Fabric Scissors: Types, Prices, and Difference from All-Purpose Scissors
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Fabric Scissors: Types, Prices, and Difference from All-Purpose Scissors

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Getting some essential tools to create your amazing fashion garments? Well, then you can’t skip fabric scissors. Fabric scissors are used to cut different fabrics, clothes, or fashion materials. Unlike the regular scissors made of metal, fabric scissors are made of alloys. These scissors are used for all your fashion-creation purposes. They have different shapes and sizes with varying degrees of sharpness and hardness. 

In this guide, we will go through all the different types of fabric scissors that you need as a professional in the fashion world. Whether you design clothes or create, having a good idea of the differences between these scissors and their uses can truly make your work easier. 

Tailors Scissors

These fabric scissors have been used for years by tailors and are known to cut fabrics with ease and precision. They are considerably large and heavy but amazingly built to simplify the task of tailors and other craftsmen. They are the best instruments to cut different types of cloth materials, leather, and other materials used to design clothes.

With time and traditional usage, the tailors' scissors are extremely reliable and popular. They have a unique design with razor-sharp blades, and they are also very long-lasting. Modern technology has also renovated it to fit other purposes. You can check the Livingo Premium tailor scissors for cutting cloth and fabrics with accuracy.

Dressmakers Scissors

Dressmakers Scissors

As the name suggests, the dressmaker scissors are specially made for crafting dresses and clothes. They have a significantly long blade that is tapered along the edges. One blade is pointy while the other one is rounded. The blades are designed to be at an angle that gives the perfect way to glide accurately across the fabric. 

These fabric scissors are perfect for heavy-duty tasks whether you have many layers to cut or just a long amount of cutting to do. You can make accurate patterns, trim fabrics, and create the perfect dress of your dreams. You can get the perfect dressmaker scissors from INR 700 onwards. The prices can go up as you get different types of metals and grips.

Pinking Shears

When working with different materials, a simple pair of sharp scissors isn't enough. Pinking shears have serrated edges that can help in getting the perfect grip on your material. This is extremely important if you are working with slippery, satin-like material that has a tendency to slip off. Slipping can cause unnecessary hassles and even result in inaccurate cut-offs. Pinking shears give a firm grip on the fabric and allow you to easily get through your task.

A good pair of pinking shears can be slightly costly (beginning at INR 2k), but it can be truly worth it to give the perfect finish and cuts for your clothes. Check the BlueSnail stainless steel pinking shears that can perfectly fit your needs.

Applique Scissors

Applique Scissors

Need a tool for your detailed applique work or for small detailing around the main stitching? Applique scissors are perfect for such requirements. It is uniquely made with a duckbill-shaped blade and a plain blade. The angle gives you easy access to areas that are hard to reach with regular blades. 

You can check the Mundial Applique scissors starting at INR 3100 for all those detailed work demands.

Buttonhole Scissors

Cutting a few holes for buttons may be done with your regular tools, but you may switch to a professional tool if you know you require more precision. You can opt for a pair of buttonhole scissors that are made to cut holes for buttons. The tool gives you the full control to make perfect holes without making them too large or too small. You can check the Mundial 252 forged buttonhole scissors available online.

Embroidery Scissors

Creating dresses and clothes is an amalgamation of a lot of skills. Embroidery is truly something that requires skill and deftness. It is a work involving a lot of small details and often a lot of loose threads. Therefore, embroidery scissors are an essential tool to create the perfect finishing for these small embroideries.

These small fabric scissors are crafted beautifully with a short blade that is extremely thin to fit all those small gaps. Different shapes and handle sizes are available, including the ones with the straight edge and curved edges. As per their specialty, they are only meant for thin threads. Embroidery scissors must be kept properly so that they don’t lose their sharpness.

Check out the beautiful Victoriniz Stork embroidery scissors available online, starting at INR 900 on Amazon.

Ambidextrous Scissors

Ambidextrous Scissors

Most scissors are generally designed for right-handed people, and that is truly a big problem for left-handed people. This mismatch can cause real struggles and even injurious accidents if not cautious. 

Therefore, getting a good pair of ambidextrous scissors is extremely important. Symmetry is important in these scissors, and they are held together by a strong pivot point for accurate action. They are crafted differently than the regular fabric scissors, and therefore, they can also be slightly more expensive. Very few manufacturers produce them, and hence, they are quite rare.  Check the Fiskars left-handed scissors for all those struggling to find a good ambidextrous scissor. You can also try the Singer fabric scissors that come with a comfortable grip.

How are Fabric Scissors different from All-Purpose Scissors?

New designers may wonder what is the difference between these scissors. All-purpose scissors claim to be the simple solution to all kinds of cutting, including cloth, paper, plastic, etc. The all-purpose scissor can be great for a variety of cutting at home and your study. It is quite user-friendly for different types of people who can use it for a variety of purposes. But you cannot expect them to work for specialized and niche types of fabric cuttings.

The big difference between fabric scissors and all-purpose scissors lies in the material and design of the tools. While all-purpose scissors use stainless steel with shorter blades that are not too sharp, fabric scissors are generally made of hard carbon steel with longer blades and extremely sharp edges. All-purpose scissors are usually manufactured by machines, while fabric scissors are handcrafted by professionals. 

As you have seen above, there are different fabric scissors, and each of them has its unique specialty. Each of them is created with special attention to the blade size, level of sharpness, position of the pivot, separation of handles, and other details. These small things can actually make the biggest difference in creating smooth, finished cuttings for your fabrics.

You will easily see the difference when you cut a simple piece of fabric with these tools separately. Both types of scissors can cut fabric easily. The difference is in the finish. The all-purpose scissor will not give smooth and straight edges like the fabric scissors. It will also be considerably harder to cut depending on the fabric’s thickness and size.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right pair of scissors is extremely important to create high-quality fashion wear to create the perfect fitting on wearing. The sewing and stitching details all depend on the fabric scissors that you use. Hence, it must always be a priority to get the right tools before executing your design.
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