10 Things You Need to Know About Charmeuse Fabric

10 Things You Need to Know About Charmeuse Fabric

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If you’ve been wondering what Charmeuse silk or Charmeuse satin is, you’re at the right place. Read on to know 10 significant facts about Charmeuse fabric. 

  1. The term Charmeuse refers to a specific weaving style that creates a beautifully woven silk fabric with a lustrous sheen. This style of weaving, as we have realized, includes weaving lengthwise so that the thread crosses over three or more of the transverse threads. This gives the silk Charmeuse a reflective finish on the front and a comparatively sull finish on the other side.
  1. In French, the term Charmeuse translates to “a female charmer.” So, you can guess why this luxurious fabric is named so as its elegance makes silk a brilliant choice of fabric for women’s evening dresses and night apparel. 
  1. You would be amazed to know that the history of Charmeuse fabric can be traced back to 3630 BC in the Chinese provinces. In ancient China, the average citizens were forbidden from wearing silk garments, according to the history of sericulture. Only the royalty could wear and flaunt silk garments. According to some sources, fabric that was similar to the present-day Charmeuse used to be referred to as the “fabric of the emperors” because of its luster, beauty, and exclusivity.
  1. Silk Charmeuse is a brilliant insulator. This fabric is best suited for bedding and sleepwear collections. The silk helps keep the body heat trapped during cold winter nights and lets out the excess heat during hot summer nights. Charmeuse satin can provide comfort all around the year. Hence, it is preferred best for nightwear garments, bedding sheets, pillowcase covers, etc.
  1. If you are one of those who have been suffering from skin irritation or inflammation due to synthetic or cotton fabric, then Charmeuse is great news for you. Charmeuse fabric is very gentle on the skin and soft to the touch — all being completely natural. So, no more skin irritation. 
  1. The Charmeuse satin can be woven from a variety of materials. The 100% pure silk of mulberry produces the best silk Charmeuse with the best features of luster and lightweight.
  1. As you would already know, the process of silk garment production starts exclusively with silk extraction. The most preferred source is the cocoons of the silkworms that live on mulberry trees. Now, to extract the silk, these cocoons are boiled and attached to reels to twist the silk fibers together and produce continuous strings or silk threads twisted into yarns. Once the threads are ready, the textile manufacturers proceed with the weaving methods by using these threads of silk to create the beautiful silk  Charmeuse fabric. The Charmeuse satin weaving style involves four weft yarns that float on a single warp yarn. This allows less light to scatter, which makes it appear shiny on one of the sides.
  1. Silk Charmeuse has very low water-absorbing qualities, unlike cotton and similar fabrics. Thus, it does not absorb moisture from the skin and the natural oils, leaving the skin dry, unlike cotton garments. Charmeuse satin is also popular for not absorbing perspiration. As a result, you would not be required to wash your Charmeuse satin garments as frequently as cotton garments. Luxury designers sometimes use Charmeuse satin as a lining inside men’s sports coats and in men’s undergarments and boxers. Using the silk Charmeuse in ties and elegant handkerchiefs is also a common trend in the fashion industry. 
  1. The super-smooth surface of a Charmeuse satin fabric has the least chances of causing friction when it comes in contact with hair follicles. So, with your pillows covered in Silk Charmeuse pillowcases, we can guarantee you a lot lesser chance of hair loss, especially when your hair might be prone to damage or is chemically treated. Silk Charmeuse fabric is well suited for people with colored hair or with issues like dry hair, split ends, weakened hair, and similar problems. The low friction of this silk fabric is another important reason why silk Charmeuse is preferably used to make men’s fancy undergarments, female lingeries, and night garments, and of course, bedding sheets.
  1. Silk Charmeuse is a widely popular fabric material that is highly Preferred for tailoring classy garments or bedding covers and materials. The touch and feel of genuine silk garments have an inviting attraction that would draw you in for more. This sensation is impossible to be recreated by fabric woven using synthetic polyester or rayon materials. That’s because neither rayon nor polyester is as supple as genuine silk. They also cannot capture the luminescent qualities that are only possible for high-quality, genuine silk Charmeuse.
Things You Need to Know About Charmeuse Fabric

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