8 Reasons Why We Use Nylon Lycra
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8 Reasons Why We Use Nylon Lycra

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Several fabrics are coming up in the clothing industry daily. It has led to high demand for elegant and durable fabrics. It is hard to find a perfect fabric from so many options. We are here to lessen your worries. An ideal fabric should be comfortable, durable, and stylish. One such fabric, which is ready to rule apparel manufacturing is Nylon Lycra. It is a blend of Nylon (Polyamide) and Lycra.

Polymers of polyamide 6 or polyamide 12 make nylon. It has several uses. It is used as nylon plastic in injections and also in clothing. Lycra, on the other hand, is a synthetic fabric used for its elasticity.

Nylon Lycra is a very high elastic synthetic fabric. It has different names like elastane, spandex, and Lycra, and it can get a stretch up to 5-8 times its actual size. This fabric has the composition of polyether-polyurea copolymer. The main difference between nylon and nylon Lycra is that nylon Lycra is more elastic than nylon.

Many manufacturers blend nylon Lycra with other consumer fabrics as it has fantastic stretch quality. It makes other fabrics better to use. It is a very well-known fabric in the fashion industry and has vast quantities. This fabric gives the rigid material the required elasticity and expands apparel very smoothly. Not just elasticity, this fabric also provides durability to the other materials. 

There are countless reasons why we use Nylon Lycra in our apparel manufacturing, some of which are:

1. Moisture lock technology

Why We Use Nylon Lycra

Many fabrics are in the market, from expensive to cheap, but people still search for a comfortable fabric. Besides cotton, we suggest using Nylon Lycra fabric with unique moisture lock technology and quickly wicks the moisture from the skin. This advanced technology facilitates quick-drying, ease of movement, and a comfortable experience.

2. Highly breathable

The increasing heat in the climate demands apparel that I can wear all day long. I love fabrics that are breathable and make my skin very comfortable throughout the day. Although cotton is the first choice in breathability, Lycra fabric is also becoming an excellent substitute for it. 

It has brilliant extensibility that provides good breathability and comfort fit. Also, It has light elastic that is not very harsh on your skin.

3. High stretchability

Why We Use Nylon Lycra

Most people want stretchability to get fit easily in their size for a very long time. And people like me who are a bit healthy require extra stretch in the clothes to wear them unashamedly. As on a healthy body, non-stretchable fabrics can make you feel tight in your dress; but nylon Lycra fabric is exceptionally stretchable and helps me in any size of mine.  

4. Adds elasticity to other fabric

Often, nylon Lycra fabric helps other fabrics to become more stretchable. A small amount of Lycra mixes with wool, polyester, cotton to make it more elastic. It allows manufacturers to design better fit in the apparels and create more options for the customers. This feature of Nylon Lycra makes it a very desirable fabric in many consumer apparel markets.

5. Diverse Usage of Fabric

It has the best form-fitting in making a variety of garments or in the waistbands of undergarments. I found it in the waistband of my sweatpants and loungewear. Many manufacturers use it in sportswear. You can find this fabric in sportswear used for biking, swimming, and hiking. It offers tight-fitting without causing any discomfort. Its easiness can bring more relaxation and relief from the tightness in the cloth fitting.

6. Low-maintenance

The best thing is that I don’t have to maintain my couch covers, handbags, table covers, and nylon fabric bags. It requires less and less need to check because of the free-flowing and smoothness in the fabric. You can notice a little shine in the material in the sunlight, but it can be an excellent option for long-term use. This fabric doesn’t need any dry cleaning and is washed easily in a washing machine. 

7. Lightweight

Why We Use Nylon Lycra

That’s what everybody is looking for: lightweight fabric in the clothes to wear in any season. Nylon Lycra is a very comfortable and lightweight material and comes in numerous kinds of clothes. People love the delicate and soft texture of clothes as they are easy to carry and manage daily, even while traveling. It takes very minimal space in the travel packing. 

8. Luxury clothing

People buy nylon Lycra clothing in summer and winter as it gives a luxurious feel to the dress. This fabric is costly and stylish. Brands use it in their expensive season collection — the whole bunch of qualities has made it a very royal choice for any customer. It offers an elegant appearance making it a high in-demand fabric. 

Final thoughts

Nylon Lycra has many advantages. It is far better than other similar fabrics. Due to these reasons, this fabric is customer-friendly and high in demand. All the qualities we look for in daily wear, sportswear, and other types of clothing are here in this fabric. It is perfect for almost all times of the year. Promising comfort-fit, good breathability, and ease of movement, this fabric is worth every penny spent on it.


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