Because the top wholesale fabric suppliers in the US are constantly adding to their inventories, they organize frequent clearance sales to make space for the new goods. Clothing businesses, fashion designers, and small-scale dressmakers can buy high-quality and novelty fabrics cheaply during these sales.

But sourcing from US suppliers can be a cumbersome logistical exercise. Get in touch with Fashinza to source your raw materials in a hassle-free manner so that you can focus on your core business operations.


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