5 Great Places To Buy Wholesale Cotton Fabric
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5 Great Places To Buy Wholesale Cotton Fabric

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Since ancient times, cotton has been an integral part of traditional Indian attire. India is the second-largest cotton-producing country worldwide, and it accounts for about 12% of the total cotton production. Moreover, the country is known for growing the softest cotton globally. 

India's textile-apparel market was worth USD 108.5 billion in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 226 billion by 2023, growing at an estimated rate of 8.7% between 2009 and 2023.

If an apparel business is looking for a good cotton fabric wholesale market, there are a lot of hidden gems in India to buy premium quality cotton fabric at wholesale prices. Furthermore, there are countless places online to purchase wholesale cotton fabrics, but not all of them provide excellent service. Here are the five best places to buy wholesale cotton fabrics in India.

Cotton Fabric Wholesale
  1. Grasim Premium Fabrics

Grasim, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium fabrics in India, offers many textiles for apparel manufacturing.

Grasim has been manufacturing high-quality cotton fabric for over a decade now. Their plants are located in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Further, the cotton production facility is in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, with a capacity of 10 million meters per year of finished garments.

The company has always maintained brand value by providing premium products across the country. Besides, Grasim is one of the largest suppliers of fabric to the Indian apparel industry.

They have a 4% share in the Indian textile market by value and 12% by volume. Grasim is also one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers in India; they have introduced numerous new techniques in processing and spinning cotton.

  1. TextileZone

TextileZone Wholesale is a fabric shop in the Textile Tower Market, Surat, Gujarat. The shop is an excellent place to buy a variety of wholesale cotton fabric

Brand owners can find reasonably priced cotton fabrics here. They have a variety of dress materials, cotton fabrics, and essentials for daily use. Furthermore, they also provide pre-stitched cotton garments at wholesale prices

All fabrics are stitched and shipped from Gujarat. TextileZone is an authorized distributor of a variety of products from different textile companies. Their online setup was established in 2014, and the company was founded by Pratim M. Sarda. 

It is noteworthy that TextileZone deals in wholesale fabrics only. They offer authentic products that can be delivered within two to three days of order placement. 

All kinds of fabrics, including cotton fabrics, sarees with petticoats, sarees with matching blouse pieces, and designer sarees with matching accessories, are available at the online store.

Anybody looking for information about their products can browse their online site. All the information about the offered products is available. Moreover, they have a phone number displayed on their website to address queries.

  1. Virat Fabric Pvt Ltd.

Virat Fabric is a reputed wholesale cotton fabric shop in Surat, Gujarat, India. Brand owners can get a 1-meter cotton cloth for INR 65 here. The minimum order quantity is 30 meters per color, as confirmed by the seller. 

Virat Fabric has a good variety of cotton products, such as cotton yarn and cotton fabrics. With a wide selection of cotton fabrics at a very cheap price, they are one of the best Indian wholesale cotton fabric stores in Surat. Aside from cotton, they have a lot of different fabrics, including voile, chiffon, and georgette. 

The products sold here are of good quality and are reasonably priced. Besides, their staff is responsive and kind. They have a WhatsApp chat option on the website too.

  1. FabCouture

FabCouture is one of the best online fabric stores in India, where one will come across all the latest fabrics for online shopping. Their products are made from several materials aside from cotton fabric, such as linen, silk, cotton blend, and chiffon fabrics. However, FabCouture is the most popular for cotton fabric wholesale options. 

Interested buyers can choose from numerous colors, prints, designs, and patterns from traditional to modern trendy options. With FabCouture, one can get an opportunity to buy high-quality cotton fabric at wholesale prices from anywhere in the comfort of one’s house by shopping online. 

FabCouture is located in Hisar, Haryana. They have a contact form on their website to connect with them directly. Moreover, their collections of fashion fabrics and designs for women and men come from the traditions and gorgeous heritage of India. These fabrics can be used in everyday clothing or for designing handbags, aprons, and accessories. 

  1. FabricLore

One can get a wide range of fabrics at a very reasonable price at Fabriclore. Customers can also order bulk custom-made cotton fabric from them. The designs are exceptional, and the overall quality of work is top-notch at FabricLore. 

Besides, their offline shops are remarkably well organized. One can find all kinds of fabrics as the brand collaborates with new-age designers, who consistently inspire unique twists on boho and fusion designs in clothing. They have a heritage of traditional fabric merchants and tailoring masters of five generations. For a new perspective, they have been experimenting with fresh styles of cotton fabrics at the cutting edge of the global design scene. 

FabricLore’s designers source new ideas globally, including Morocco, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. Customers can avail the best and broadest range of tastefully curated and traditionally crafted wholesale cotton fabric here.

Cotton Fabric Wholesale


It is vital to know small- and medium-sized industries that offer cotton fabric at wholesale rates. Indian fabrics are high quality and are available at the most competitive price in various online and offline shops in India. The present article compiled a list of handpicked and reliable places to buy wholesale cotton fabrics in India, whether designer, home furnishing, or other cotton fabrics. Visit Fashinza to connect with the finest wholesale cotton fabric suppliers. 

Fashinza has an alliance with some of the most experienced suppliers who work for global brands. Some of the regions that we operate from include India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Further, we have on-ground representatives in each of these countries. 

From menswear, womenswear, kidswear to sportswear, we have it all. Moreover, it is easy and affordable to get started on our platform. As a brand, we are exceedingly selective about the suppliers we work with every day. That is why Fashinza is an ideal platform for boutiques, brands, factories, or fashion stores that need help sourcing wholesale cotton fabric. We verify each vendor and follow sustainable production practices.


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