Different Uses of Chiffon Fabric: How To Create Different Kinds Of Looks?
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Different Uses of Chiffon Fabric: How To Create Different Kinds Of Looks?

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There are several types of luxurious fabrics that are used to make elite clothing items. One such fabric is chiffon, which is made from both silk and cotton yarns. Chiffon is known for its sheer appearance, lightweight nature, and slightly rougher texture but with a soft feel. One of the best things about chiffon is that it can be used in versatile ways like preparing a layered bodice for an evening gown or as an overlaying cover of a long skirt. 

Initially, around the 15th century, chiffon was first made from pure silk yarn. Since silk was considered to be one of the costliest materials, silk chiffon was deemed as an elite material that was affordable only by the top families and the royals. However, due to its versatility, later on, several new types of chiffon were introduced to the fashion industry. These chiffon types are made from polyester, nylon, georgette, and cotton, which are less expensive than silk chiffon and can be afforded easily. 

The introduction of these fabrics increased the use of chiffon material. We have reviewed several fashion shows and their collections over the years. And their results were quite astonishing because most fashion designers use chiffon fabric to create different looks that heighten the grace and elegance of any simple dress. 

That’s why here we will talk about different ways in which chiffon cloth can be used for styling dresses and other apparel. 

What are the various types of chiffon? 

the various types of chiffon

Before we start discussing the various uses of chiffon, let’s have a small glance at the types of chiffon that are usually used in the fashion industry. 

  • Silk chiffon: This is the costliest chiffon available to date in the fabric industry. Made from pure silk yarns, the silk chiffon is used to add a shining and shimmering look to the clothes. 
  • Crepe chiffon: Crepe chiffon is made from crepe yarns that are a bit crisp and can be wrinkled easily. It is mainly seen in drapes and outer layers of different garments. 
  • Polyester and rayon chiffon: The cheapest chiffon material that you will find in the market is polyester or rayon chiffon. These are quite hard and might feel uncomfortable against the skin. That’s why it’s used in designs that need more volume and layers on the outside. 
  • Cotton chiffon: For regular use, having a cotton chiffon cloth is ideal. These are slightly expensive but most comfortable after the silk chiffon. 
  • Jacquard chiffon: In this chiffon cloth, watermark designs are woven into the chiffon fabric rather than printing on it. The details are quite intricate, which helps in enhancing the beauty and grace of any dress type. 

In what ways can chiffon fabric be used?

The chiffon material is quite versatile and can be used in several ways to increase the glamor and beauty of any apparel. In the below section, we have formulated certain tips that can help aspiring fashion designers show their creativity to the world. 

  1. Silk or crepe chiffon can be used to create flowers with or without a beaded center and a single, large piece can be added to the shoulder strap of an A-line evening gown. 
  2. Over a satin petticoat, multiple layers of polyester or crepe chiffon cloth can be used to create a ruffled and voluminous look. One can either use a single-colored chiffon cloth or multi-colored ones, which will increase the chrome density of the skirt. 
  3. With an elastic band, a pleated chiffon skirt can be made with the only difference that instead of having the normal pleats, these skirts will have multiple such creases that run directly to the seam of the skirt. 
  4. Lacy chiffon fabric with intricate details and beaded neckline can be attached to the bridal underdress for increasing its glam and elite look. It is one of the traditional uses of chiffon fabric that is still in use. 
  5. For a more casual but stylish look, choosing a “poncho” top is the best idea. Here, the upper garment has a poncho-styled design with loose arms and low length. But it is made from varied types of chiffon
  6. Chiffon is used to make formal shirts having a monochromatic look or patterned design like polka dot chiffon shirts or striped chiffon shirts. These are sheer and quite comfortable to wear during the summer season. 
  7. You can even use chiffon material to make drapes and frills in bridal dresses or evening gowns. Since chiffon can be twisted in different ways, it will form beautiful drapes around the main gown. 
  8. Chiffon sarees are quite popular in countries like India where sarees are a part of cultural wear. Be it the cotton chiffon or the silk chiffon sarees, one can choose any type and drape it in western styles for parties and elite events. 
various uses of chiffon


Starting from making flowers to drapes, chiffon is one of the best materials for creating different overlays on a simple dress. 


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