How To Find Curtain Fabric For Wholesale?
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How To Find Curtain Fabric For Wholesale?

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“For over 15 years I ran my own curtains fabric wholesale business along with a retail store in Chicago. Most of my apparels were designed in my boutique and I loved sourcing fabrics to the fashion world,” says Jolene, a Chicago-based boutique owner. 

“I made some mistakes with curtains fabric wholesale sourcing, and I have seen more made by novice fashion designers I work with. This ‘fabric sourcing issue’ is the reason why supply-chain management platforms like Fashinza have become a necessity for the fashion world to outsource their fabric needs.” Jolene added. 

It’s common for people with their startup fashion business to feel like ‘insider business’ while buying curtains fabric at wholesale prices. It’s true because most fashion designers don’t share such sourcing information, and everything cannot be known if you just Google up. Here is a list of the few best tips for finding curtains fabric wholesale for your startup fashion business. 

1. Knowing The Need For Continuity

Understanding the need for continuity depends on how the fashion designer or brand will sell the collection. If they want to sell curtains fabric wholesale (to online boutiques and retailers), they will have to get sample yardage, followed by approaching the vendor to purchase production yardage. It’s recommended to avoid the rookie mistake of using a specific material for the sample collection, showing the line to retailers, taking orders, and not being able to order more curtains fabric wholesale supply for production. Experts believe that it’s a tricky game, especially if the fashion company is a startup and orders small yardage. 

There are several cases where new fashion designers get shocked to know that a certain print which they sourced months ago is unavailable for re-order at the precise situation when they needed them the most for the production run. 

2. Buying Curtains Fabric With A Proper Plan To Use It 

It’s a bad idea to simply order and stock up curtains fabric wholesale because they might be used someday, even if not now. If any designer or fashion brand buys curtains fabric without any plan to use them, they will drain cash flow, take up studio or garage space, and become an added maintenance stress. It’s best to buy them only if there’s an order from some other boutique or retailer or if there’s a need to fulfill any business. 

3. Coordinating Curtain Fabrics Is A Better Idea Than Matching Them

“I made this mistake of assuming sample yardage of curtains fabric in wholesale to be the same dye lot as the production yardage. After spending nine years in running my apparel boutique and retail store, I realized that coordinating curtain fabrics is a much better idea than matching them,” says Jolene.  

“For example, I recall a mesmerizing velvet burgundy fabric I was using for making a curtain’s lining. I decided it’s bottom design to be the same shade, but in chiffon. I explored and got a great chiffon, the fibers matched, and I ordered it. The sample was just perfect.” She added. 

“Then, I sold a large quantity of the curtains fabric wholesale all over the country, including to Saks and Bloomingdale while happily ordering the production yaradge.”

“The velvet’s production yardage was looking like a replica of the sample, and the chiffon became a nightmare shade that eventually clashed. All thanks to chiffon, an easy curtain fabric for wholesale sourcing. I moved on to another color that coordinated, and it was a dusty rose, which I considered an improvised version. The curtain was still appealing, and I shipped it anyway. Yes, I lost my business for late shipment, and the money spent on the original chiffon shade, but the lesson I learnt was valuable.” Jolene expressed her mistake of aiming to be aware of the new fashion designers and brands. 

4. Check The Curtain Fabric Rolls For Quality 

When most fashion businesses and designers receive curtains fabric wholesale for production, they take one of the rolls to cut a little swatch. However, they tend to make the mistake of not opening and checking all of them. Then, when the time comes to cut the rolls for the production run, and they find flaws or issues, it’s already past 45 days, and the vendor won’t help them in any sort. This can be a chaotic situation. 

So, to avoid this issue, designers and brands can pay a little extra to the cutting house for unrolling and re-rolling the production yardage when they’re received. This will help you check inconsistencies and damages in every piece of curtain fabric. Many sewing and cutting contractors use machines to do this. For small orders, paying a little to do this cutter job by hand is enough. 

5. Avoid Whole Fabric Sourcing Mistake Of Looking For The Perfect Fabric 

Avoid Whole Fabric Sourcing Mistake Of Looking For The Perfect Fabric

One of the worst curtain fabric wholesale sourcing mistakes is wasting more time looking for the perfect fabric. There are many online blogs and courses that warn new fashion entrepreneurs from making such a mistake while finding curtain fabric for wholesale. 

Most fashion entrepreneurs or designers have the idea of the holy grail of fabric in their minds, and they want to source the exact thing. However, after spending months searching, they start to wonder how messed up the fashion industry is, where they can’t even find the perfect fabric for curtains anywhere. Some curtains fabric wholesale sourcing is not possible in terms of the required order of quantities, while others are not possible to source due to affordability. 

Many designers or brands start to custom order in China for a minimum of 3000 yards, but that won’t be helpful in the long run. 

The Solution 

First, they need to work things backward. Despite having the idea of the perfect fabric in mind and looking for it, it’s advisable to contact the fabric vendors to see what’s available. It means the need to find fabric vendors who offer all the necessary things that work for the business. Once they get an idea of what’s available in their price range at supply quantities they can handle, they can start. So, rather than spending months looking for the perfect fabric, it’s wise to pick the curtain fabric from a vendor that can assure a steady supply of some unique and high-quality fabric for the long haul. 

Final Words 

In this rapidly progressing fashion world, sourcing curtains fabric wholesale can be a challenging task, especially if you’re looking for the best fabric at an affordable price. From the above-mentioned tips, it’s believable that fashion designers and businesses will find their wholesale vendor efficiently. 

Here, Fashinza, a B2B platform, is one place from where you can get curtain fabrics wholesale from top vendors near your locality or state. It’s recommended by experts to design the collection around the curtain fabric that the designer’s sure they can actually get. 

For the first few seasons, new designers and fashion businesses can consider keeping their fabric options quite simple and easy to source. It’s always helpful to get creative with topstitching, trims, and design. This is one of the best ways to ensure smooth and efficient production. So, with the help of this guide, fashion enthusiasts can take a step forward to enhance their curtain fabric wholesale sourcing process. 


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