Sourcing Sunbrella Fabric by the Yard
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Sourcing Sunbrella Fabric by the Yard

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As much daunting as the task of sourcing Sunbrella fabric seems, it isn't because you came to the right place! It must also be difficult to search on Google “Sunbrella fabrics around me” because there aren't many around for you to walk and check the fabrics out. 

But, Fashinza helps make your life easy in this glamorous fashion industry, and the answer to your how-to source Sunbrella fabric by the yard is just right here with us. Read through this article, and voila, you have your solution!

Sunbrella fabric, manufactured by Glen Raven, for decades has been a go-to fabric for marine, Boat Bimini Tops, Outdoor Furniture, Porches, and awning applications. Sunbrella brings a revolution under one roof and is the leader in performance fabrics. It is one of the most stylish brands. 

Sunbrella fabrics are 100% solution-dyed and have acrylic locks in color so that the color will not wash or fade out. It is also sun, wind, and rain resistant.

Tips to source Sunbrella fabric by the yard

Tips to source Sunbrella fabric by the yard

The best place to source Sunbrella fabric by the yard is Sunbrella’s website. Sunbrella has transformed the world’s way about how they look at materials and feel them. 

Sunbrella’s fabrics are incredibly and luxuriously soft and amazingly beautiful. These fabrics integrate the style with excellent qualities like durability, color change or fade resistance, bleach cleanability. Sunbrella gives its customers, i.e., the designers, the exact material they need to create an extraordinary shade, indoor and outdoor upholstery, and other applications.

You can visit Sunbrella’s commercial website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter. It will give you an idea and the tips to source the perfect Sunbrella fabric by the yard.

If you want to choose the perfect outdoor Sunbrella fabric, you can also head to a trustworthy Amazon company called fabric.com, which will help you source the Sunbrella fabric by the yard for your outdoor. The website is easy to navigate, and the customers can choose from the wide variety available. 

The fabrics are resistant to water, stains, UV, and other foreign elements. The most common fabrics that one can source from fabric.com are marine vinyl, polyester, PVC, and solution-dyed Olefin. The fabrics are medium weight, have different sets of prints and styles. One can easily clean these fabrics with lukewarm water and mild soap solutions. 

These Sunbrella fabrics will add an elegant personal touch to your outdoor space with the upholstery and pillows. If you source Sunbrella fabrics that are more durable, you do not have to worry about bringing the fabrics indoors. The most durable Sunbrella fabrics are the solution-dyed acrylic or the solution-dyed Olefin. You can always check them while buying.

But if you are looking for heavy-duty outdoor projects, such as poolside or patio chairs, you can source fabrics such as PVC Mesh. It is a commonly used sling-style outdoor furniture. These fabrics are waterproof, dry quickly as the PVC Meh does not stretch, and do not require support underneath.

Another place where you will be able to source Sunbrella fabrics by the yard is Patio Lane. They have the best deals and provide free Sunbrella samples; you can have the exact color and product type you want. Here you can buy the Sunbrella material in their store or even on their website. 

If you visit their store, you have the chance to look through multiple books, and the in-house designers can help you choose the right fabric. They also help you source the Sunbrella fabric according to your need and budget. 

Patio Lane has Sunbrella fabrics in various colors, from standard to seasonal, and you can even have the Sunbrella remnant pieces. You have the opportunity to choose from neutral Sunbrella fabric to Sunbrella upholstery material. That's right! You even have the chance to source Sunbrella fabrics by the yard for an awning to a boat top.

If you are still confused, you can go to Patio Lane’s website and give them a call and talk to their specialist designer, who can help you source the Sunbrella fabrics that are right for you. 

Outdoor Fabric Central is a fantastic place for you to source the Sunbrella fabric by the yard. The Outdoor Fabric Central is the official Sunbrella Distributor, so the worry about the original color and product is not what you need to put in your cart here. 

They have exclusive Sunbrella Fabric by the yard, and they have custom manufactured products. They also have a sale of 20% off on the daybed cushion bundles. Outdoor Fabric Central has a wide variety of fabrics like cushions, curtains, and pillows.

Outdoor Fabric Central has teamed up with the Sunbrella fabrics to supply the original material to the public at pocket-friendly prices. Customers worried about the quality can find a large selection of Sunbrella fabrics that match their expectations. The fabrics are available by the yard as well as a full roll. 

Tips to source Sunbrella fabric by the yard

The outdoor fabrics at Outdoor Fabric Central’s shops are the most impressive and durable to withstand any harsh conditions, even rough use by your children and pets. The customer gets a 5-year warranty for the furniture-grade fabrics and a 10-year warranty on the awning and marine-grade fabrics.

If you want an enormous selection of Sunbrella fabrics to choose from, then Ellements is the right place for you! Whether you require fabrics to spruce up your old furniture upholstery or need a brand new set of cushions, this is the perfect place. 

Ellements is the world’s number 1 brand for outdoor fabrics and gives a 5-year warranty for fading. Ellements has a range of solids and different types of stripes, and they are stain and water-resistant. The fabrics here are breathable, easy to care, and effortless to clean materials. 

Sourcing Sunbrella fabric by the yard at Ellements is straightforward as they have a beautiful catalog as your rescue. You have the option of choosing a wide variety of options here. They have different brochures for fabric warranty, Sunbrella’s Upholstery Fabric, and Stain chart. They have solution-dyed fabrics that are produced from 100% recyclable material. 

Not only that, they also provide you with the technical color swatch data. The Sunbrella fabrics at Ellements create no wastewater from dyeing and avoid harmful effluents in the whole process. They also are engineered to last ten times longer than any normal fabrics.

Fabric Warehouse is for you if you want a more accessible way to source Sunbrella fabric by the yard. They have a variety of fabrics that are tailored according to your needs. Fabric Warehouse has swatches like Sunbrella cast mist, spectrum, indigo, and many other shades. 

They have exclusive Sunbrella fabrics, and you can filter and sort the fabrics on what you require. Fabric Warehouse also provides free domestic shipping over $100.

Final words

So now you have all the places from where you can source Sunbrella fabric by the yard. The stores and websites are just waiting for you to go and check them out. Don’t hesitate to fill your shopping cart with beautiful fabrics to decorate your furniture, balcony, etc. 

Do you want more help? Then come to Fashinza anytime, and we will definitely help you sort and source fabrics for all your clothing!


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