A Glossary Of Fabric Names Used In Textile Industry
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A Glossary Of Fabric Names Used In Textile Industry

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The names of fabrics used in industries are different from the ones used by consumers. While terms such as cotton, wool, and polyester are used commonly, there is a whole different world regarding fabric names in the textile industries.

Manufacturers need to know about the fabric names commonly used in textile industries. This is a guide including the most prevalent fabric names in use today—an alphabetical listing of the best fabrics to choose from.

Acetate fabric

Acetate fabric is a semi-synthetic fabric and can be used to blend different fabrics like cotton, wool, or silk. It is manufactured as a cheaper alternative to natural fabric. It is composed of cellulose filaments produced from wooden pulp. Due to its satiny smooth texture, it is used in wedding gowns and as a lining material.

Acrylic fabric

This synthetic fabric is light, soft, and has a wool-like texture. It is used to manufacture winter wear such as sweaters. 

Active cotton denim fabric

Active cotton denim is Lee’s innovation in the world of denim. This premium ring-spun denim has a unique fiber composition with four-way flex for more comfort.

Aida cloth/canvas

Aida cloth is a stiff and even-weave fabric widely used in needlework for cross-stitching.

Baby combing wool

Also known as French combing wool, this short, fine wool is manufactured on a French system.

Ballistic Fabric 

This is a strong nylon fabric developed by Dupont. It is mainly used in luggage for improved tear and abrasion resistance.

Bamboo fabric

The name suggests the making of the fabric. This fabric is eco-friendly, soft, breathable, and durable; thus, it is often used as an alternative to cotton.

Batik fabric

It is a method of designing parts of fabric using different types of wax and dyes to create beautiful patterns. Batik fabrics thus made have unique designs, patterns, and effects. This fabric is made from rayon, cotton, and natural fibers, which can absorb the dye. 

Calico fabric 

The calico fabric is made of cotton and has a rough texture, as the cotton seeds are left behind in the fabric. The fabric is completely unbleached and prepared through a plain weave process.

Canvas fabric 

The canvas fabric is made of cotton or linen. They are of two types - Duck and plain canvas. This fabric is mainly used for making tents, backpacks, and sails.

Cashmere fabric 

A special fabric made from the undercoat of cashmere goats. This comes under a luxury fabric as it is very rare and expensive. The fabric is used to make sweaters and shawls.

Chenille fabric 

This soft fluffy fabric is made of wool, rayon, cotton, and silk. It is mainly used to make cushion covers, accessories for babies, towels, and bathrobes.

Damask fabric

This glossy, beautiful, rich, and reversible fabric is used to make napkins, curtains, table covers, and upholstery cloth. Some fabrics can be used only one-sided, while some can be used on both sides. 

Dobby fabric

Dobby fabric is manufactured on a dobby loom and is used to prepare shirts. This fabric has geometric prints and can be present in monochrome or different colors. 

Duchess satin fabric 

This luxurious, heavy, and rich-looking satin steals the show. Also known as bridal satin, it is perfect for wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and formal wear.

Dupioni fabric

Dupioni is derived from the Italian word, ‘Doppione,’ which signifies double. It's a crisp fabric consisting of uneven weft and delicate warp threads. It can be woven into a variety of designs such as stripes, floral, or plaid. Dupion fabric keeps the body cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. This fabric is used to prepare men’s and women’s premium suits.

Egyptian cotton fabric

With an established reputation as the "best" cotton in the world, its softness, strength, and outstanding qualities have positioned Egyptian cotton products as the world's finest. Because of its capacity to absorb liquids, Egyptian cotton fabrics have deeper, brighter, and more durable colors. Egyptian cotton is meticulously selected, ensuring the highest standards of purity.

Epingle fabric

The epingle fabric, a form of velvet fabric woven on a wire loom or epingle loom, is famous for its ability to include both a loop pile and a cut pile into the same fabric. The fabric is generally used for upholstery, but it was also used as clothing for princes and monarchs, as well as bishops, cardinals, and the Pope.

Elastane fabric

The other names of elastane fabric are ‘spandex’ and ‘lycra.’ This synthetic fiber is highly elastic, combining different fibers like polyester or cotton. It is used to make stretchable clothing such as sportswear.

English net fabric

The English net fabric is made of knotted threads to prepare a mesh. This fabric is heavier than nylon net and is prepared from polyester or cotton.

Faux fur fabric

It is often known as artificial fur or fake fur, is a pile of fabric that is designed to seem like real animal fur. Faux fur is a combination of polyester, modacrylic, and acrylic fibres. This eco-friendly fabric is warm, long-lasting, and adaptable. It is used to manufacture a variety of fashion accessories, including faux fur jackets, coats, vests, shawls, shoes, and purses.

Flannel fabric

The flannel fabric is prepared from the fully shrunk yarns with a twist. The flannel fabric is pure and is used to prepare underclothing. There are two types of flannel - Canton flannel and outing flannel.

Felt fabric

Felt is a matted fabric made of condensed and pressed textile strands. This fabric is moisture-wicking and absorbent as well as sound-dampening. Felt is one of the few fabrics that is created without the use of weaving or knitting. Though a popular hat material, its applications have grown to include other types of accessories, homewares, and creative supplies.

Flannelette fabric

The flannelette fabric is soft and fuzzy and prepared from cotton or a blend of cotton. It is used to make sleepwear, pajamas, and bedding.

Gabardine fabric

The Gabardine fabric is water-proof and highly durable. Initially, this fabric was made from worsted wool, but nowadays, it is made from cotton fiber or blends. This fabric is used to prepare suits and jackets.

Georgette fabric 

The georgette fabric is made from silk or synthetic fibers having a matt and puckered finish. It comes in plain color or printed pattern. The fabric is used to make evening gowns and bridal dresses.

Velveteen fabric

This is a cheaper fabric made to replicate velvet. Unlike velvet, which is made of silk, this fabric is made of cotton. The velveteen fabric is dense, stiff, and hard to weave compared to velvet. The fabric can be easily washed by hand or washing machine.


The textile industries use several kinds of fabric. Many of the names are not used by consumers but are quite prevalent among the industries. This glossary serves as a reminder of the many lovely fabrics available for sewing. 

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