Eyelet: The Best Alternative for Lace within Budget
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Eyelet: The Best Alternative for Lace within Budget

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Lace dresses are becoming the new trendsetters in this generation, with classy and bold looks. There are many types of laces, each having its own different and unique property. They might look primarily similar, but there are very minute differences in their patterns. The spaces in the sewing of laces make it breathable and free to wear, yet it feels so lightweight and comfortable. 

Laces come in different patterns, colors, fabrics, stitches, the well known variants being needle lace, machine lace, bobbin lace, and others. Historically, lace was used just to make tablecloths, covers, or wardrobes. But, now, due to advanced technologies and machine work, lace is largely used in dresses, lingerie, and lace bodysuits.

Lace is a significantly hyped material and hence a bit more expensive due to its making and availability. Nylon laces are especially costly compared to cotton or any other. Such laces are used primarily on lingerie, garments, bodysuits, or bustiers. But, there are few alternatives for lace which are also gaining traction among designers because of their lower costs and versatility.

Eyelet Fabric

Eyelet is a cotton fabric made with minute and detailed holes and stitches, with finely embroidered edges along the body of the fabric. Eyelet fabric works as the best alternative for lace, while offering the appearance and texture of lace. Eyelet fabrics were initially made of cotton or cotton blend, but are now used and available in almost all heavy and light wool or silk. Eyelet fabric originated in the Czech Republic in the Victorian Era and later came to be used in Europe. Eyelet lace is not only elegant but also much more durable than any other lace. Mostly used in lace dresses, it finds application along the necklines and sleeves. 

Eyelet Lace

In Budget

Lace dresses and lace lingeries are experiencing a growing demand in the market. And probably this is one of the reasons why the prices of laces are shooting up. 

Firstly, the materials required for making the laces are expensive, be it nylon, silk, or crepe. Next, a lot of effort and human resources are required to manufacture lace and sew it. Every detail and work has to undergo minor inspections to be perfect and finely finished. This is another reason for the spike in lace prices in the market these days. To overcome this problem without burning a hole in your pockets, we have identified this pocket-friendly eyelet fabric that is as good as your original lace. These are made of pure cotton and are much more comfortable to put on. The cost of 1m eyelet fabric is around 50 INR, which is pretty cheap and affordable. 

Benefits of Eyelet Lace:

  • The best thing about this lace substitute is that you can stitch an entire dress with this fabric. Why settle for the lace pattern only on your sleeves when you can have a completely gorgeous lace dress!
  • It is much more cost-effective than other expensive laces made of silk, rayon, or nylon. 
  • It is made of 100% pure cotton, which means it is skin-friendly and comfortable. This fabric is a go-to product during summers, and also serves as a great material for lace bodysuits.
  • The incredible patterns on this eyelet lace make it different from the other laces in the market. The minute holes and embroidered body of the fabric secure a flawless look.


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