The Art of Pairing Poplin With Other Clothing Items
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The Art of Pairing Poplin With Other Clothing Items

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Cotton is a versatile natural fiber that is used to make different styles of fabric varying in texture, weave pattern, and even in looks. Poplin is a special type of textile material that is made from either 100% cotton or a blend of cotton with some other fibers. Even though other fabrics are used such as silk, wool, and so on, cotton poplin has become more famous in the global fashion industry. 

Due to a closed weave pattern, poplin material has a lustrous surface with a smooth and soft feel. This makes it perfect for designing haute couture dresses and clothes that belong to the elite category. On the other hand, the ribbed texture and warp styled close weave induce strength and residence into this fabric. That’s why everyday casual clothes are also made from poplin material. 

We are very certain that 90% of you have worn poplin and even have a couple of clothing items made from this fabric. And yet most of the people don’t know the meaning of poplin or what it looks like. That’s why before diving straightway into the fashion mixtures of poplin with other clothes, let’s learn about its features first. It will help everyone to understand the fashion styles we will discuss and those will become more meaningful. 

What is Poplin and What are its Features? 

Poplin and its Features

Unlike other fabrics, in poplin, the wafts are horizontal and help together within the yarning machine via tension in the threads. The wefts are inserted in between the warps in a vertical manner in such a way that the ultimate weave pattern seems closed, with no pores in between. Most times, the threads used to create the weft and warp in poplin material are derived from pure cotton. However, in some cases, the thread material can be different which creates a blended poplin. 

According to the history of the fabric, it is believed that poplin meaning was first derived in the 15th century when the textile industry used wool and silk to create a soft but insulating fabric for the winter season. Slowly and gradually, several developments have been made in the poplin textile that has helped the fashion industry to come with amazing dresses and clothing items for both everyday and luxury use. 

That’s why poplin prices are quite versatile, starting from a few to hundreds of dollars. Hence, you can easily add new poplin clothes to your wardrobe if you don’t have apparel made from this fabric. 

Now coming to the features of this fabric, below we have discussed certain characteristics which will help everyone to understand the meaning of poplin in a better way. 

  • Poplin has a lustrous surface with a subtle sheen that enhances the beauty of the fabric and adds more glow to it. 
  • Due to the weaving pattern of the threads, it is easy to design different types of embroideries on the poplin material
  • Even though poplin is soft and does not easily form wrinkles, in some cases the threads chosen for manufacturing poplin are different which makes them crisp. 
  • Also, poplin can vary in thickness and is therefore used for making shirts to winter clothes with ease. 

How to Pair Poplin With Other Clothes? 

By knowing poplin fabric, you can understand how versatile this clothing material is. It is not only available in embroidery form but also in printed and patterned forms, which increases its versatility. 

However, one needs to understand that poplin has a very different and unique texture from fabrics, which is why pairing it randomly with other clothes will simply make the poplin price go down the drain. 

So, if you don’t want to waste your money on a devastating poplin fashion, the following tips will help you to style yourself with poplin and other clothes in the best way. 

  1. A low-priced poplin plain shirt or vertical striped shirt can be easily paired with a contrasting colored suit. For example, if the shirt has an off-white color, you can pair it with any color of suit like matcha green, baby pink, maroon, and so on. 
  2. A full-sleeved, light-colored poplin material shirt with ruffles around the neckline and wrist can be paired with a dark denim pair of shorts. Just make sure you tuck in the shirt and pair it with high stilettos or boots. 
  3. For a casual and chic look, pair a white cotton shirt with lacy poplin shorts. Just make sure that the poplin base fabric and the lace are of different colors to ensure that the beauty and sheen of poplin are not undermined. 
  4. Since the price of a plain dress made up of a poplin shirt wouldn’t be too high, you can easily add this type of apparel to your wardrobe and pair it with a silk or satin scarf. For a subtle look, try out the simple poplin dresses with no prints. 


As said earlier, poplin is quite versatile and is available in many forms. So, make sure to gather a varied collection so that you can pair this fabric with other clothes for a better and stylish look. One of the best things about poplin is that it can be used for both formal and casual dressing with ease.


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