7 Modern Time Uses of Non-Woven Fabrics
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7 Modern Time Uses of Non-Woven Fabrics

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Non-Woven Fabrics have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Whether it's a diaper, an air conditioning filter, or even a tea bag, non-woven material has found a place in all our everyday items. Above all, it is used in manufacturing face masks, and hence, it's an undue influence on us due to the pandemic. Every non-woven fabric manufacturer has taken advantage of this to market their goods well and spread awareness. 

Non-woven fabrics are not knitted or woven. They're sheets or structures that are bonded together by perforating films or filaments by chemical, mechanical, or thermal processes. It does not require the materials to be made into yarn, unlike wool or silk. Even recycled fabrics can be used to make nonwoven fabric. However, their use may vary depending upon the product you want to manufacture. Additionally, some nonwoven materials are also recycled after use to be made into brand new products later. It is used greatly in single-use products like disposable gloves, masks, or wipes to be used in hospitals, schools, or hotels. 

It has been used extensively around the globe due to its ecological qualities and affordability. If you look around right now, I'm sure you'll find at least three items made of non-woven material

Here's a curated list of all the modern uses of spunbond nonwoven fabric: 

  1. Medical 

Spunbond nonwoven fabric has taken a plunge amidst the pandemic. It is used in the manufacturing of various medical items like gloves, masks, surgical gowns, surgical drapes, bandages, medical packaging, plasters, disposable clothing, surgical scrubs, bath wipes, shoe covers, cleanroom wipes, and so on. For now, the most important application is disposable face masks. 

Modern Time Uses of Non-Woven Fabrics
  1. Health and Hygiene 

Non-woven fabric has changed the face of the hygiene industry. It is used in almost all hygiene products be it for babies or adults. It is used in diapers, sanitary pads, cosmetic wipes, cosmetic facial pads, makeup wipes, nail wipes, etc. It is a favorite of every nonwoven fabric manufacturer. 

  1. Geo-textile and Construction 

Non-woven geotextile fabric is the latest addition to the list. It has emerged in recent years only. It can be used in numerous construction processes like erosion control, soil stabilization, canal construction, drainage system, landfill lining, and even plant potting. Non-woven geotextile is a growing industry and is the future of non-woven fabric. 

  1. Household 

You may not be aware of the spunbond nonwoven items that you use every day. They're lying in the nook and corner of every household right now. You may fail to realize that even your air and water filter are made of this. Additionally, it is also used in tea or coffee bags, household wipes, laundry bags, floor wipes, cheese wraps, envelopes, and even mops. 

Modern Time Uses of Non-Woven Fabrics
  1. Apparel 

The non woven fabric may not be used in our everyday clothes but it serves a great significance in other apparel including industrial clothing, insulated clothing, chemical defense suits, and other types of protective gear. It is highly used in industries, nuclear power plants, and chemical labs. 

  1. Industrial

Spunbond nonwoven fabric is very useful in industrial applications. It is used in carpet backing, industrial wipes, machine stabilizers, packaging, flooring, composites, and even for machine embroidery. Since it is always produced in bulk, a non-woven fabric manufacturer gains a lot of profit from this area. 

  1. Smart Nonwoven Products

We have a smartphone, a smart TV, and even a smart car nowadays. It is no surprise that smart spunbond nonwoven products will join this list someday. The items that are likely to be manufactured out of this include alarm system embedded carpets, blast-resistant curtains, burglar-proof blinds, and other such products. The nonwoven fabric has the unique ability to resist shockwaves and absorb pressure which is effective for blast-resistant curtains. 

Bottom Line 

Non woven material can be used in manufacturing a myriad of products with everyday use in luxury accommodations. Its main application includes cleaning, filtering, and even hygiene. It is used in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms to help us live our life luxuriously and comfortably every day. It is a step forward towards a modern and smart lifestyle. 

From industrial application to medical use, non woven fabric has changed the way we look at the fashion industry. It has raised the bar for fabrics at another level and continues to evolve with every passing day. Every non woven fabric manufacturer thinks it's the best commodity to invest in right now. Moreover, it is now said that nonwoven materials can also transform the IT industry by providing smart products. 

We've tried to list down all the uses of non woven fabric that are used on a personal and professional level every day. They're easy to use and can be used once or for long-term use. They're our future and we should embrace them with open arms. 


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