The Best Hobby Lobby Fabrics You Have Never Heard Of
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The Best Hobby Lobby Fabrics You Have Never Heard Of

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Hobby Lobby is a giant chain of art and crafts stores worldwide. With their premium quality products, they are a renowned brand in the world of fashion. A large variety of different types of fabrics are available on their website. For people in the apparel industry, a brand like Hobby Lobby is an influencer. Every new fabric material they launch catches the attention of retailers, designers, and manufacturers. 

Numerous classy fabrics available at Hobby Lobby can become designers’ and retailers’ ideal fabrics for which they have been looking. Getting the perfect fabric material is half the battle when starting an apparel project. Finding the best quality and the designed fabric is an equally challenging job. 

Worry no more, as here are some of the best Hobby Lobby fabrics one must surely try on their next fashion ventures.

1. White Face Mask Fabric

With the ongoing pandemic, the need for effective masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) has risen. Many manufacturers have resorted to creating face masks to overcome their falling sales in many countries. Now, Hobby Lobby has a white face mask fabric that can be utilized in making PPE and face masks. It is a miraculously lightweight utility fabric, which helps to breathe easily without suffocation. Moreover, it is washing machine-friendly and composed of 100% polyester. You can make accessories, bags, or apparel from this material to explore your creativity.

2. Nylon and Spandex Knit Fabric

Hobby Lobby, in its apparel fabrics, has introduced a nylon and spandex knit fabric. The fabric is an incredibly versatile blend. With a lustrous sheen and pliant surface, it is in demand for making knit projects. So, get artful and creative with stretchy sewn goods using the nylon and spandex Hobby Lobby fabric. The material features a bold, solid color, giving it a stunning and classy look. It can be used to make bags, accessories, and apparel. Make a fashion statement with items cut from this fashionable Hobby Lobby fabric.

3. Navy Nautical Map Cotton Apparel Fabric

Navy nautical map cotton apparel fabric is composed of 100% pure cotton and is a textured fabric. Combining this Hobby Lobby fabric with imaginative ideas can result in charming creations. It is a premium quality material that flaunts a navy and white nautical design. Moreover, it is washing machine-friendly and very lightweight to provide full-day comfort. By harnessing your creativity, you can turn it into bags, accessories, or apparel. For a stunning and fashionable appearance to your items, choose the navy nautical map cotton apparel fabric.

4. Blue Essex Yarn Dye Linen Fabric

Blue Essex Yarn Dye Linen Fabric

Hobby Lobby's blue Essex yarn dye linen fabric features a solid dark blue color. With a frayed edge, this gorgeous fabric is also slightly interwoven with white threads for a feathered look. Furthermore, the fabric is composed of 55% linen and 45% cotton, making it very lightweight. The blue Essex yarn dye linen fabric is washing machine-friendly. Design future masterpieces using this beautiful Hobby Lobby fabric.

5. Light Wash Stretch Denim Fabric

This Hobby Lobby fabric is stretchy denim in a solid pale blue color. One can utilize it to make several items like accessories, bags, apparel. The best part is that this fabric is stretchable. Enjoy the comfort of free movement using this fabric. It is a medium-weight material that contains 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Also, it is washing machine-friendly; use it to make a variety of items and enjoy the stretchy comfort it provides!

6. Green Camouflage Twill Fabric

Hobby Lobby's green camouflage twill fabric is smooth, supple, and in a traditional camouflage pattern in brown, beige, and green. The sturdy twill is lightweight, which makes it suitable for bags, home and garden decor, and apparel! It is composed of 100% cotton and is a washing machine-friendly fabric. So, one can blend in with their surroundings by creating wonderful crafts from this fabric.

7. Dumbo Stars Gauze Fabric

This Hobby Lobby fabric is highly in demand for little ones. Make a swaddle with an attractive yet soothing appearance for the kids. The Dumbo stars gauze fabric is an adorable fabric with a white background, images of Dumbo flying, and gray-outlined stars all over. One can use it as the foundation of a baby's first blanket and savor the sweetness and memories it brings with it. This lightweight premium quality Hobby Lobby fabric comprises 100% cotton.

8. Light Wash Railroad Stripe Denim Fabric

Hobby Lobby's light wash railroad stripe denim fabric is classic, having a blue denim color with white stripes. Enjoy its retro look by making a variety of different items from this super cool fabric. Thus heavy-weight fabric has 100% cotton and is a washing-machine-friendly material. If you are looking for fashionable denim fabric, consider giving this stunning Hobby Lobby fabric a try.

9. Black & White Mud Cloth Inspired Cotton Fabric

The black and white mud cloth-inspired cotton fabric is an ethnic fabric featuring a black background with white arrows in even rows, with every arrow alternating in direction. The Hobby Lobby fabric can come in useful to make stunning wall hangings and decor pieces, apparel, bags, accessories, and more. It is lightweight and composed of 100% cotton, making it super comfy and easy to wash. So, get creative with this fun patterned Hobby Lobby fabric and create your masterpiece!

10. White Eyelet Border Batiste Fabric

White Eyelet Border Batiste Fabric

One can expand the range of their sewing fabric collection with this Hobby Lobby Fabric! The white eyelet border batiste fabric has beautiful eyelets and an even edge. This Hobby Lobby creation is neat and bright, with a surface speckled with dazzling loops in white embroidery connecting the eyelets. It is a very lightweight batiste fabric consisting of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Additionally, it is a washing machine-friendly fabric.

11. Turquoise, Red & Brown Tribal Cotton Apparel Fabric

Hobby Lobby's turquoise, red, and brown tribal cotton apparel fabric will make you kick out boring old fabrics to the curb. It is a go-to fabric for all your crafty and creative needs. This 100 % cotton Hobby Lobby fabric boasts a gorgeous turquoise, red and brown tribal pattern with unique geometric shapes. As it is a lightweight and washing machine-friendly fabric, make charming handicrafts, accessories, bags, or apparel with it. 


Hobby Lobby is a famous fabric destination for fashion artists and apparel makers. It is hard to find an ideal material for an apparel project. The above-mentioned options are some of the best fabrics by Hobby Lobby to help you in your hunt for the best fabric. 

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