15 Surprising Facts You Need To Know About Tencel Fabric

15 Surprising Facts You Need To Know About Tencel Fabric

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We have heard a lot about different fabrics, their specialties, and how they serve us comfort and style. Adding to the list there is one excellent fabric called Tencel Fabric. I am confident that most of you wouldn’t have heard about Tencel fiber, its texture, and other technical specialties. To understand better, let us look at what Tencel fiber has to offer and other things associated with it.

About Tencel Fabric

The Tencel fabric is also known as Tencel™ Tencel Lyocell or Micro Tencel.  Tencel is originally a brand name that the Australian Company Lenzing AG owns. So, whenever you come across the word Tencel or Micro Tencel, know that it is the same as ™ Tencel Lyocell. Its excellent qualities such as strength, the comfort it provides to the wearer, and how quickly it absorbs moisture are few things that make it so popular among people hailing from the fashion industry. 

How Is Tencel Fabric Made? 

Tencel Linen Fabric

Before beginning to know how it is made, let us get into this fabric more. The creation of Tencel Fibre involves microtechnology methods that give this fabric another name — Micro Tencel. Since Micro Tencel is a type of Rayon just like modal and viscose are, it falls under the category of cellulose fibers. It is prepared by dissolving wood pulp and involves another drying process known as spinning. 

Steps of Manufacturing Tencel Fabric:

● Firstly, the wood chips are combined with a solvent to extract a wet mixture. 

● The extracted mixture is further pushed via minute holes to form threads. 

● After chemical treatment, the fibers are spun into yarn.

● The yarn is later woven into cloth. 

The Tencel fiber is full of surprising facts that we should know, so let us look at some of its attributes.

1. Eco-friendly: This fiber is a plant-derived fabric, biodegradable, consumes less energy and water as compared to conventional cotton. It is made at sustainable plant farms and thus causes no harm to the environment while manufacturing. 

2. Versatility: The Tencel fiber is versatile and serves the wearer with the best length and style. It is widely used in the production of denim, shirts, trousers, and towels. 

3. Breathable: It's breathable and comfortable. People living in hot and humid weather prefer bedsheets of Micro Tencel as it serves them with comfort and style. 

4. Texture: Its texture is smooth and soft and thus the reason behind its beautiful appearance. Its texture is also the reason why people want stylish clothes made out of this fabric.

5. Absorbance: Its moisture absorbing capacity is better than cotton. It is best for people who sweat a lot and live in rainy and humid climatic conditions. 

6. Durability: It is for the long run. You can store it for a long time and it would still appear new and perfect to wear at all times.

7. Serves Sensitive Skin: Micro Tencel is a premium fabric for people with sensitive skin fearing to try something new.  

8. Elasticity: It possesses a good elasticity, is firm, appears to be shiny and crisp whenever you take out the outfit from your wardrobe.

9. Resists Wrinkles: None of us like our apparel to have even a single wrinkle on it, and we are so much worried about this part. This isn't the case with Tencel fiber and significantly resists wrinkles.

10. Anti-Allergic: The Tencel ™ Tencel Lyocell is a skin-friendly fabric. Whenever we shop, the one thing that we ensure is how the fabric is, would it cause any rashes or allergies? With this particular fabric be rest assured as it causes no allergy, rashes, or other damage to the skin.

11. Less Production Time: It only takes 2.5 hours to produce.

12. Effective Production: Its production involves amine oxide solvent, which is non-toxic and causes no harm to the environment. 

13. Ingredients: The best part about its ingredients is that it is majorly cellulose, which is super easy to obtain.

14. Anti-Bacterial:  While buying activewear Tencel Fibre should be preferred as it prevents the bacteria from growing and keeps the foul odor at bay. 

15. Adds To Style: Needless to say, Tencel can help one upgrade the style statement without leaving the comfort.


We have covered almost every aspect of Tencel fabric to answer all your doubts regarding this wonderful fabric. The benefits of wearing clothes made from this fabric are that this fabric is biodegradable, the whole production process is effective, and consumes less time. We can take a step towards sustainable development by bringing this Micro Tencel fabric more into use. 


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