25+ DIY Ideas For Voile Fabric Craft
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25+ DIY Ideas For Voile Fabric Craft

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100% extremely soft cotton is spun into a fabric called voile. It is a sheer fabric, which means that it is translucent, and one can see through it. Sometimes linen or polyester is blended with voile to give it some strength. If you are looking for some ideas for DIY projects with voile fabric, you have come to the right place. I have been working with this fabric for a long time, and it produces satisfactory results.

Voile curtains are extremely popular with homeowners across the globe. Since these are sheer fabrics, the privacy levels will be very low if you use them. However, if you want ample sunlight to seep in, voile curtains are perfect for it. Most of the homeowners, who use voile curtains, use two layers of window treatments. One layer is used for the daytime to allow the sunlight to seep in.

At night when it becomes dark, they pull the second layer of light-blocking curtains. You may think about using the second layer as light-blocking shades or blinds. Roman shades work very well as the second layer of window covering along with voile curtains.

DIY ideas for voile fabric craft

1. La Voile shirt- Voile shirts for men are very soft, and it is perfect for wearing during the summer months.

2. La voile white net linen curtain- As mentioned above, white net curtains are very popular in regions that experience hot and humid months. Homeowners living in coastal regions and Mediterranean areas, too, prefer voile curtains as they are lightweight and look good.

3. La Voile fabric Rosette- Do not use a pure voile material, as the rose will not turn out to be crisp. A polyester blended voile is best for this purpose. Take a few strips (1 to 2 inches wide) of voile fabric. Use a felt material piece and cut a circle out of it. Apply a bit of glue in the center of the felt circle and the edges of the voile material. Twirl the strips and give it the shape of a rose and keep sticking it till the entire surface of the felt material is hidden. You can use this rose on children’s frocks, bows, bags, etc.

4. La voile party chair- Take a crisp, thick strip (about 6-7 inches wide and 40 inches long). Make a bow out of it and attach it to another strip of voile fabric to finally attach it to the party chair. You can experiment with colors and add multiple strips while making the bow.

5. La Voile fabric bows- Take a crisp voile material and make a bow. Attach it to a pin, and you will be able to use it in your hair. 

6. La Voile handbags- Handbags made of voile material too look very good and colorful. You will have to choose the design first and add something for support. You will have to use felt material for the base. Decorate with sequins, laces, and ribbons to make them look great.

7. La Voile fabric purses- Purses made of voile material look good. I love the soft touch of the voile fabric while holding the purse/clutch. I use thick blended polyester or nylon material as a base, as voile fabric is too soft and will not be able to withstand the shape. I stitch both the materials together and create simple three-fold purses,

8. La voile skirts- This is the simplest of all kinds of DIY work. Just measure the right amount of cloth for your little one, and stitch a loop at the top. Insert elastic in the loop after stitching the sides. You can use frills or any other kind of creativity to make the skirt look more attractive. Attach one of the rosettes, and your little princess will look so adorable.

9. La Voile cape- This is my personal favorite as my eight-year-old loves them. Capes are very easy to stitch as there are no complicated measurements or fitting issues. So if you have recently finished your tailoring course, I would suggest you start with voile capes. Add some frills at the top, or decorate with buttons, ribbons, and lace. 

10. La voile tent- I recently created one for my best friend Amanda’s son Arthur and gifted it to him on his birthday. Again as you can see, it is very simple to make this voile tent. You will need a square or rounded hanger. Stitch a loop at the hem of the material and insert the hanger inside.  You can involve your little ones in this project and ask them to decorate the base as they like. They can use paints, buttons, ribbons, and other embellishments. 

11. La voile lampshade- You can use Tulle and Voile to create this lampshade. Buy a basic lampshade and cover it up with voile fabric. Or you can create one using a styrene sheet. 

12. La voile Tablecloth- You can do nice embroidery or applique work on voile material and create beautiful tablecloths at home. You can either do machine embroidery or embroidery with your hands using wooden embroidery hoops.

13. La Voile mosquito net on a hammock

14. La Voile pillow covers and cushion covers

15. La Voile handkerchiefs

16. La Voile summer scarf

17. La Voile gift pouches

18.  La Voile kimono

19.     La Voile coin holder from scrap materials-

20. La Voile mouse pad

21. La Voile pin holder

22. La Voile Teacosy

23. La voile tiara

24. La voile butterflies

25. La Voile table runner

Do you still need a reason to procrastinate? Just order the right materials and start working on these fun-filled DIY projects. Most of the projects can be created using the leftover voile fabric after making a dress, cape, or curtain. When your children are at home and getting bored, this will be a good way to keep them engaged. They will learn a new skill, and you can utilize your time in doing your household and office work.

If you loved arts and crafts in your teenage days and stopped after you grew up, this is the time to restart. Happy DIYing!!!


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