The Advantages Of Buying Wholesale Fabric

The Advantages Of Buying Wholesale Fabric

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Fashion entrepreneurs need to be on their toes 24*7. Client meetings, briefing sessions, and supply chain management make for their core functions. Apart from this, they also have to decide whether they should buy fabric from wholesalers or retailers. Well, the answer depends upon their business or project requirements. 

If they need a smaller length of fabric, say one to ten meters, they can buy it from a retailer. On the other hand, they should connect with a reputed wholesaler if they plan to purchase wholesale fabric by the bolt

This bulk requirement can be for a big textile project or a fabric retail shop. In both cases, buying from a wholesaler will prove to be a prudent decision. But does buying fabric from a wholesaler really make a difference? To be honest, yes.

There are several benefits of purchasing wholesale fabric. Keep reading on as we outline everything in this blog post.

Better Prices

Fashion entrepreneurs seek fabric at affordable rates for their projects. Retailers won't be of much help here. But they can save a good amount of money while purchasing in bulk from wholesalers.

You see, wholesalers themselves buy products in large quantities and at a relatively cheaper cost. They further pass on a portion of their savings in the form of discounts to the buyers directly. It creates a win-win situation for both parties.

The result is a significantly cheaper purchase for the buyers. This simple discount can bring a huge respite to the entrepreneurs who are working on a tight budget. It will also allow them to invest the remaining funds in core business functions.


Buying fabric from a wholesaler is easy and convenient. Entrepreneurs and fashion brands need not step out of their comfort zone to purchase wholesale fabric by the bolt. How? Wholesalers who regularly deal with the brands know the quality and type of fabric they like to order. Moreover, the terms of payment and delivery conditions are also crystal clear between the two parties.

Things get easier when all the dealings are done online. A quick video call can help in picking the right fabric and the right price. The best part is, buyers need not worry about fabric transportation. The goods will be delivered to their doorstep by the wholesaler within a stipulated period.

Industry Knowledge

Industry Knowledge

Seasoned wholesalers know the nuances of the fashion business. They have extensive knowledge of the different types and categories of fabrics used in this industry. Fashion brands and entrepreneurs can learn a lot from these wholesalers. They can further enlighten their customers and increase their consumer base. 

So, it is an indirect advantage of dealing with wholesalers that can have a direct impact on the conversions. Many companies also encourage their fashion professionals to work with reputed wholesalers, initially, to understand the inside-out of fabrics. It is a sort of training session that will help them in becoming a pro in client handling and problem-solving.

Access to a Wide Variety of Fabrics

Companies get access to a wide variety of fabrics while buying from wholesalers. It is one of the biggest advantages for brands that deal in multiple fabric categories. These wholesalers become a one-stop destination for all their fabric-related issues. Apart from this, wholesalers keep themselves abreast with the latest industry changes.

They keep on updating their stock from time to time. Companies can save a lot of time and money that are otherwise invested in researching the latest fabric categories in the industry. It will also have a positive impact on their consumer base. Customers can trust these brands for sourcing the fabrics that are latest and hard to locate in the local market.

Fosters Long-term Business Relationships

Building long-term business relationships in the supply chain is crucial for the survival of organisations. And this is the reason why many wholesalers look forward to establishing strong business connections with their bulk buyers. It gives them a reliable clientele and guarantees a regular source of income.

Buyers who want to purchase wholesale fabric by the bolt can rely on these wholesalers to cater to all their fabric needs. It also ensures a regular stock supply throughout the year. One of the biggest advantages of going for wholesale purchasing is that it creates trust and reliability between the parties. It encourages wholesalers to offer credit schemes, flexible payment plans, and prioritize delivery schedules.

Helps in Reducing Turnaround Times

Companies that have to deliver huge projects must have raw materials in hand. It is crucial to meet the production deadlines on time. Retailers do not work on bulk orders. Relying on them for deliveries can land the company in a soup.

It is where wholesalers come into the picture. Apart from bulk orders, they also do a wonderful job of ensuring timely delivery of the fabrics. They can also swiftly solve issues related to the quality of the fabric, its length, and its colours. All these things help in reducing the overall turnaround time for fashion brands.

Ability to Fulfill Quality

Ability to Fulfill Quality

Fashion brands that are into apparel production need fabric and other raw materials in bulk quantities. Fulfilling this requirement through retailers is not a viable option. Firstly, they might not get the entire stock delivered in a single shipment. Secondly, buying large quantities from retailers can shoot up their budget as well.

Wholesale fabric suppliers, on the other hand, can supply these bulk quantities easily. They have strong business associations with fabric manufacturing mills. The weaving, spinning, and dyeing of fabrics take place in such mills by highly skilled workers.

It ensures that the companies get premium quality fabric at the best price. So, buying from wholesalers is the best way for the companies to fulfil their fabric requirements on time.

Top Five Mistakes to Avoid while Sourcing Fabric from Wholesalers

Some impulsive and uncalculated buying decisions can cause dearly to the companies in the long run. Here is a list of the top five mistakes that fashion professionals usually make while sanctioning a deal with wholesale suppliers.

  • Not being able to understand the need for continuity – Showing a certain fabric material to a client, getting it approved, but not able to order more due to lack of availability. It is the biggest mistake that fashion companies make if they plan to sell their collection to online boutiques or retailers.
  • Ordering fabric without having any plan of use – This practice ties the cash, takes space in the warehouse and enhances the mental stress of the entrepreneurs.
  • Failing to check the fabric roll quality – Many professionals start apparel production with a swatch of the fabric roll. But they somehow fail to check the quality of the entire roll. The result can be hazardous at times.

Bottom Line

Experts say that buying fabric from wholesalers is always a profitable deal for fashion brands. They get access to exclusive, finest, and rare fabric categories. Moreover, wholesalers have strong tie-ups with local mills that guarantee an uninterrupted supply of fabric throughout the year.Companies that are facing supplier-related issues in their business should turn to Fashinza for solutions. It is a new generation supply chain and product development platform. It has a team of experienced professionals who work towards creating futuristic and sustainable supply chains for the top fashion brands. Connect with them today for more details.


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